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icon_STOPPark News - (3/17/22) According to a local news report, Six Flags America has performed some re-tracking on both the Wild One and Roar for the 2022 season. They will also offer two new shows: Old Town Showdown and Block Party. The summer season will also see three festival events held: Viva La Fiesta in May, and two more to be announced in the upcoming weeks, along with the return of the Coca-Cola July 4th Fest. The park also confirmed the return of Fright Fest this fall.
    Lots of other enhancements have been made such as wider pathways, new benches and picnic tables, new and improved AC at Heritage House and ChopSix, new dining options at Aviator Grill and other locations, plus new single rider lines have been added to Superman: Ride of Steel, The Joker’s Jinx and Voodoo Drop. That’s not all, for a even bigger list follow this link.
    (9/29/21) In a sickening trend, more reports of fights breaking out during Halloween themed events have been coming out. One of the latest over the past weekend happened at Six Flags America during their Fright Fest event forcing the park to close an hour early. The fights didn’t stop there, as they apparently continued on into the parking lot where it looked more like a riot, with some fighting and others choosing to smash nearby cars. (See clip below)
    As a result, Six Flags America has now responded that they will be closing Fright Fest early, by 9pm at the latest, for the rest of the duration of the park’s Fright Fest event. There will also be a no-rentry policy started at 6pm, and no “new” entry into the park allowed after 7pm.
    I’m still not sure it is enough, and maybe they need to prevent minors from attending the event at all unless with a parent or guardian age 25+ who have to be with them at all times, or else they must leave the park. Nearby Six Flags Great Adventure also has a mandatory reservation policy in place for Fight Fest as well that may want to be explored.

    (9/25/21) Is Six Flags America looking to expand? Most locals know that the theme park owns far more property than what they currently use, but they have thus far been unable to do much with it because the excess property has long been zoned for residential use only. The park could have sold this off to developers of course, but it’s never a good idea to let housing developments rise up too close to a theme park. Before too long the endless complaints about noise, traffic and attempts to limit what kind of rides, or how tall they can be, begin to pile up.
    According to a local news article, a plan to rezone a section of the residential property owned by Six Flags America for future commercial use is coming up at an October 4th hearing. The property in question is said to be at Central Ave and Church Road and is part of a greater project to “revitalize and preserve land in the Bowie-Mitchellville corridor.”
    Don’t think of this as an expansion to the Six Flags park however, as it sounds more like a way to bring more business to the area, and likely give Six Flags a way to sell off or lease some of their property to business developers.


icon_STOP2022 - Internal Improvements/ Retracking Roar - (10/24/21) During an ACE event at Six Flags America last weekend the park offered a Q&A session with park management. It was revealed that their plans for 2022 include improvement the overall park experience, including a focus on increasing the reliability of certain rides. The mentioned ROAR in particular, which has to be closed a few too many times in 2021 for track repairs. The also confirmed that a bid from RMC was reviewed to convert the coaster into a hybrid, like how Roar at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was converted, but the plan with a $10 million cost was rejected at this time. Instead the plan is to perform a full re-track of ROAR, including replacing the full stack of track layers. The park did confirm that they are looking into options to possibly do something more drastic to areas of high stress on Roar, which could include replacing some sections of track with “steel track” in those areas.
    I’m assuming this may mean the addition of something like RMC’s ‘Topper Track’, as Six Flags actually did add some sections of topper track to The Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas before approving the full RMC hybrid conversion of the coaster shortly afterwards.
    They also mentioned sprucing up the park with new paint, which seems to be a trend we are seeing take place at many Six Flags parks across the nation right now. SFA has already painted parts of Superman’s station and the Johnny Rockets building, and management confirmed that Wild One will get a fresh coat of white paint in time for next season. Also look for the improvements to lighting packages at attractions around the park, including on the Flying Trapeze, and have already put in some new lighting around Wild One.
    Beyond that the park is seriously focused on upgrading a lot of infrastructure over the next 3-5 years. This includes everything from upgrading and improving existing attraction systems to improve downtime issues to basic building and HVAC systems, to replacing basic things like park benches and trash cans. Top to bottom, there is going to be a focus on fixing up the park in every way, which is a good thing. A better quality experience for everyone will improve guest visits, and possibly increase guest satisfaction and guest spending numbers, which will put the park in a position to get larger and better capital expansion projects (aka: new RIDES) down the line. You can catch a video of part of the session with the park president in the video below.


Future Development
    (7/22/20) You may also see some infrastructure upgrades taking place near Penguin’s Blizzard River as well as around Whistlestop Park. I’m told that the park is performing some needed upgrades to their electrical grid, upgrades that some future projects may need to take advantage of. No one knows for sure what is planned, though one rumor suggests that some of the kiddie rides in Whistlestop Park may be relocated elsewhere in order to make room for something bigger to take over the Whistlestop area.
    A new coaster seems to be the key rumor, but they are said to be looking around at possible ideas, including some launched coaster ideas from S&S.




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