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Rye, New York







Park News - (6/26/21) The local news reports that Playland Park in Rye will open today for the first time since the 2019 season, after the park opted to remain closed for the entire 2020 season. Admission with an all day ride-band is just $20. Admission without rides is free to local Westchester residents and $10 for everyone else.
    (4/20/21) A new settlement between the County and Standard Amusements was approved 13-4 and will see the county given “significantly improved terms compared with the 2016 agreement” over the future operation of the Playland Amusement Park in Rye by Standard Amusements. Standard will now also invest even more into the park on rides, food operations and other improvements under the new agreement terms.
    (12/19/20) As longtime readers know, the future of Rye’s Playland park has been tied up with a number of political agendas over the years, as the local government owns the park, but did not seem to have the ability to properly run the park, or give it the investment and care it needs to survive. To solve that issue the local politicians sought out a management company willing to take on the park and invest in it, and after a lengthy search and going over options, they locked into a deal with one. The next batch of local politicians got involved again, unhappy with the deal struck by those that came before them and started to undermine the deal before it could even officially begin, putting everything on hold.
    According to the latest news report, a county executive in Westchester has agreed to finally turn over the management of the park in 2022 to Standard Amusements who has committed to spending $25 million on new rides and other park upgrades.
    For now, if the state of the pandemic allows for it, Playland will open one more time in 2021 under the existing county management before control is given to Standard Amusements in 2022 under a deal that will give them control of the park for the next 30 years. Hopefully the final vote needed to sign off on the deal for good will take place and put all the uncertainty and turmoil behind them.


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