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Wisconsin Dells
Formerly: Big Chief Carts & Coasters






icon_STOP2024 - The Rise of Icarus & More - (5/24/2024) Memorial Day Weekend is here and the new official Tallest Waterslide in North America is set to open at the Mt. Olympus waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells. Known at “The Fall”, the massive colorful slide tower will sent riders down a 145 foot tall slide, themed to the greek fable, The Rise of Icarus. The slide tower will also be home to four other, but smaller, waterslides as well that will each depart from the same tower structure.

    (8/9/2023) Mt Olympus has announced that The Rise of Icarus will open in 2024. This massive new waterslide tower will stand 145 feet and take the record for America’s Tallest Waterslide. Along with Icarus the tower will also feature four other new waterslides branching off the same tower, and a new themed kiddie area will be added features 10 new kiddie slides.



Track Record

Mt. Olympus
Formerly: Big Chief Karts & Coasters & Treasure Island
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Fun Fact: In 2005 Big Chief Karts & Coasters merged with the nearby Treasure Island attractions (Family Land outdoor rides and Bay of Dreams indoor waterpark) to form Mt. Olympus.

Newest Developments
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2016 - Great Pool of Delphi

2015 - Manticore

2013 - Hades 360

2012 - Lost City of Atlantis

2010 - Catapult

2009 - Almighty Hermes

2008 - River Troy



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