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icon_STOP2023 - New Attraction News - (11/20/22) A new video showing off the latest progress on the Mattel Adventure Park in Arizona has been posted this week as a lot of track and some flat rides have been installed inside the building now.

    (11/18/22) A couple of attractions were semi-revealed at IAAPA this week for the Mattel Adventure Park. This includes some photos of the amazing looking Bone Shaker roller coaster train and a fun display of a He-Man vs Skeletor Las Tag attraction.

    (10/15/22) Chance rides promises to have some details at their upcoming booth at IAAPA Expo in Orlando this November, including showing off some details about a “New Double Looping Hyper GTX Coaster” project. If I’m not mistaken, this should likely be the new Hot Wheels themed coaster going into the Mattel Adventure Park in Arizona right now. Look for the Chance booth at #2606 & #2806 on the IAAPA show floor.

    (8/27/22) A new video construction update showing off the latest progress on the Mattel Adventure Park project in Arizona can be seen below. Lots of coaster track is now on site and you can see some coaster track (lift hill?) installed inside the building structure heading for the roof.

    (7/24/22) Great news from Arizona this morning, as what appears to be black roller coaster track (along with some other kind of blue track pieces) are now finally on site for the Mattel Adventure Park project. The black track looks similar to Chance Ride’s GT-X style coaster track, which would match up with who is expected to build the main Hot Wheels themed coaster with three inversions. The blue pieces could be for an expected family coaster from Chance being called the Bone Shaker.
    Special thanks for the Coasters and Cosplays YouTube channel who sent in the stills and has posted some video footage of the construction site shot over the past several weeks so you can get a better feel for what’s going on there. They should be covering the construction frequently from here on out, so consider subscribing to their channel for future updates.

















    (5/30/22) We mentioned new trademarks files for the planned Mattel Adventure Park coming to the Phoenix area, connected to the Crystal Lagoons Island Resort project. In a new update for the project, Mattel and Epic Resort Destinations LLC confirmed that additional Mattel brands will be used to create various new attractions there, including Barbie, Masters of the Universe and the line-up from Mattel Games, which will join up with the previously announced attractions themed to Thomas & Friends and the anticipated Hot Wheels themed roller coaster.
    Several additional Barbie themed attractions experiences have been listed including: Barbie Beach House experience that will include the Barbie themed flying theater, a Dream Closet Experience (where Barbie holograms show off her ultimate wardrobe) and the Barbie Roottop experience where guests can enjoy “a selection of signature pink beverages perfectly paired with sweet and savory snacks while enjoying panoramic views of the property.”
    Other attractions described incline a 9-hole mini golf course themed to various Mattel Games, such as golfing past Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots or through a life sized Pictionary game board. There will be an UNO themed climbing structure, and guests will enjoy venturing inside a 4,500 square-foot Castle Greyskull experience that will serve as a state-of-the-art Laser Tag arena.
    They claim that the park should be ready to open by Q1 2023, but given the lack of construction progress we’ve seen thus far, I would be very surprised if it wasn’t delayed to open later in the year.

    (5/25/22) While not a lot had happened on the construction side of things the last time we checked, Mattel has files for a couple of interesting new trademarks that very likely could be for the mini theme park slated for Arizona’s Crystal Lagoons Island Resort. For starters they filed a trademark for the name “MATTEL ADVENTURE PARK” on April 27th, 2022 and then files for the name “HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED” on May 5, 2022 specifically for an “amusement park ride”, as in that proposed Hot Wheels themed roller coaster.
    So at least this can be seen as some kind of progress taking place until actual construction on the rides and other attractions is ready to begin.
    (3/6/22) About nine months ago we reported on a new resort / attraction project coming to the Phoenix area that promised to have several amusement attractions with a Mattel toys theme. The highlight attraction in the announcement was going to be a Hot Wheels themed roller coaster. This was all built around a Crystal Lagoons Island Resort project, with the intention to have it finished by late 2022 in order to take advantage of crowds coming to town for the Superbowl in early 2023 that will quite literally take place across the street. 
    One of our readers drove past the project and sent back pictures showing off the current state of construction. Unfortunately, as  you can see immediately, the only thing actually under construction right now appears to be the actual Crystal Lagoons resort building itself, which is still in the process of getting it’s basic shape / framework in place. Nothing else appears to have been done yet to create the central lagoon or any other aspect of the resort or attached attraction structures. Given the timeline, it looks like at best they may be able to get the hotel part of the project open in time for the Superbowl next year, but everything else appears to be on standby to come later.

    (6/12/21) A new resort project on the way to an area just North-West of Phoenix, Arizona has now teamed with Mattel to add some toy themed attractions to a planned Adventure Park section, including a Hot Wheels themed roller coaster. This is all coming to the Crystal Lagoons Island Resort project in Glendale that will feature a 10-acre lagoon in the center (paddleboards, boogie boards, scuba) mixed with two hotels, restaurants, shops along with a newly announced amusement park section. According to the early reports it will have a Hot Wheels themed roller coaster and go-karts, a flying theater, a 4D theater, a Thomas the Tank Engine attraction area and more. The concept art also shows off a couple of other fun aerial attractions, such as a tethered balloon ride and a unique Aerophile Aerobar tower that will raise guests in a special table over 100 feet into the air in the center of the lagoon for drinks and food items. 
    The goal is to have it all ready by the end of 2022, in time to take advantage of the crowds that will hit the area when Super Bowl LVII plays at State Farm Stadium on Feb. 12, 2023. 




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