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Athol, Idaho




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icon_STOP2024 - Emerald Forest / Eagle Hunt - (6/10/2024) Congratulations to Silverwood for opening their newest expansion, the Emerald Forest area in the Boulder Beach waterpark. The new expansion features the kid friendly Salmon Run play area as well as the epic Eagle Hunt dueling water coaster slides. The park has posted a great overall report on this massive new expansion that also includes a POV run down Eagle Hunt at the end, so check it out.

    (2/9/2024) Silverwood posted a picture earlier today showing off the first piece of the structure for their new Eagle Hunt waterslides being put into place. A second photo posted a couple of days ago shows off the progress across the whole new Emerald Forest area of the waterpark.

    (9/1/2023) Roller Coaster Alley has posted an update all about the waterpark expansion plans for Silverwood in 2024. The expansion will be called Emerald Forest and feature Eagle Hunt, a pair of new racing/dueling water coaster that they say will be 925 feet in length, becoming the LONGEST dueling water coaster in the United States. Eagle Hunt will feature three Flying SAUCER turns, four uphill blasts and more along the way. Also new to the Emerald Forest will be the Salmon Run kiddie play area, the “Rapids Grill”, the “Hook, Line and Sippers” drink stand and 32 all new cabanas.

    (8/3/2023) Silverwood is set to make their big 2024 expansion announcement on the morning of August 24th, regarding their $15 million expansion project! So stay tuned!
    (7/15/2023) Roller Coaster Alley was at Silverwood the other day and has posted pictures of the land already being cleared for the park’s planned expansion of the Boulder Beach waterpark.
    (7/15/2023) According to the local news Silverwood in Idaho has announced they are planning a $15 million dollar expansion of the park’s Boulder Beach waterpark. The details of this expansion wont be announced until sometime in August, but the park has promised that it will feature a major new attraction “that will be bigger than anything we’ve ever done in the water park.”




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Athol, Idaho


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