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icon_STOP2022 - NEW PARK - Under Construction - (7/24/21) Some new pictures of the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi park under construction can now be found at ThemeparX. The massive building is fairly far along in construction and you can see roller coaster track both outside and inside the structure. Hopefully more details about what the new mostly indoor park will feature will be released soon. Thanks to a Linked-In post a few days ago by Sunwell Technology we do know that it will feature Penguin and Walrus habitats.
    (4/28/21) A great shot of coaster construction taking place outside of the new SeaWorld park in Abu Dhabi can be seen below.

    (2/13/21) Some great new images of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi under construction were posted by ThemeparX earlier this month. Check them out below and follow the link for even more showing off track being installed for a new indoor family coaster at the attraction.

    (10/6/20) Good news for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi as Miral has announced that construction on the new park is now over 40% complete. Currently everything is on track for the new theme park to open before the end of 2022 and will be the first SeaWorld park to open outside of North America. 
    Meanwhile some fantastic new construction pictures of the park have been posted to ThemeparX this week along with a timelapse video showing off the construction on the project completed to date that was posted to a local news program.

    (6/20/20) A fantastic aerial image of the new SeaWorld Abu Dhabi rising can be seen over at ThemeparX. This will not be anything like the SeaWorld parks in North America, but based on my general impression this seems to be something more akin the massive Georgia Aquarium, which really is a wonder to behold and quite impressive. Note that in the foreground of the aerial photo you can also clearly see the footering being put into place for the park’s big outdoor roller coaster.
    (5/12/20) A great piece of artwork was found on Twitter showing off a rendering of the new SeaWorld Abu Dhabi building, which is currently under construction very close to Ferrari World and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

    (10/24/19) New pictures showing off the construction of the new SeaWorld Abu Dhabi park can be found over at ThemeparX this week.
    (5/4/19) Looks like the first stages of construction and site prep are underway for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. A collection of pictures take of the site in late March were posted to ThemeparX where you can see an overhead view of the site, as well as ground-view pictures, which show off an armada of construction cranes and bulldozers now on site.
    One item of note is a particular picture there of the site that includes a rough bit of concept art showing that SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will be an INDOOR park, just like the neighboring Ferrari World and Warner Bros. World theme parks. Given the heat of the local environment in the hot summer months, having an indoor park only makes sense, but this will be an entirely new kind of park for the SeaWorld brand, unlike any of their other parks, and also very different from the first SeaWorld park proposal for the UAE which would have been in Dubai and built on an entire man-made island shaped like a killer whale.
    While envisioning what a indoor SeaWorld park might be like, my first impression upon seeing the large concept building for the Abu Dhabi park was that the experience may actually borrow heavily from the design of the Georgia Aquarium… which is not at all a bad thing. I had the pleasure of visiting the Georgia Aquarium once and as a former 19-year veteran of the SeaWorld parks, I came away extremely impressed with it.
    Given that this will actually be the forth park in Abu Dhabi when it opens, following Ferrari World (2010), the Yas Waterworld waterpark (2013) and the most recent, Warner Bros. World (2018), clearly Miral, the site developer, has a good grasp of what works for them.
    (1/30/19) In the Loop has posted a video from Abu Dhabi this week that takes a look at the future site for the proposed new SeaWorld Abu Dhabi park next to Ferrari World and the new Warner Bros. World park. While there doesn’t appear to be a lot going on yet, there are a number of tall construction cranes on the site, so at least the site looks like an active construction project.




    (12/15/16) For those wondering how close all the attractions at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi are going to be, we've posted a new map image where you can see the large red Ferrari World building in the buttom center, a whited-out area to the right where the new SeaWorld Abu Dhabi park will be going, to the left of Ferrari World the Yas Waterworld waterpark site is marked and just above that you can see the new Warner Bros World indoor theme park under construction set to open in 2018. Just to the South of Ferrari World is the huge Yas Marine Circuit F1 race track as well.
    On a related note, all of these parks fall under the ownership of Miral, including a  little something called CLYMB opening in 2018, described as being the world's tallest indoor climbing wall (43 meters / 141 feet) mixed with the world's "widest" indoor skydiving flight chamber that will be 9.75 (32 feet) across.
    Moving forward you may come across the name of "Farah Experiences" in association with these attractions. As I think I understand it, Farah is a management company created by Miral to operate their parks for them, handling all the day-to-day needs. Currently the Farah website lists Yas Wateworld, Ferrari World and the upcoming Warner Bros. World park as being under their umbrella, but nothing has been mentioned about the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi park yet, which makes me wonder if SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment could be kept on to handle that particular park experience, as it falls under their own brand-name.
    Speaking of the new park itself, it is worth mentioning that only two facts have been confirmed so far: that it will be an orca-free park and that the message of the park will focus on marine "research, rescue, rehabilitation and return". Some have speculated that because it wont have killer whales, that the park might not have dolphins either, but nothing of the sort has been mentioned at all. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that dolphins will play a major park of the experience of this new SeaWorld park. Following the lead of the Discovery Point development at SeaWorld San Antonio in Texas, I would assume at this point that the new Abu Dhabi park would also offer a similar, but significantly larger experience and facility when it opens in 2022. An official teaser website for the new park has already gone live.
    (12/13/16) SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is now officially set to open by 2022 in a partnership with Miral to create the world's first SeaWorld park, without Orcas, "that will integrate up-close animal experiences, mega attractions and a world-class aquarium, bringing the latest technology in visitor engagement." More details can be found here, but you can also watch the official announcement video below.



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