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Wisconsin Dells
Formerly: Big Chief Carts & Coasters




Park News - (6/15/21) According to a reader who just visited Mt Olympus over the weekend, they reported that the park was working on finishing up what appeared to be a ‘significant retrack’ job on the park’s Cyclops wooden coaster. They also reported that Zeus was also running very well during their visit.


2022 - Medusa SlideWheel - (9/25/21) Mt. Olympus posted a look at the progress on their new Medusa Slidewheel project on Facebook the other day. Yes, they referred to it as the Medusa Slidewheel, so looks like we have a name for the attraction. Check it out below.

    (8/8/21) It’s been a long time coming but Mt. Olympus has finally confirmed that America’s first SlideWheel is coming to the waterpark in Summer 2022. While we’ve also covered the possible names the park has been filing trademarks for that could be put to use for the SlideWheel, in the announcement it appears that they have not settled on a final name for the attraction just yet.
    For now they are just calling it the Mt. Olympus SlideWheel, and you never know, the name may just stick. Located in the front of the resort next to the themed entrance to Hotel Rome, the brightly colored rotating wheel will quickly become a nice visual icon for the park along the highway.

    (7/10/21) Teaser signs and construction has started at Mt. Olympus for something new. The signs have a Medusa theme and simply say, “America’s First… Coming Summer 2022”. Site clearing has now begun outside the Indoor Water Park building, removing some small kiddie slides and a play structure that was there.
    Could this be for the much anticipated Slide Wheel? Previously teased as Hercules or possibly Atlas, the twisted slide pieces of the wheel could also easily be themed like Medusa’s multi-colored snake-hair.

    (6/19/21) Summer 2021 is here, and it looks like Mt. Olympus did not open Hercules after all, which was intended to be North America’s first SlideWheel waterslide. While the previously screen captured promo page graphic for Hercules was taken down (see below), the page itself is still active and goes to a password protected page, but the background image on the page still shows off the Slidewheel so perhaps it is just delayed until 2022.
    On a possible related note about whatever Mt. Olympus is planning for next year, we did come across a few interesting items worth noting. While searching the Trademark database, we noticed that the park’s Trademark to use the name Hercules is still listed as “LIVE” from when it was filed last year, but Mt. Olympius has also filed for two NEW Trademarks. They filed to use the name “Perseus Slide” on May 25, 2021 and “Atlas Slide” on April 26, 2021.
    Perseus is best known in Greek mythology as a hero character known for defeating a number of famous creatures and monsters such as Medusa and the Kraken, and was the primary hero character of the Clash/Wrath of the Titans movies. Meanwhile Atlas was a Titan who was punished by Zeus to hold up the heavens. As such, in many forms of classical art, Atlas is depicted as a large muscular man holding aloft the Earth itself atop his massive shoulders above his head.
    While it’s just my opinion, it seems pretty clear how the best use of the name “Altas Slide” would apply to a SlideWheel style attraction, with a depiction of Atlas holding up the massive SlideWheel. According to the myths, Atlas is stronger than Hercules, though Hercules did offer to hold up the heavens for Atlas for a brief time before tricking Atlas into taking up the weight of the world once again.
    Your move Mt. Olympus… lets see what you’ve got.
    (3/26/20) Is Mt Olympus planning to build a new ride or a new slide? Either way I spotted a new Trademark filing this month by the park to use the name “HERCULES” for a new “amusement park ride.” Digging out a bit more, I came across this page promoting that America’s first SlideWheel attraction is coming to Mt. Olympus in Summer 2021 and will be named… Hercules.



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Mt. Olympus
Formerly: Big Chief Karts & Coasters & Treasure Island
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Fun Fact: In 2005 Big Chief Karts & Coasters merged with the nearby Treasure Island attractions (Family Land outdoor rides and Bay of Dreams indoor waterpark) to form Mt. Olympus.

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