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icon_STOPPark News - (9/29/21) In a sickening trend, more reports of fights breaking out during Halloween themed events have been coming out. One of the latest over the past weekend happened at Six Flags America during their Fright Fest event forcing the park to close an hour early. The fights didn’t stop there, as they apparently continued on into the parking lot where it looked more like a riot, with some fighting and others choosing to smash nearby cars. (See clip below)
    As a result, Six Flags America has now responded that they will be closing Fright Fest early, by 9pm at the latest, for the rest of the duration of the park’s Fright Fest event. There will also be a no-rentry policy started at 6pm, and no “new” entry into the park allowed after 7pm.
    I’m still not sure it is enough, and maybe they need to prevent minors from attending the event at all unless with a parent or guardian age 25+ who have to be with them at all times, or else they must leave the park. Nearby Six Flags Great Adventure also has a mandatory reservation policy in place for Fight Fest as well that may want to be explored.

    (9/25/21) Is Six Flags America looking to expand? Most locals know that the theme park owns far more property than what they currently use, but they have thus far been unable to do much with it because the excess property has long been zoned for residential use only. The park could have sold this off to developers of course, but it’s never a good idea to let housing developments rise up too close to a theme park. Before too long the endless complaints about noise, traffic and attempts to limit what kind of rides, or how tall they can be, begin to pile up.
    According to a local news article, a plan to rezone a section of the residential property owned by Six Flags America for future commercial use is coming up at an October 4th hearing. The property in question is said to be at Central Ave and Church Road and is part of a greater project to “revitalize and preserve land in the Bowie-Mitchellville corridor.”
    Don’t think of this as an expansion to the Six Flags park however, as it sounds more like a way to bring more business to the area, and likely give Six Flags a way to sell off or lease some of their property to business developers.
    (8/15/21) According to local news reports a young boy was hospitalized on Saturday after a near drowning incident at the Hurricane Harbor waterpark at Six Flags America. According to reports it sounds as if he was running and slipped into the wave pool and went under before life guards could pull him out and begin CPR. (Side note: So when you see life-guards at a waterpark yelling “No Running”, please listen)
    (8/8/21) Yet another Six Flags theme park is bringing mandatory face mask requirements back. Six Flags America in Maryland (just outside Washington DC), as of today, is now requiring all guests to wear face masks while visiting an indoor location on the theme park property, including indoor locations within the Hurricane Harbor waterpark.
    The new mask orders are actually part of a new mask mandace from Prince George’s County that goes into effect today.

    (5/19/21) According to the latest post on Facebook by Six Flags America, effective Saturday May 22, fully vaccinated guests to the theme park (and team members) will no longer be required to wear face masks while outdoor. Masks will still be required while in any indoor setting however.
    Temperature screenings will also end on this date, as well as the previous requirement for advanced reservations to visit.

    (3/15/21) While this is just a rumor so far, SixFlagsAmerica_fans reports on Instagram that the attraction that could be leaving the park may be the ZoomAzon Falls waterslide. Currently the attraction does seem to have been removed from the park’s website.

    (2/28/21) Ready for some fun teasers about what the future of Six Flags America might bring? A video posted by ACE Mid-Atlantic sees new park President Richard Pretlow give us a virtual tour of the park and talk about various improvements and new items we can expect like Harley Quinn Spinsanity and a new lighting package on the Bourbon Street Fireball.
    They also drop some hints about what may not be returning to the park in 2021, without confirming anything 100%. They play off a little skit where it looks like they try to demolish Penguin’s Blizzard River and instead an explosion is heard coming from elsewhere in the park with a comment about “that wasn’t supposed to happen”. There is also a brief video of a guy putting up a chain across the entrance to Batwing and then upon seeing the camera, covers up the lens. So does this mean that Penguin and Batwing could be on the chopping block? Well at the end of the video he comes back, removes the chain and says just kidding. But that leaves Penguin, which has long been removed to be on the chopping block, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    Oh… and the park has been looking into the idea of having RMC come in and rework Roar, just as what was done to Roar’s former twin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It’s on their radar for sure, but for now they have other projects they need to focus on first before they get to Roar.

    (2/4/21) It has been confirmed that Six Flags America now has a new park President with Richard Pretlow now confirmed as taking the reins of the theme park. Pretlow previously served as the Director of in-park services at Six Flags: The Great Escape Resort before coming to SFA. Before joining Six Flags, Pretlow started off his theme park career in positions at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Sesame Place with a background in Culinary Operations. He is taking over from the previous park President, Rick Howarth, who has been promoted to a new position within Six Flags.
    I have to say that after hearing so many reports over 2020 about how great an experience guests had at Six Flags America, adding a new park president who has a lot of experience with things that matter to the guest experience does indeed seem like the park is going to be put in very good hands going forwards. And when the park is successful in the eyes of the corporate office, budgets for really cool new attractions usually soon follow.



icon_STOP2021 - Harley Quinn Spinsanity - (6/27/21) I’m a bit surprised myself, but SixFlagsAmerica_Fans reports on IG that Harley Quinn Spinsanity is actually back open. The problem that caused the shaking leg was repaired and the ride was cleared to reopen. In the comments there is talk that Joker’s Jinx and Roar may both be down for repairs currently however.

    (6/22/21) I’m not quite sure exactly what is going on, but watch the video below showing off a very strange thing taking place on the new Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride at Six Flags America. Yes… one of the giant support legs is shaking uncontrollably, while the ride is not even in motion, causing the riders in their seats to bounce from the shaking action of the leg. I’m not an expert, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Harley Quinn shut down for a good bit while they figure this one out, and possibly have to replace parts of the motor and support system.

    (5/14/21) According to what I’m told, Six Flags America is set to open their new Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride today, May 14, 2021. You can see the ride in action with riders shot during a media preview event.

    (4/30/21) Harley Quinn Spinsanity is nearly ready to take on guests at Six Flags America. A reader sent me a screen capture showing off that Six Flags Diamond Member and Passholder Preview nights on the new ride will be taking place on  May 7, and May 8-9 respectively.
    (4/25/21) According to an update posted by SixFlagsAmerica_Fans on IG, the final bits of construction on the park’s new Harley Quinn Spinsanity appear to have taken place, with the last railings and fences now put in place. The park hasn’t said anything yet, but they are predicting a possible passholder/member preview of the new ride as early as May 7 - 9th.

    (9/11/20) According to a post from the @sixflagsamerica_fans IG page new construction has been spotted over at the Harley Quinn ride once again on what looks like the operator booth, as well as work on the queue too from what I’m told.

    (8/3/20) Screamscape sources tell us that more work is still taking place on the new Harley Quinn Spinsanity site this week, as workers appear to be trying to finish it up.


    (7/22/20) A quick update about Harley Quinn, it seems that the park has decided to get busy and finish installing the ride hardware. They’ve done nothing to set up the control infrastructure, landscaping, queue or anything else, but based on what I’ve seen posted to the SixFlagsAmerica_fans IG page, the ride itself is now fully up.
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We got seat!!

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    (7/3/20) A reader stopped by Six Flags America and sent back a photo of the current status of Spinsanity. Unfortunately, as you can see, it looks like work had stopped on the ride back in March or April and they still have several weeks to go before it could be finished. WIth that in mind, it seems a fairly safe bet that the new for 2020 attraction will be officially pushed back to open in 2021.  (Photo credit - Eric Stehmer)

    (8/29/19) New for 2020 is Harley Quinn Spinsanity, a giant pendulum ride that will swing 40 riders at a time up to 15-stories tall at 120 and hit speeds up to 70mph.

Future Development -
    (7/22/20) You may also see some infrastructure upgrades taking place near Penguin’s Blizzard River as well as around Whistlestop Park. I’m told that the park is performing some needed upgrades to their electrical grid, upgrades that some future projects may need to take advantage of. No one knows for sure what is planned, though one rumor suggests that some of the kiddie rides in Whistlestop Park may be relocated elsewhere in order to make room for something bigger to take over the Whistlestop area.
    A new coaster seems to be the key rumor, but they are said to be looking around at possible ideas, including some launched coaster ideas from S&S.




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