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icon_STOPPark News - (5/25/2023) The hits just keep coming at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this season. A fantastic list of all the improvements and additions coming to the park for the 2023 season has been posted to Facebook. So far we’ve seen a third train added to Iron Rattler, the new and improved Boomerang trains, the VIP lounge, the ESIX e-sports center and so much more is on the way.
    The new and improved waterpark expansion, Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster, the new Circuit Breaker Grand Prix gaming go-karts, improvements to Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster that will lead into new trains coming for it in 2024. Don’t forget Fireworks, Fright Fest, more Food Festivals, Holiday in the Park and so much more.

    (4/29/2023) ESPORTS is coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, as the theme park unveiled concept art for the new ESIX esports gaming facility coming to the park this season. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, the gaming center will feature numerous PC and console gaming stations for competitive play, including an event stage for live tournaments to take place. The venue will also feature a lounge area with a bar and charging stations, and a retail area selling top end gaming hardware.
    Exactly how Six Flags plans to operate ESIX and at what price-point remains to be revealed however. Selling an expensive gaming experience to guests who already paid for a single-day admission to experience the rest of the theme park may be a bit of a hard-sell, though I can see how the ESIX facility may be a draw to the local market theme park passholders. But only if the price is right. It should also be interesting to see if the plan on operating the site during the off season or at night after the rest of the theme park is closed. If I understand correctly, it will be located in the main plaza area just inside the front gate on the right, in a space formerly used for passholder processing with the park’s VIP lounge located nearby on the second floor.
    (4/11/2023) Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be hosting their new “Viva La Fiesta” festival on weekends from April 15 through to May 14th. The new event will be a month long celebration of food and culture, with eight different festival booths to be set up across the park, each offering a variety of different culinary favorites, along with craft beers and cocktail options. Every Saturday night the park will also put on the Festival del Noche Fireworks Spectacular, and host a different musical guest in Lone Star Lil’s theater.
    Visit the official website for all the details!
    (2/23/2023) According to a post from SFFT’s Jeffrey Siebert, lots of improvement projects are under way at Six Flags Fiesta Texas right now. This includes a new “Texas State Square monument”, progress on getting the new Iron Rattler train ready for service along with pictures of other projects.
    On to other news, as posted a few days ago, I have confirmed that the old Go Kart are gone for good. However… look for this area to come to life again sometime later this year, as the park is planning on replacing them with some kind of brand-new high-tech interactive gaming-style go-kart experience. From what I’m told, what is coming will be about as close to having a real-life version of Mario Kart that you can get.
    Consider me intrigued. I’ve heard of a few similar concepts that either involved having an dark indoor kart track that would use projection mapping on the track, or by placing some kind of small AR / targeting display on the front of the Kart. So it should be interesting to see what they come up with here.

    (2/19/2023) Screamscape has been told that the Thunder Beach Speedway go-kart upcharge attractions at Six Flags FIesta Texas has closed for good. Given the location it should be interesting to see what replaces this going forward.
    (1/22/2023) The long awaited 3rd train for Iron Rattler has begun to arrive at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. No one on exactly when it will go into service, but the goal here is to always have 2 trains able to run on Iron Rattler on a daily basis while a third train will be rotated off for refurbishment.

    (10/8/22) Six Flags may be intending to turn all the waterparks that used to be included with admission into a second paid gate. What is confirmed so far is if you look at the benefits for the different tiered 2023 Season Passes at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the lower tier (Gold) no longer includes access to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown or White Water Bay. You will have to pay more to purchase the Platinum tier pass to regain access to both of those waterparks for the 2023 season.
    While paying a separate admission  to visit Splashtown isn’t that much of a surprise, as it was just an included perk for previous year’s annual pass programs, the separate admission to visit the attached White Water Bay will be as a much bigger change that will take park guests by surprise next year as previously it was always included with the price of admission to Fiesta Texas.
    (10/2/22) While Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger opened on July 30th, I was out in the middle of the ocean having a fun adventure on a cruise, so our good buddy Randal went down to Six Flags Fiesta Texas to take the new beast for a test run for us. Unfortunately, and entirely my fault, as I was on the cruise at the time, I totally forgot to post his amazing on-ride video of Six Flags’ first Dive Coaster, but you can see it now for the first time below! Overall, it looks to be an amazing ride with good pacing, plus you get an incredible view of the park from the top of the first drop when you are paused half-way over the edge. Now I’m just waiting





icon_STOP2023 - 7 New Slides, Kid-Flash Cosmic Coaster and Other Park Improvements - (3/26/23) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has posted a picture of their new Vekoma train cars coming to the park’s Boomerang this season. As previously mentioned, the new train will features latest restraint system that has replaced the typical hard over-the-shoulder restraint system with a soft vest restraint, thus opening up all the space around the rider’s head for better comfort and open viewing. I first experienced this new restraint system myself on the Boomerang coaster at Carowinds when it was added in 2009 and it is a game-changer for these older style coasters, turning former head-bangers into wonderful ride experiences.

    (3/19/2023) We get our first official look at Skyline’s new track system fabricated for the P’Sghetti Bowl coaster system, with this first piece destined for the Kid-Flash Cosmic-Coaster going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. If you think it looks a bit like a super-sized version of GCI’s Titan Track you would be right, as Skyline designed the Titan Track system for GCI as well.
    This is also an important evolution for Skyline attractions, as this is a departure from their original single-rail coaster track system they used for the Skywarp ride concept, where that track was manufactured for them by RMC as a sort of super-sized version of RMC’s IBox track ahead of RMC’s roll-out of their own similar-looking Raptor track system.
    Unfortunately for Skyline, the first two Skywarp rides built didn’t have the best of success, so from an outsider point-of-view, it very much looks like Skyline went back to the drawing-board with support from their close-associates at GCI to design a new concept that could work as Titan Track for GCI to use to compete with RMC’s IBox track, and then evolve into a new single-rail track for Skyline’s P’Sghetti Bowl concept. Rolling this new track system out into pint-sized family coaster concept is also a great way to see how well it works in the real world before they try to scale it up to something bigger.
    Speaking of other Skyline projects, visually this new P’Sghetti Bowl coaster track does look to be a different build than what Skyline produced late last year for the museum coaster project, though they share the same ‘weld-free track technology’ concept.

    (3/5/2023)  The final details for the new pair of racing coasters coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas were revealed the other day, and it will have a DC Comics theme, fhemed as Kid Flash: Cosmic Coaster. You can check out the animation in the posts below that also show off what daytime and nighttime rides may look like with all those LED panels on the track.

    (12/11/2022) Six Flags Fiesta Texas pulled back the curtain on a number of new surprises coming to the park for the 2023 season during an in-park presentation yesterday. In addition to previously announced improvements coming to the park’s Iron Rattler (3rd train) and the Boomerang coaster (Two New Trains w/ new comfy restraints, new brakes, control system) the park announced seven kid-friendly slides coming to the White Water Bay waterpark. This includes a KIDZ TornadoWave, KIDZ Tornado 12, KIDZ MiniRiver slide, a pair of KIDZ OctopusRACER slides and a pair of KIDZ ProRacer slides.
    If that wasn’t enough, the park announced they are removing the bumper cars attraction to build the world’s first Racing/Dueling P’Sghetti Bowl coasters from Skyline Attractions. The new coaster will include two separate tracks, each with a slightly unique layout, with one more surprise addition… the rails will be covered with their brand new Aurora lighting package. From start to finish the rails ae covered on the top and sides by LED panels that will run day and night, and offering different theming opportunities that will change the look of the ride from a normal summer day to something special for Halloween or Christmas. The name for this new ride has not been picked just yet however, so stay tuned!
    Other improvements were also mentioned as coming to the park’s railroad (refurbished engine, working to commission and refurbish a second one), a new Starbucks coffee location, a Coca-Cola VIP Lounge and plans to build a new E-Sports facility. Oh…and Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster will be getting some big improvements to improve the train and comfort of the ride, based on the improvements made to the latest version of the Raptor coaster design as seen at the Wonder Woman coaster that opened at sister park, Magic Mountain, earlier this year. So look for an improvement described as a ‘huge upgrade’ coming to the Wonder Woman experience.

    (7/14/22) A video featuring Jeffrey Seibert, President of Six Flags Fiesta Texas at the Roller Coaster Rodeo event confirms a few interesting future projects for the park can be found below. I had not heard these before, but for starters he confirmed (at the 27 minute mark) that the park’s Boomerang coaster will get two new trains (I know it runs one at a time) next season featuring Vekoma’s current vest restraint system that has become quite popular, as it pretty much removes the possibility of headbanging. Other upgrades to the coaster apparently include a new magnetic braking system as well, which should all be added to the ride by next spring.
    Other good news is that the new third train that the park ordered for Iron Rattler will arrive soon and is slated to be ready to roll for guests sometime just before Fright Fest this fall, returning the ride to two train operations at last.




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