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Coney Island, New York
(Also includes Scream Zone and Coney Island Cyclone)
Central Amusement International


icon_STOPPark News - (8/20/22) Be careful out there, because people are getting crazy. According to the NYPost, a 22-year old man was said to be approached by a group of five people in Luna Park near the Thunderbolt roller coaster last weekend and stabbed by one of them. The victim was taken to a hospital, treated and is now in stable condition. Video footage of one of the attackers has been posted, showing the individual standing by himself near the line for one of the rides.
   Reps for Luna Park apparently denied the attached happened within Luna Park itself, which technically makes sense as the Thunderbolt exists as a stand-alone attraction along the public boardwalk that exists outside the fenced in areas that contain the rest of the Luna Park attractions.


icon_STOP2022 - New Attractions - (9/15/22) At long last Luna Park has opened their new Tony’s Express family roller coaster. The soft opening so far is only for the new coaster, as the Leti’s Treasure flume ride is still listed as coming soon.
    (7/4/22) In this update about the new attractions coming to Luna Park, the park reports that they hope the new rides will be ready to open sometime in mid-Summer. So I’m guessing that means before the end of July at least, though they aren’t very specific. The new rides are the Tony’s Express coaster and Leti’s Treasure flume ride, which are interwoven on the same site. The third new attraction will be the 50 foot tall Sky Chaser Ropes Course.
    (4/23/22) Construction on Luna Park’s new family coaster and flume ride continue to move forward towards a Summer 2022 opening, and the park has now officially named the two new rides after members of the Zamperla family. The new family coaster will be called Tony’s Express and the log flume will be named Leti’s Treasure, named after the grandparents of the CEO of Luna Park’s operator and CEO, Alessandra Zamperla.


2023?? - Big WaveZ - (10/2/21) Ready to see one of the latest creations from Zamperla being tested in Italy? In the clip below check out the BigWavez in action. I believe this first edition is decorated as “Neptunalia” and ready to be shipped off to Luna Park for next season, but boy is this going to attract an audience. Just watch the video to see for yourself.

    (3/28/21) Our friends at CoasterRadio have posted a cool video interview with Zamperla CEO Antonio Zamperla and Prototypeing Engineer Tim Jacobi where they talk about Zamperla’s new Big WaveZ” attraction will will be coming to Luna Park in 2022. Even more fun, Mike and EB from Coaster Radio have provided voices that will be used in the attraction experience, and help determine the final outcome of which ride experience the guests will experience. Check it out below with just the segment about Big WaveZ coming to Luna Park first, and then the entire full interview in the video below that.
    Now I know that previously the Big WaveZ was originally announced as part of the park’s 2020 lineup to celebrate the park’s 10th birthday, but after being kept closed for 2020, we thought these plans would all bump back to 2021. Obviously this is not the case, as they confirmed Big WaveZ for 2022, so I’m not sure of the fate for the rest of the 2020/2021 lineup at this time and if any will open in 2021, if they all will be delayed to 2022, or if some were cancelled entirely. Anyone know more?




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Luna Park
Coney Island, New York

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