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Athol, Idaho




icon_STOPPark News - (9/29/21) Good news for Silverwood fans, the park’s Scarywood haunted theme park event is returning and will take place on select nights between Sept. 30 and Oct. 30, 2021 (but closed on Halloween itself). This year’s event will offer 9 scare zones, 5 haunts, and of course all the fun rides  you love, including the chance to ride Timber Terror backwards!
    Visit the official website for all the details.
    (8/15/21) Good news from Silverwood, as the park confirmed on Friday the 13th that Stunt Pilot has reopened once again.

    (8/8/21 - UPDATE) According to reports, Stunt Pilot at Silverwood is closed for some needed repairs following an unexpected malfunction with one of the trains. According to FB post from the park on Friday, “Stunt Pilot will be temporarily closed as the manufacturer, Rocky Mountain Construction, works on fixing the coaster. They are working around the clock to get it back and running as soon as possible.”
    While they obviously aren't going into specifics about what is going on with Stunt Pilot, this would be the second time the coaster has been closed this summer to allow RMC to work on it. Readers may recall that both Stunt Pilot and Jersey Devil were both closed in mid-July under orders from RMC to allow them to perform “full inspections” on both of the second generation single-rail coasters. Usually in cases like that, something of possible concern would have been discovered on one coaster, causing them both to shut down temporarily. In July we never knew which one of the two coasters was responsible for the shut-down, but with Stunt Pilot now closed for a second time less than a month later, we may have our answer.
    While I wont go into the details, it is suffice to say that what took place on Stunt Pilot was indeed serious enough to call for the shut-down of not only Stunt Pilot, but to put in a call to New Jersey to shut down Jersey Devil yet again.
    The good news is that RMC is located a short drive from the park, so the needed work can be done more quickly. Stay tuned!

    (7/27/21) While Silverwood is safe, it seems the fire that caused the park to evacuate on Friday is still only 75% contained at this point. If you are in the area, be aware of what areas to stay away from as they work to contain the fire.
    (7/25/21) Guests at Silverwood (and citizens in the greater area all around the park) were forced to evacuate the area on Friday afternoon as a wildfire was quickly approaching the area. The fire grew to 50 acres in size before local firefighters made progress in getting it under control. The rapid evacuation was not easy for park guests who heard an in-park announcement made over speakers around 5pm, as a traffic jam getting out of the parking lot kept many in place for up to 90 minutes. The fire was far enough away (and the parking lot free of vegetation) so according to a fire chief, the guests caught in the traffic trying to leave the parking lot were not in any danger.
    Silverwood was able to open as scheduled on Saturday morning however, as the nearby fire was considered to be “contained” and in the process of finishing putting it out.
    (6/7/21) Would you believe that someone broke into Silverwood and tried to set the Timber Terror wooden coaster on fire the other night? According to the local news someone set part of the coaster on fire early Saturday morning, but security discovered it very early on and was able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. They are still trying to identify who did it, but the arsonist apparently cut a small hole in the park fence and climbed in with a can of gas to light the coaster on fire.
    The good news is that damage was so minimal that Timber Terror that the burnt pieces of wood were quickly replaced and the coaster was open for guests to ride on Saturday.
    (8/19/20) The local news reports that Silverwood has cancelled their Scarywood halloween themed event for the 2020 season. They feel they will be unable to host the event properly while maintaining the current strict guidelines health and safety guidelines. Instead the park will remain focused on regular operations of the theme park, which will remain open on weekends from Sept. 12 through to Oct. 25, 2020.
    (6/2/20) RollerCoasterAlley has posted a photo update from Silverwood, showing off how things are working at the park this season. This includes some notes about how the park is handling face masks and extra sanitation duties, such as a complete clearing of the roller coaster trains after every single ride throughout the day.


icon_STOP2021 - Stunt Pilot - (5/22/21) Who’s ready to see a full POV video of the new STUNT PILOT coaster at Silverwood? Check it out below!

    (4/28/21) Good news from Silverwood, with the announcement that the new Stunt Pilot coaster will be ready to open to guests on May 29, 2021. The park is also planning to hold an auction for the first 10 seats on Stunt Pilot on opening day, with the proceeds to benefit Children’s Village. You can find all the details about the auction here.

    (4/14/21) Silverwood has posted some great Stunt Pilot updates this week, including a picture from the construction site where the red supports and white track look really sharp. Then there is a video where they take a field trip down to RMC to check out the Stunt Pilot trains and more at the plant.
    Oh, and RMC is doing a little work on Tremors as well by adding some more sections of Topper Track to some of the rougher sections of Tremors that should smooth out the ride experience. (This isn’t the first time RMC has added Topper Track to Tremors however…)

    (3/24/21) Park Journey was able to take an amazing on-site construction tour of Silverwood’s new Stunt Pilot coaster this week. The park is making quick progress on this one. Make the jump and check it out along with some other park construction shots, like re-tracking on Tremors.
    (3/16/21) ParkJourney has posted a new construction update for Stunt Pilot at Silverwood, the park’s new RMC Raptor coaster. It’s hard to make out much from outside the park, but sections of the new ride are now visible.
    (2/7/21) Congrats to Silverwood, as the park had their first delivery of track for their new Stunt Pilot coaster. If I’m not mistaken, this may be the first RMC coaster with white track… lets hope they don’t lose some pieces in the snow!
    Another interesting thing is you’ll notice that the rail loaded onto the truck at RMC for transport to the park isn’t on the back of a big flatbed semi-truck as you might typically see. They’ve just loaded it on a smaller scale gooseneck flatbed trailer hitched to a big work truck… the kind of thing you might see transporting a small to medium size tractor or bobcat around the area. This is because Silverwood is just a quick 12 mile drive from RMC down US-95 in Idaho, so they are practically neighbors!

    (1/9/21) Silverwood took a field trip down the road to Rocky Mountain Construction to check out all the coaster pieces being made for their new Stunt Pilot coaster for the 2021 season.

    (9/18/20) RollerCoasterAlley has posted a few more details about the new Stunt Pilot coaster coming to Silverwood in 2021. For example, they were able to get the location of the ride from Silverwood’s Marketing Director, who also confirmed that the trains on Stunt Pilot will be 10-cars long instead of the 8-car trains used on RailBlazer and Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso. They also hope to include some unique theming elements along the track that would represent the stunt plane history of the park.
    (9/17/20) Silverwood has confirmed that the park will add a new RMC Raptor style single-rail roller coaster experience in 2021. The new coaster will be called STUNT PILOT and themed like one of the old stunt planes that used to fly over the park in shows back in the early days of Silverwood. Based on the concept art, this new coasters appears as if it will be a clone (or near-clone) of RailBlazer at California’s Great America. This sounds like a fantastic addition for Silverwood, plus it can’t hurt that RMC is based not far from the park.



    (9/10/20) The latest teaser from Silverwood regarding their 2021 plans was a picture showing off the landscape of the park, with all the tall rides and coasters in the background, along with a statement that “This view is going to look a lot different next year.”
    This seems to indicate that whatever the park is adding, it will be a tall major ride or perhaps even a roller coaster. Stay tuned for more!

    (9/4/20) While Silverwood isn’t saying exactly what is coming, they have confirmed that they have something new coming in 2021. It has been a long time since the park added a major new attraction, which last happened back in 2016 when they added Riptide Racers. So does anyone have any clues about what may be coming next year?
    There was the matter of the Light Up The Night drone show they announced for 2020 that never happened. (see above)



???? - Light Up The Night - ON HOLD - (9/10/20) Just an update on the Light Up the Night after dark drone show. As you may have guessed by now, the show’s 2020 premier was cancelled earlier this year by Silverwood, but beyond that the park has not confirmed if it will return in 2021 or if the production is simply on-hold indefinitely at this time. Until we hear otherwise, we’ll simply just mark this as something possibly that could still be in development at this time, but with no set premiere date.
    (9/4/19) Silverwood has announced a new nighttime show is coming to the park in 2020 that will use over 300 flying drones with onboard light systems. The nightly show will be called “Light Up The Night” and begin sometime in June 2020.




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