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Michgan’s Adventure
Muskegon, MI
Cedar Fair Entertainment





icon_STOPPark News - (5/25/22) Would you believe that the second roller coaster that has added a few hundred feet of Titan Track is at Michigan’s Adventure? Pictures from Instagram (see below) show that the Wolverine Wildcat has added tidal track down almost the entire first drop and most of the way back up the next hill.
    The park just opened for the season last weekend when this was spotted.

    (6/22/21)According to several reports it seems that there was a minor roller coaster train collision on Shivering Timbers at Michigan’s Adventure over the weekend. While I’ve seen a report claim that the trains hit harder than they did, most reports claim that the Blue train was sitting in the brake run and released to roll into the station while the Green train was still parked in the loading position, resulting in a mild collision. Trains don’t normally roll into the station very fast, but the resulting collision does appear to have caused some damage to the tracks at the rear end of the station.



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Michigan’s Adventure
Muskegon, Michigan
Cedar Fair LP


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