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News & Rumors

Morey’s Piers (Wildwood)
The overall Morey’s complex currently includes: Morey's Pier, Mariner's Landing, Wild Wheels Pier and the old Dinosaur Beach Pier


icon_STOPPark News - (7/24/21) In case you haven’t seen this already, a teenage girl got an extra surprise while riding a sling-shot at Morey’s Piers the other day when shortly after launch a seagull collided into her neck/lower face. Quick thinking, and probably from fright, she reaches up and flings the bird off her face, but the video footage is just awesome. Check it out below and if you were wondering, they say the bird flew away just fine and the girl suffered only a minor scratch/cut.

    (6/22/21) CoasterTalkNoBSZone has posted a new update from Morey’s Piers, reporting on the fantastic rehab Morey’s has finished to their Great White wooden roller coaster and other wonderful elements at the coasters spread out across Morey’s Piers. According to the report, it seems as if Great White is still running the original trains and have not upgraded to a different kind of rolling stock, so perhaps they simply just refurbished the trains they had. Check it out!
    (4/18/20) For many smaller attractions who rely heavily on the J-1 Visa program to bring in foreign students to serve as a summer labor force, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a new complication. Currently the program has been put on hold by the government until at least May, and is likely to be extended even longer due to the CDC and Federal government recommendations to avoid all unnecessary international travel.
    According to this article, Morey’s Piers typically employees about 1,500 positions over a season, with about a third of the positions typically going to international students. They say they are needed more in the Spring and late summer/fall months when local students go back to school, so they still hope the program workers may be made available later in the year. As things stand, once the attractions are cleared to open, they know it will be difficult to get enough staff hired and trained in order to reopen when the time comes.


icon_STOP2021 - Internal Improvements - (2/4/21) A new video posted by Wildwood Video Archive takes a walk around the Great White wooden coaster at Morey’s Piers and looks over the sections of the coaster that have been rebuilt over the winter ahead of the 2021 season. In a previous update it was also mentioned that the Great White was planning to put new trains on the coaster for the 2021 season, but what was in 2019, long before COVID-19, so it is unknown if the pandemic put a hold on those plans for new trains or not.

    (12/8/20) According to a news update posted to WildwoodVideoArchive, the Great White wooden coaster at Morey’s is getting a partial re-track to help improve the quality of the ride experience. The Great White announced in late 2019 that they were also supposed to get some new trains for the coaster in time for the 2021 season. Follow the link to see pictures of the work taking place.
    (10/11/19) Morey’s Piers have announced that they are planning to replace the trains on the park’s Great White wooden coaster in time for the 2021 season if all goes well. According to the blog post on their website they went on a coaster safari of sorts to experience a  number of different style coaster train designs to choose which one is right for the Great White. While they don’t say that they have made a decision yet, the article does mention rides on Tayto Park’s Cu Chulainn to try out the Gravity Group train design, along with plans to try them again in the Wisconsin Dells soon (which means to trip to ride Hades is in order.) Currently Great White is running with a pair of trains from PTC.
    It’s also worth noting that they dropped into the IAAPA Expo in Paris as well as taking a side trip to Phantasialand in Germany, which could be hints about some other new project they have in the works. Any ideas?



Track Record

Morey’s Piers
Wildwood, NJ

Newest Developments:
2019 - Runaway Tram

2018 - Wild Whizzer

2017 - Great Nor’Easter Rebuilt
2015 - Kong Returns

2014 - Wave Swinger

2012 - Wipeout

2011 - IT

2010 - Ghost Ship





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