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icon_STOPPark News - (9/24/22) The Halloween season is upon us and an assortment of spooky fun new attractions will arrive at PortAventura from today through to November 13, 2022. An assortment of five haunted “passages” are being offered to experience at an extra charge, or you can buy one pass to see them all. The list includes: La Isla Maldita, REC Experience, Apocalipsis Maya, La Muerte Viva and Horrock In Texas.
    (5/29/22) PortAventura has now expanded beyond the park/resorts traditional border with the purchase of the Mercure Atenea Aventurea hotel in Vila-seca, said to be just under two kilometers outside the attraction. According to the report, PortAventura is also said to be in purchase discussions with other hotels in the area to add onto the resort’s offerings.
    (9/18/21) PortAventura is getting in on the Halloween fun by adding a number of new experience to the park from Sept. 18 through to Nov. 14, 2021. This includes La Isla Maldita (The Cursed Island) where the Caribe Aquatic Park has been taken over by ghostly pirates. In the main park you’ll find La Muerte Viva (Living Death) where a traditional Day of the Dead celebration turns much more sinister. The park will also feature another haunt called Apocalipsis Maya (Mayan Apocalypse) in the Mexico section of the park along with Living Death.
    Other haunted experiences include Horror in Texas, Rec Experience, Big Bang Halloween and the Halloween Forever live show.


2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


???? - LaLiga Theme Park - (9/15/20) PortAventura has announced plans to spend €150 million to build a new mini theme park at the Resort that will be themed around the Futbol team league, LaLiga. The first phase will see a themed restaurant added along with shops and an experienced tied to a mobile app. Phase 2 will add a Laliga themed attraction, and the final third phase will be to open a LaLiga theme park within the PortAventura resort. I’m guessing that the addition of another mini-park experience will be similar in concept to the addition of Ferrari Land mini park in 2017.
    They hope to have the first phase complete in time for the 2021/2022 season. You can find some concept art for the projects posted over at The Coaster Kings.



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