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News & Rumors

Morey’s Piers (Wildwood)
The overall Morey’s complex currently includes: Morey's Pier, Mariner's Landing, Wild Wheels Pier and the old Dinosaur Beach Pier


Park News - (7/24/21) In case you haven’t seen this already, a teenage girl got an extra surprise while riding a sling-shot at Morey’s Piers the other day when shortly after launch a seagull collided into her neck/lower face. Quick thinking, and probably from fright, she reaches up and flings the bird off her face, but the video footage is just awesome. Check it out below and if you were wondering, they say the bird flew away just fine and the girl suffered only a minor scratch/cut.



2022 - Nothing is known at this time yet.



Track Record

Morey’s Piers
Wildwood, NJ

Newest Developments:
2019 - Runaway Tram

2018 - Wild Whizzer

2017 - Great Nor’Easter Rebuilt
2015 - Kong Returns

2014 - Wave Swinger

2012 - Wipeout

2011 - IT

2010 - Ghost Ship





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