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icon_STOP2022 - Tonnerre 2 Zeus - (5/17/22) Parc Asterix has “officially inaugurated” their new Tonnerre 2 Zeus roller coaster this week. A few pictures of the revamped roller coaster can now be found over at Themeparks-EU this week.
    (11/4/21) Themeparks-EU reports that Tonnerre de Zeus will close on Nov. 7, 2021 in order to begin work to transform the ride into Tonnerre 2 Zeus for the 2022 season. The park’s famous wooden coaster will be updated by The Gravy Group and feature new themed Gravitykraft trains when it reopens next year. The last row of the new trains will seat the riders in reverse for a backwards ride experience option.
    (6/25/21) Consider me surprised… Parc Asterix will be remodelling Tonnerre de Zeus (a 1997 CCI Wooden Coaster) with the help of Gravity Group to transform it into “Tonnerre 2 Zeus” for the 2022 season. The coaster’s first drop will be changed to feature a 90 first drop, along with modifications to the existing layout to add a couple more “bumps” and a two new high speed turns, as well as a special effects tunnel, 14 air-time moments, and all new custom themed coaster trains (looks like Timberliners) that will have a backwards facing last car.


icon_STOP2023 - Toutatis / Intamin Multi-Launch Coaster - (7/3/22) Construction pictures showing off the new Toutatis multi-launch coaster coming to Parc Asterix in 2023 can now be found on Reddit.
    (12/29/20) I’m sorry to say that I had previously missed this update, but the new coaster coming to Parc Asterix, Toutatis, has been delayed and will now not open until 2023.
    (11/24/18) A new Intamin multi-launch coaster was announced for Parc Asteric at IAAPA last week that is planned to open in 2021. You can see a video of the animation shown at the press conference below that shows off several launches and the inclusion of a high-speed track switch that takes place while the train is in motion, allowing for some forwards and backwards launch motion in the middle of the ride layout and a beyond vertical 101 drop.



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