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Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks




icon_STOPPark News
- (2/26/2023) NorCalThrills has posted a great new update confirming that The Flash: Vertical Velocity will finally reopen in 2023 after a lengthy refurbishment. This includes a complete rebuild of the train, new paint, refurbished ride control systems and more. Guests have noticed over the long term closure that the train has been missing entirely from the ride, but it is now back in the station, so hopefully they’ll begin the testing and recertification process soon.
    Check out the rest of their update to see what’s going on right now for Mardi Gras fun, signs promoting that Tava’s Jungleland will be returning soon and more. There are a bunch of pictures taken here showing off the status of some of those ride’s that have vanished from the park’s website that we reported on. For example, the Frog Hopper ride is still onsite but currently in pieces, meanwhile the Tava’s Elephant Parade ride has been removed completely. Elsewhere in the park the Daredevil Dive (also missing from the website) is still standing, however the ride’s queue has been removed as well as the train having been removed from the track.
    Elsewhere, Seaside Junction is standing, but still remains closed off to guests.
    (2/19/2023) A number of attractions at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom are currently missing from the park’s website, which is a possible indicator that they could be leaving the park. The list includes a number of smaller rides, including all three from the Seaside Junction area (Air Penguins, Merlin’s Seaside Tours, Seaside Railway) and a couple from Tava’s Jungleland (Tava’s Elephant Parade and Frog Hopper) as well as the Dare Devil Chaos Coaster thrill ride.


icon_STOP2023 - New Additions - (3/5/2023) A pair of new animal experiences have been announced for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Coming this Spring will be “Rainforest Trail” and a newly enhanced Shark Experience. According to the description the existing Shark Experience attraction will be enhanced with new video and audio enhancements along with some new interactive educational elements.
    The Rainforest Trail will feature a walk through a lush jungle rainforest landscape that will feature over 500 roaming butterflies, tropical fish, a sloth and more.

    (12/29/2022) Anyone been by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom lately? According to one report sent in, they thought it looked like a new bridge was being built over the pond at the old “cougar rocks exhibit”. Sounds like this could become some kind of new or upgraded animal exhibit for the park. Anyone know more?





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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks

Abbreviation: SFDK
Formerly known as Six Flags Marine World (SFMW) and Marine World Africa USA.


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