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Buffalo, New York (Abbreviation: DL)
Known as Six Flags Darien Lake (1999 to 2006)
and as just Darien Lake (2007 to 2018)
Owned by EPR Properties
Managed by Six Flags Theme Parks


icon_STOPPark News - (8/25/21) A special holiday event is coming to Six Flags Darien Lake this winter. From November 18, 2021 through Jan. 2, 2022 the park will host “Magic of Lights”, described as a festive drive through “Holiday Light Display Extravaganza!”. Guests will be able to take a 1.25 mile drive through 15 scenes of holiday themed light displays that will be set up through the campground and the theme park, featuring nearly 1 million lights.
    Tickets to experience this will go on sale this Fall, however all current Six Flags Members and Season Pass Holders will be able to experience the Magic of Lights free. Look for the event to run nightly, with the exception of Nov. 25, Dec. 24 and Dec. 25, 2021.
    (5/23/21) Bad news from Six Flags Darien Lake this weekend. Guests to the park arrived to find all of the gondolas removed from The Giant Wheel at the park and a big sign set up at the entrance, confirming that the park has chosen to officially retire The Giant Wheel after 38 years.

    (5/19/21) According to the latest post on Facebook by Six Flags Darien Lake,, effective Saturday May 22, fully vaccinated guests to the theme park (and team members) will no longer be required to wear face masks.
   While some other Six Flags parks have dropped the temperature screening and reservation requirements, it looks like those will still remain in effect at Darien Lake for the time being.

    (5/15/21) Screamscape did get a brief update regarding the fate of the Ferris wheel at Six Flags Darien Lake. According to one source there is a very small chance that the Ferris wheel could return for the 2022 season, but I’m told it isn’t a very good one. With that in mind, it makes me wonder if the wheel will remain standing for the 2021 season or if it will be removed, as the closure could possibly be due to an expensive maintenance issue if the possibility to reopen the wheel in the future is still on the table.  So if you want to see the Ferris wheel back open in the future, guests will have to let the park know about it when you visit.
    (5/14/21) More bad news for Darien Lake. According to whatt I’m being told, in addition to the closure of the Grizzly Run rapids ride, the park is also said to be closing their large Ferris wheel as well.
    (5/5/21) Six Flags Darien Lake has confirmed that Grizzly Run, the park’s river rapids ride, is officially closed and will be removed to make way for future new additions. The rapids ride goes take up a significant bit of space in the South-Eastern corner of the theme park that could be re-purposed and filled with a number of different rides, or even a whole land full of rides.
    (3/31/21) It is looking more likely that the Grizzly Run rapids ride at Darien Lake will be closed for good this season. Grizzly has been removed from the list of attractions on the park’s website, though the park map still shows it because they are still showing the 2019 season map. It is worth mentioning that Grizzly Run is also still listed as an attraction on the Six Flags app at this time, but as we get closer to when the park will open, hopefully these things will all get updated.
    (2/21/21) Six Flags Darien Lake has now set May 21st and the official opening date for the New York theme park. Reservations will be required as well as a temperature check before entry is allowed, and social distancing and wearing face masks will be required while in the park.
2021_rockin_lasershow    (2/2/21) According to reports a new Drive-In show called “Six Flags Rockin’ Drive-In Laser Light Spectacular” will soon be added to Six Flags Darien Lake. The new show is slated to run daily from Feb. 12 - 21 three times a night, as well as from Feb. 26-28 and March 5-7. The show will be free to members and passholders and will be available to the general public for $14.99 per person. Tickets to see the show must be purchased in advance, no tickets will be sold on site.
    (12/31/20) According to a Screamscape source, we are hearing that Six Flags Darien Lake may remove the park’s Grizzly Run raft ride from the park as part of the budget cutting initiative from corporate headquarters that will see 15 rides removed across the chain before the start of the 2021 season. Apparently Grizzly Run was on the chopping block along with Shipwreck Falls, the park’s shoot the chutes water ride, and the later was actually the one most expected to get cut. According to our source Grizzly Run costs more to operate and sits on a sizable piece of land that could be put to use for other things in the future.


2021 - Wahoo Wave - (8/29/19) Six Flags Darien Lake will be adding a new waterslide for 2020 called Wahoo Wave, where sliders in 4-person rafts will climb six-stories and take a 30 foot plunge down straight into a giant wall element where they will spiral and stall out before falling back down once again to finish the adventure.

SFDL New for 2020 | Six Flags


???? - Predator Upgrade - (11/8/20) Would you believe that Predator at Six Flags Darien Lake is getting an upgrade? According to an article about GCI and their new “Titan Track”, a hybrid track system they previewed at an IAAPA private event in 2019, GCI owner Clair Hain confirmed that he plans to install the new Titan Track system onto the Predator wooden coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake.
    No timeline was given, and COVID-19 has thrown everything into chaos, but after a proof of concept test by installing a section of Titan Track onto White Lightning at Fun Spot America in Orlando back in August GCI is ready to begin pushing their new track system and will being to advertise it to their markets around the world.
    This brings up a number of questions about what the future may hold for Predator. Since Six Flags is calling the shots right now, we know how they have used RMC to transform a number of their existing wooden coasters into new Hybrid creations. But when Six Flags and RMC started the concept with Texas Giant, they went more for a more traditional conversion keeping much of the Texas Giant layout as it was, while pumping up the thrills. Once the first coaster was a success, they began the process of going more wild with the future conversions, including the addition of inversions.
    This also isn’t the first time Predator has been up for a possible conversion into a Hybrid coaster. Back when Herschend Family Entertainment was operating Darien Lake for a short time, they did hire RMC to draw up plans for to convert the old wooden coaster, known for a painful ride experience, into a new Hybrid creation that would have been renamed as the “Lake Monster”. Now it looks like Six Flags has decided to give GCI a shot at it, so it should be curious to see just what they come up with, and how wild or mild of a conversion they are willing to try.
    Now lets keep the “mild” part of that sentence in mind for the time being. It is entirely possible that Predator may only be trying to smooth out the rough spots with sections of Titan Track, rather than go for a full replacement at this time. Six Flags did the same thing with The Rattler at Fiesta Texas, adding a test section of RMC’s “Topper Track” to a troublesome section of the ride the same year that RMC opened The New Texas Giant a few hours north at Six Flags over Texas. It wasn’t long before they decided to convert The Rattler into Iron Rattler with a full Hybrid conversion instead. Since it would be unlike someone like Clair Hain to totally slip and leak Six Flags’ plans for Predator in an interview, I’d have to say that his comments may indeed be more of a proof of concept test for Six Flags to evaluate how a section or two Titan Track works on one of their actual coasters that is in need of a future update.
    Since Six Flags Darien Lake did not actually open in 2020 at all, GCI could arrive to begin work on Predator at any time, if they haven’t already. So just something for the local fans to keep an eye out for over the winter months.



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