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SESAME PLACE - Philadelphia
Langhorne, PA
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment


2023_SesamePlaceStoreNOW OPEN - (8/13/2023) Sesame Place Philadelphia is preparing to open a 6,800 square-foot gift shop just outside of the entrance to the theme park. The location will be the only Sesame Street focused store on the east coast and is currently planned to open sometime this fall, just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. And yes, I did say that this will be located OUTSIDE of the theme park entrance, so that anyone can come and shop at the store, regardless of if you visit the theme park or not.




icon_STOP2024 - Relocate Sunny Day Carousel / 123 Playground - (6/3/2024) Sesame Place Philadelphia has opened their new 123 Playground for the 2024 season. CW3 Adventures has posted an update about this latest park expansion following their visit to the Grand Opening media event.
    (1/5/2024) Sesame Place has announced more details about the new play space coming to the park this season. The corner carousel location (because it is moving to the front of the park) will be called the “123 Playground”, a 3,000 sqft play area will provide shaded seating areas for parents to watch over their kids while in the new playground.
    (11/18/2023) According to a reader, it was announced to passholders that the Sunny Day Carousel at Sesame Place Philadelphia will be moving from the current somewhat isolated location to a new home near the front entrance of the park. Meanwhile the former site of the carousel will be transformed into a new play park area, complete with themed shade structures and seating for parents in time for the 2024 season. This seems to be yet another piece of the plan to rebuild and reshape the front entrance of the park for the future.


Late 2024 to 2025 - Dinner Theater - Rumor - (10/29/2023) The look of the entrance to Sesame Place Philadelphia started to change forever when Oscar’s Wacky Taxi roller coaster was built in front of the park for the 2018 season, followed by the Fall 2023 addition of a publically accessible year-round Sesame Place Store that opened last month. Now I’m hearing that more changes are in the works to build up the rest of the park’s entrance plaza with a major new attraction. From what I’m hearing the big plan for the next season is to create a Sesame Street themed “dinner theater” style show venue. Of course, since this is a venue for little kids, I’m thinking that this may be a Lunch and Dinner Theater project (Lunch offered on weekends) rather than just a Dinner only show. The nice thing about this concept however is having it built at the entrance to the park will allow Sesame Place to offer up this product year-round if they wish to do so, and they probably do.
    Stay tuned and keep an eye in front of the park for any future signs of construction.




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