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Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)






Park News - (6/21/2023) Parc Asterix is thriving it seems, as the second most attended theme park in France, falling only behind Disneyland Paris. According to the latest stats, Parc Asterix hit  an attendance record for their 2022 season, bringing in 2,636,000 guests, which is 20% higher than the park’s pre-pandemic attendance from 2019. With newly opened land and the fantastic looking Toutatis roller coaster, the park is already off to a good start for the 2023, and could see their attendance grow once again.
    According to Blooloop the park is benefiting from a 100 million investment plan that took place from 2017 to 2020, which saw an impressive number of new rides, attractions, two hotels and resulted in an expanded operating schedule, adding days in both the Halloween and Christmas holiday seasons to the schedule.


icon_STOP2024 - La Tour de Numerobis / The Tower of Edifis - (12/19/2023) According to the latest news reports in addition to the Tower of Numerobis, Parc Asterix will also open the park’s first ever musical show. According to the casting call, the show will feature a number of new musical characters, such as Groupidupianix and SÚrotonine. The 25-minute long show will take place in a 600-seat theater venue.
    Also new for the 2024 season will be a new “Gaulish Parade”.
    (10/23/2023) According to various news sources Parc Asterix will open La Tour de Numerobis (The Tower of Edifis) in 2024, a 48 meter tall tower ride to be located in the Egypt section of the park. Based on the concept art posted, this appears to be a Star Flyer style attraction.



Newest Attractions:
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2022 - Tonnerre 2 Zeus

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