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icon_STOP2022 - Antares - Now Open - (10/24/22) Movieland Park in Italy has just opened a new space travel themed attraction called Antares, which is promoted as sending guests on a rocket journey to Mars. A video was posted earlier this month from the grand opening of the attraction, including some POV footage of the unique attraction itself.
    Take a look at the video and remember that you can turn on subtitles with the auto-translate feature so you can read along with a pretty good English translation (or whatever language you speak) about the new attraction. But when the crowd enters the ride vehicle after the preshow, take a close look at the interior of the space ship, and how the guests are positioned, leaning back but still standing against the wall on cushioned pads that seem to imply there will be some vertical motion.
    Yes, if you’ve ridden as many flat rides as I have in my life, I think you’ll quickly recognize some of this ride hardware as looking very similar to what you might find on a Gravitron or Starship 3000 flat ride, which will give you an idea of the kind of physical ride experience they are about to get. However, Movieland Park has taken things to a whole other level here and replaced the center of the round ship with a series of video screens that act as a giant viewing port showing off visuals of the launch and rocket journey to Mars. In the end the group in the video really seemed to enjoy the experience, so Movieland Park appears to have created somethning very unique that their guests will enjoy for some time to come.




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