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Chula Vista, CA
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment


NEW PARK - Opened March 26, 2022


Park News - (2/26/2023) Joining the trend taken by most theme parks over the past couple of years, SeaWorld San Diego and Sesame Place San Diego have moved to a cash-free business model. Starting this past week the parks now only accept all payments through debit, credit cards or mobile payments, both inside the park, the ticket booths out front and even at the parking lot toll booths. The parks do offer free cash-to-card kiosks where you can turn any cash you have on hand onto a prepaid Visa card to use for payments.
    Throughout the industry we’ve seen all the parks from Cedar Fair and Six Flags convert to cash-free systems over the past couple of years, and it seems that two chain’s two San Diego parks (SeaWorld and Sesame Place) are the first to go cash-free, setting the stage for the rest of the chain to likely switch over sometime over the next year.
    (2/1/2023) Sesame Place San Diego has announced that Tango, Elmo’s rescue dog, will be arriving at the park starting February 4th as a new walkaround character. Guests will be able to take meet & greet photos with Tango and see her in the Sesame Street Party Parade.


icon_STOP2023 - The Count’s Splash Castle & Sunny Day Cafe - (7/3/2023) Sesame Place has now opened their new “The Count’s Splash Castle” addition for the 2023 season. You can take a virtual stroll around the new attraction in the video below, which features 111 different play elements, four slides, and three giant water tipping buckets that are able to drop 1,300 gallons of water combined.

    (1/21/2023) Sesame Place San Diego will open two new additions this season. Look for the park to add the “Sunny Day Cafe”, which will serve as a 5,000 sqft dining attraction featuring appearances by various Sesame Street characters, featuring singing, dancing and photo ops.
    Over in the waterpark look for “Count’s Splash Castle”, a multi-story water-fortress attraction featuring 111 play elements. Count’s Splash Castle is replacing a similar water play attraction area, but will be double the size of the previous attraction and feature a giant tipping bucket that holds 1,300 gallons of water.





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