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SEA WORLD of Australia
Gold Coast, Australia
Village Roadshow Parks


icon_STOPDecember 2020 through 2022 - The New Atlantis - (2/25/22) According to Themeparks-AU, SeaWorld Australia has announced that their new Leviathan wooden roller coaster is now set to open to the public later this year, on the 3rd of September. I know this is a year later than the original Sept. 2021 opening date. After missing that date, the opening was said to be delayed until Easter 2022, which leads us to the current new opening date in late 2022. I’m not sure what the cause is for all the delays, but I’m also told that the park’s new Trident ride is now expected to open on the same date as Leviathan.
    (10/22/21) According to an update by Parkz, Sea World of Australia has confirmed that they have pushed back the opening of their new wooden Leviathan roller coaster until Easter 2022. Since work to finish Leviathan has slowed down, the nearby Trident tower ride is sitting in pieces awaiting for the program of Leviathan to get to the point where it too can be installed. Follow the link to see their large collection of photos of the new coaster, which appears to have the structure complete at this point.
    I can’t wait to see this one in action, as the custom layout looks like it is going to be a lot of fun when it opens. They’ve even got some pictures of Leviathan’s themed Timberliner train cars.
    (4/20/21) A fantastic collection of new photos showing off Leviathan at Sea World Australia can be found this week at Parkz. While there is still plenty of work to do on the new wooden coaster, the size and shape of the existing structure is already very impressive to see. The race is on to finish the coaster, so I can’t wait to see it start testing.
    (4/5/21) According to the Sea World Australia website, they list September 18, 2021 as the official opening dates for the parks new Leviathan wooden coaster as well as the dizzying new Trident tower ride. A reader also sent in a great aerial construction photo of Leviathan they found online and it looks beautiful!

    (1/11/21) While the new Vortex ride has actually opened since this construction report was posted on last month, they do have a number of good photos showing off the progress on the park’s new wooden coaster, Leviathan, and how it has changed the entire skyline of Sea World Australia.
    (12/31/20) The first phase of Sea World Australia’s New Atlantis area is now open, along with their new Vortex ride. Two more rides will join the line by June 2021, the Leviathan wooden coaster along with the huge Trident spinning tower ride.



    (5/27/19) SeaWorld Australia has announced the creation of “The New Atlantis”, an all new themed land coming to the park that will open this December. Built upon the legends of the Old Atlantis, the new land will rise and feature of a number of interesting attractions to open between December 2019 and December 2020. The list includes:
Vortex - A new ride creation where guests will tumble and whirl through the air with pendulum movements, circular rotations and plenty of thrills. Based on the artwork shown, this appears to show a TopSpin style attraction built over a large pool of water and fountains.

Trident - A towering feature of the new land, guests will ride high in the 52 meter tower ride as it spins you around. Based on the artwork, this appears to be a StarFlyer style attraction.
Leviathan - An amazing new wooden roller coaster is coming to the park from Martin & Vleminckx that will feature Gravitykraft’s Timberliner style trains and a 32 meter tall adventure around the ruins of Atlantis. Oh… and following the concept from DC Rivals, rumor has it that the Leviathan train may even feature a couple of backwards facing seats.




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