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OAKWOOD Theme Park
Pembrokeshire, UK
Aspro Group






Park News - (10/26/22) An accident took place at Oakwood Theme Park on the park’s Treetops Rollercoaster over the weekend. According to the news report the back cars on the coaster were said to be shaking loose, and then eventually a man in the last car of the coaster was thrown out in mid-ride. Medical help arrived by helicopter shortly after and the park is now said to be shut down following the accident.


icon_STOP2023 - Megafobia Reprofile/Retrack - (1/29/2023) Oakwood has confirmed that the park’s Megafobia wooden roller coaster is undergoing an extensive overhaul and re-tracking from The Gravity Group, with a focus on the first and second drops that will see 40% of the ride reprofiled and retracted with Gravity Group’s “Vertical Engineered Track” segments. The end result will transform the first drop to become even steeper than before.





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