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Athol, Idaho




icon_STOPPark News - (2/12/22) I’ve got a quick correction to make regarding the work RMC has been doing at Silverwood on the Tremors coaster. At first I was under the impression that the sections of track already replaced on Tremors by RMC were done so with Topper Track, while others were telling me they thought it was actually RMC’s IBox track system. Tracking this down, it seems RMC launched a third track style in 2021 which they are calling “208 RetraK”.
    Based on RMCs innovation and design work for both Topper and IBox track systems, RMC is promoting the new 208 RetraK system directly as a track replacement system intended to be integrated into existing wooden roller coasters. The website mentions the use of it for everything from upgrading a small “troubled area” on a coaster, the ability to upgrade 150+ foot sections of track year after year, all the way up to a full circuit replacement.
    There aren’t too many pictures of the 208 RetraK rails on the website, but in all honesty the new rails do look nearly identical to RMC’s IBox hybrid-coaster track design, with the key difference being that normally I believe normally IBox coasters have to be fully converted to the new track system and use new trains. The only exception I know of would be Lightning Rod at Dollywood, which was said to have converted about 75% of the rails from Topper to IBox, but as it was already running an RMC train, this may have been why that partial conversion was possible.
    208 RetraK allows a new track system similar to IBox but with the ability to be added in sections with existing classic wooden coaster track, all while allowing park’s to continue to use their existing wooden coaster trains.
    A great 4K POV video of Tremor’s shows off the state of the ride in 2021 following the addition of several sections of this new track system, and it is quite easy to tell in the video as the track switches back and forth from traditional wooden coaster track to the new RMC “RetraK” rail system.

    (1/30/22) In a post on Facebook, Silverwood posted pictures of Timber Terror and Tremors under construction and both said to be “getting some new track this offseason”. If you hunt through the comments section, you can find someone asking them if the work is going to be “RMC re track? Kinds like what you did with tremors?” and the official answer from the park was “Yes.” So previously Silverwood added some RMC “Topper Track” to Tremors to smooth out some rough patches, but it is worth noting that this is not RMC’s Hybrid style IBOX track system. RMC’s Topper Track is their modern take on the traditional wooden coaster track system and still involves having layers of wood placed below the rails, keeping these as traditional wooden coasters and not hybrids. You can see a great side-by-side comparison of Topper Track (of the left) and IBOX track (on the right) in a picture on Wikipedia to see what I mean.
    Topper Track is what RMC has been using on their not hybrid-conversion coaster projects like Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City), Goliath (Six Flags Great America), Wildfire (Kolmarden) and until this past season, Lightning Rod at Dollywood was also 100% topper track before getting upgraded to a mixture of the two.

    So back to Silverwood, you can expect a much improved ride experience on both Tremors and Timber Terror this upcoming season, as the rough spots are rebuilt with the new Topper Track.

    (9/29/21) Good news for Silverwood fans, the park’s Scarywood haunted theme park event is returning and will take place on select nights between Sept. 30 and Oct. 30, 2021 (but closed on Halloween itself). This year’s event will offer 9 scare zones, 5 haunts, and of course all the fun rides  you love, including the chance to ride Timber Terror backwards!
    Visit the official website for all the details.


???? - Light Up The Night - ON HOLD - (9/10/20) Just an update on the Light Up the Night after dark drone show. As you may have guessed by now, the show’s 2020 premier was cancelled earlier this year by Silverwood, but beyond that the park has not confirmed if it will return in 2021 or if the production is simply on-hold indefinitely at this time. Until we hear otherwise, we’ll simply just mark this as something possibly that could still be in development at this time, but with no set premiere date.
    (9/4/19) Silverwood has announced a new nighttime show is coming to the park in 2020 that will use over 300 flying drones with onboard light systems. The nightly show will be called “Light Up The Night” and begin sometime in June 2020.




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Athol, Idaho


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