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icon_STOPNEW PARK - March 2022 - (2/10/22) Sesame Place San Diego has now set Saturday, March 26th as the park’s official opening date. “The first to celebrate the park opening will be Season Pass holders who will be invited to exclusive grand opening events filled with character meet-and-greets, photo opportunities, collector items and more. Special pre-opening Season Pass pricing is available now for a limited time.”
    (1/18/22) Pictures showing off a good number of the new rides and attractions being installed to the new Sesame Place San Diego theme park have been added to the park’s Instagram account over the past couple weeks. This includes a look at the new Rub-A-Dub Sub, Cookie Climb, Super Grover’s Box Car Derby and more if you click over to IG to check out the rest of their posts.

    (11/10/21) Sesame Place announced that the new theme park has reached a construction milestone as of today, which happens to be the 52nd Anniversary of Sesame Street itself. So what was the big milestone? They report that all of the Sesame Street themed rides that twist, turn and swirl are nearing completion. In addition to new rides, the park will feature an interactive Sesame Street Neighborhood, “complete with the iconic 123 Stoop, kids can play in a world that plays back through immersive physical and digital character experiences. The 17-acre park will also open as a Certified Autism Center (CSA) allowing parents to plan activities that satisfy their child’s specific needs and accommodations.”
    The list of rides includes:
Elmo’s Rockin’ Rockets, Sunny Day Carousel, Cookie Climb, Abby’s Fairy Flight, Rosita’s Harmony Hills, Rub-A-Dub Sub, Sesame Street Soar & Spin and Super Grover’s Box car Derby.





    (9/17/21) Park Journey was invited out to take a construction tour of the new Sesame Place San Diego park that is now slated to open in March 2022. Construction seems to be going well and they even have the park’s first roller coaster already set up and testing. It is interesting to see the former Aquatica San Diego waterpark transformed into a new Sesame Place theme park.
    The park site itself has had a long and interesting theme park history, starting off as a non corporate owned waterpark by the name of Whitewater Canyon that opened way back in the Summer of 1997. I remember visiting it that summer, back when I still lived in San Diego, and thinking that this little waterpark showed a lot of promise for its very first season and had a fairly decent set of attractions. The park struggled financially for the first few seasons before it was sold to Cedar Fair in late 1999 to be rebranded as Knott’s Soak City USA. That lasted until 2012 when the waterpark was sold again, this time to SeaWorld Entertainment to be rebranded as another Aquatica theme park.
    Interesting how 25 years later, it will reopen once again in 2022 as something entirely brand new, featuring the world famous Sesame Street characters as Sesame Place San Diego. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.
    (12/1/20) I missed the announced about four weeks ago, but SeaWorld Entertainment has confirmed that the planned 2021 opening of the new Sesame Place San Diego park has been officially pushed back a year to 2022. The upside of this announcement, Aquautica San Diego will get one more season to operate as a waterpark in 2021 before the transformation into Sesame Place begins.
    There is a serious downside to the issue however, as part of the agreement with Sesame Workshop the new Sesame Place theme park was to open by 2021, and for every day in 2022 that the park isn’t open, SeaWorld will have to pay a fine of around $2000 unless they are able to come to some sort of mutual agreement over the COVID-19 based delay.
    (11/15/19) A special groundbreaking ceremony was held at Aquatica - San Diego earlier this week to celebrate the start of the transformation work to turn the park into Sesame Place San Diego by 2021. Remember that the park still has one more season as Aquatica San Diego in 2020 before the transformation will be complete.
    (10/22/19) We’ve got a little more information and some concept art of the new Sesame Place - San Diego opening in 2021. For those wondering, Aquatica - San Diego will still open for the 2020 season, though I would imagine you will get a close up look at some early phases of the construction when Aquatica opens for the last season on Memorial Day weekend 2020.
    It’s fun to note that the original Sesame Place opened in the Philadelphia area in 1980, and while this will be the first new Sesame Place to most of you, Anheuser-Busch did actually build a second Sesame Place in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas area that was only open from 1982-1984, but it was forced to close due to too much competition from other parks and waterparks in the area. According to press releases the new park will feature 11 water park attractions (which I believe is most of the existing attractions currently in Aquatica) and see the addition of 7 new rides.
    Based on the artwork, I believe the new rides will be a Super Grover themed family coaster (Vekoma or Zierer maybe?), the SS Duckie crazy submarine ride, a character themed carousel, an Abby Cadabby themed wave swinger, an Elmo themed spinner / dumbo style ride, what looks like a Sambo Balloon ride and a pair of Hege kid-powered tower rides themed to Cookie Monster.
    On the water slide side of things, it looks like only one slide tower is missing from the concept art, which would be the current Hoo Roo Run tower which features four high speed / high thrill slides. The current site of Hoo Roo Run appears as if it will be replaced by a new stage show theater. The Whanau Way slides appear as if they will be given a Snuffy theme, the WooHoo Falls and Kiwi Curl towers will become themed to Bert and Ernie, Walalla Wave themed to Oscar the Grouch, Tassie’s Twister turned into Cookie’s Mosnter Mixer and Taumata Racers themed after blue and green characters I’m not familiar with.




    (10/21/19) SeaWorld Entertainment just dropped a bombshell of a surprise announcement on everyone this morning that even I did not see coming. Would you believe that in Spring 2021 they will open a brand new Sesame Place theme park in San Diego?  Well… sort of brand new, as the new Sesame Place - San Diego will be built up from the waterpark currently known as Aquatica - San Diego, becoming a nearly 17-acre family friendly theme park with rides, live character shows and the fun water slides! According to the announcement on Facebook it will also have an “award-winning parade & an interactive neighborhood”.




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