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2021 - Tornado Springs / New Land - (4/17/21) Theme Park Tourist has taken a look at the newly opened Tornado Springs themed land now open at Paultons Park. So far we’ve heard nothing but great things about the park’s new addition and the review at Theme Park Tourist goes more into detail on the new land, as there is a lot to love, including: Storm Chaser, Cyclonator, The Rio Grande, Windmill Towers, Buffalo Falls, Trekking Tractors and the Al’s Auto Academy attractions.
    (3/6/21) Good news for Paultons Park as they have set April 12th as the official opening date for their new Tornado Springs area. The 12 million expansion was to open in 2020 but was delayed due to COVID-19, but is now ready for park guests at last to experience the new highly themed land and rides like the new Storm Chaser spinning coaster.

    (7/19/20) While it wont open to the public until 2021 now, Storm Chaser at Paultons Park (Mack Rides Spinning Coaster) was spotted making a test run. Check out the video below.

    (4/23/20) Paulton’s Park has officially delayed the opening of their new Tornado Springs land until Spring 2021.

    (7/4/19) A new teaser video from Paulton’s Park introduces their new Tornado Springs area coming in May 2020. A teaser website has also launched here that gives more teasers about the land’s new attractions, which include a very large new coaster.
    While not mentioned on the website, the new coaster is supposed to be called Storm Chaser (unless something changes) and it will be a Mack Rides Spinning Coaster, but not the new Xtreme version that can do inversions, but rather the normal family style spinning coaster. The good news is that the layout appears to be a clone of the Sierra Sidewinder that first opened at Knott’s Berry Farm which was one of the wildest and out-of-control feeling spinning coasters that I ever had the pleasure to ride. So barring any modifications to tame it, this should be one wild ride worthy of having a Tornado Chaser theme.

    (5/15/19) Paultons Park is planning on adding a new themed land called Tornado Springs and has brought MK Themed Attractions on-board to produce and install all the themed elements. Look for Tornado Springs to open at the park in 2020 and feature of a number of new themed attractions.
    Previously in late 2018 we uncovered a number of new trademarked names for attractions that perfectly fit the new Tornado Springs theme, though at the time we assumed incorrectly t hat this would be for a 2019 instead of the new 2020 date. The list of trademarks included the Tornado Springs name, a new coaster to be called Storm Chaser, a driving ride called Al’s Auto Academy, as well as Al’s General Store and something else to be called Route 83.
    (10/26/18) According to a Screamscape source who was searching through the UK’s trademark database, several new names will filed by Paultons Park between July and September this year:
    “Storm Chaser” which was said to be for a rollercoaster ride.
    “Tornado Springs” possibly as the name for a new themed area in the park.
    “Al’s Auto Academy” as the name for Driving Academy style ride.
    “Route 83” as the name for either a new ride or a ride.
    “Al’s General Store” as a themed retail shop.


icon_STOP2022 - Farmyard Flyer - (9/6/21) Some great pictures of the new Farmyard Flyer coaster at Paultons Park can be seen in the tweet below. This new family coaster experience is nearly finishing setting up the coaster hardware and will open for the 2022 season as an expansion to the new Tornado Springs area.

    (4/28/21) Paultons Park isn’t done with Tornado Springs just yet. They may have just opened the new land, but work is already under-way to add on a second roller coaster for 2022 that will be called the Farmyard Flyer. You can catch some early construction pictures at this week, but at this time is isn’t known exactly what kind of coaster this will be.




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