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icon_STOPPark News - (5/20/2024) Playland Park announced a couple of days ago that the park’s Gondola Wheel attraction is now “closed until further notice”, but you won’t believe why. This isn’t a maintenance issue, rather the park had come to notice that the top of one of the gondolas was being used as a Osprey next. So to protect the birds, they are leaving the ride closed for the time being.

    (2/9/2024) According to local reports, Rye Playland will be celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the Dragon Coaster this year, with a special birthday event set to take place on July 20, 2024.
    (9/30/2023) According to a court ruling, the Rye Playland amusement park will retain its tax exempt status. Apparently the city of Rye has been attempting to collect taxes on the theme park ever since they transferred management control of the park (but not ownership) to Standard Amusements. State Supreme Court Justice Anne Minihan backed Westchester County and Standard Amusements in their argument that the property should remain tax-exempt as the property is open to the public and the county itself retains some control over their operations.
    (7/29/2023) If you were trapped on a ride that would not stop for 10 minutes, would you consider this pure bliss or a hellish experience? I have to ask, because I know a good number of Screamscape readers would likely cherish an opportunity to take on experience like that. Personally, I know I would consider it a fun challenge to give this a try on purpose, but riders at Rye Playland felt “traumatized” when the park’s Music Express flat ride started spinning backwards and refused to stop!
    According to the news report, this took place last week on July 23rd, where the loaded ride refused to respond to controls, as well as attempts to press the E-Stop. The riders were said to have experienced the backwards spin for as long as 10 minutes before maintenance crews arrived on scene and were forced to cut the power to the ride entirely to get it to stop.
    May I make one suggestion? Perhaps when the Music Express is ready to reopen, it might be kind of fun to rename the ride “Possessed” and maybe incorporate some random ride program sequences so riders never know what kind of experience to expect.    


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