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icon_STOPPark News - (3/17/2024) The 2024 season will mark the 25th anniversary of the Poltergeist roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. According to a social media post, the park will be celebrating this event, and will be adding some “New Theming and more shade” to the ride’s queue experience.
    (1/10/2024) Six Flags Fiesta Texas reports that the Yellow train is being preps to be installed back onto the Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster track. Meanwhile the park is setting up for a Mardi Gras celebration, as well as a look at new cables for the update of the Supergirl attraction for 2024.

    (12/29/2023) According to an official post from Six Flags Fiesta Texas, this weekend will be your last chance to ride the park’s Screamin’ Eagle and Slingshot upcharge attractions. So if you’ve been trying to build up your courage to give them a try, or want one more last ride, then you best get to the park before it is too late.

    (12/29/2023) According to a new update on Twitter from SFFT Park President, Jeffrey Siebert, crews are putting the red train back on Kid Flash and are making their final adjustments and testing on the revised train in order to get Kid Flash reopen once again.

    (12/19/2023) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has announced on Facebook that the park is now in the process of testing out new food ordering kiosks, that will also be able to accept orders for your all season dining plans if you have them. The park is also testing out new “time sensors” that will more accurately post attraction wait times throughout the park.
    In other news, I’ve been hearing that both versions of the Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster (at Six Flags over Georgia and Six Flags Fiesta Texas) are currently closed down, with the trains reported as having been removed from the tracks. While I haven’t ridden once myself just yet, I’m hearing that the ride experience was rougher than it should have been for a new family coaster. The thought is that Skyline may have pulled the trains to perform some work on the wheel assemblies to improve the overall ride experience. No word on how long they may remain closed before bringing the trains back for new test runs.



2024 - Kid’s Waterpark Expansion - The waterpark expansion was announced oroginally as a 2023 project, but it appears to have been pushed back to become a 2024 project.
        (12/11/2022) The park announced seven kid-friendly slides coming to the White Water Bay waterpark. This includes a KIDZ TornadoWave, KIDZ Tornado 12, KIDZ MiniRiver slide, a pair of KIDZ OctopusRACER slides and a pair of KIDZ ProRacer slides.






icon_STOP2024 - Wonder Woman Improvements - (3/21/2024) Six Flags Fiesta Texas reports that the assembly of their three new roller coaster trains for Wonder Woman has begun, and they are expected to arrive at the park later this Spring. If all goes well, they are hoping to have it reopen by Memorial Day Weekend.
    (12/22/2022) Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster will be getting some big improvements to improve the train and comfort of the ride, based on the improvements made to the latest version of the Raptor coaster design as seen at the Wonder Woman coaster that opened at sister park, Magic Mountain, earlier this year. So look for an improvement described as a ‘huge upgrade’ coming to the Wonder Woman experience as they retire the original “prototype” trains from use next season.


icon_STOP2024 - 3 New Attractions and DC Universe Expansion - (3/2/2024) While Six Flags Fiesta Texas has been hard to work on their DC Universe expansion project that will see three new rides added and see thematic upgrades to several more, it sounds like this could be an ongoing construction project for much of the 2024 season. Thus far the park’s focus has been in the upgrading of their existing rides to fit the new DC Universe related names and theming, but much like last year, construction on the three new rides seems to just starting as we enter March.
    You may recall how the racing/dueling Kid Flash themed coasters did not open until October 2023 season. Now the local news reports that based on the permits filed with the city, the work on the three new rides is just starting now and has listed the expected completion date of October once again. In fact, new pictures posted to Facebook confirm that they are just now pouring the foundations for the Cyborg and Shazam attractions this week.

    (12/10/2023) New layout concept art for the upcoming DC UNIVERSE at Six Flags Fiesta Texas can be seen below. This includes the official layout for the Metropolis Transit Authority (with station artwork) as well as logos for all the DC UNIVERSE area attractions.

    (9/4/2023) Some new images of concept art for the Metropolis Transit Authority coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas have been posted to Twitter, including a look at a proposed track layout. Keep in mind that they say these are just design concepts only shown here, so the final layout may be different from what is being shown at this time.
    Screamscape has also been informed that all three new attractions coming in 2024 are being sourced from Zamperla Rides. With that in mind, I’m expecting the MTA to be a custom version of Zamperla’s “Aerial Ride” attraction system that will use a four-car train system instead of individual ride cars.

    (8/30/2023) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has confirmed that the park will feature the largest DC Comics themed area of all in 2024 when they add three new attractions and re-theme several others nearby to DC comics characters.
    The new rides will be:
    Metropolis Transit Authority - a 16-passenger relaxing sky train aerial tour 17-feet above the DC Universe aboard Art Deco covered monorail style trains.
    Cyborg Cyber Revolution - a themed Zamperla NebulaZ flat ride
    Shazam! Tower of Eternity - a 70 foot rotating family drop tower experience
    Meanwhile the DC Universe will be filled out by the newly rethemed rides:
Bat Girl: Coaster Chase - formerly Streamliner Coaster
The Penguin: Gotham City Getaway - formerly Rambling Road
Supergirl Sky Flight - formerly Sky Screamer
Green Lantern Emerald Flight - formerly Stunt Pilots
Poison Ivy Toxic Spin - formerly Sky Searchers
    Plus the six existing DC Universe themed attractions: Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster, DC Super Villain’s Swing, Joker: Carnival of Chaos, Superman: Krypton Coaster, Batman: The Ride and Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster.

    (8/17/2023) So what’s going on at Six Flags Fiesta Texas? It appears that school is now back in session in Texas and the park has moved to a weekend only schedule, allowing construction for various projects to begin. Based on some speculation and photos shown on Facebook, one line of thought is that in addition to removing at least one ride, a small number of the park’s rides may also be moving to new locations within the park to allow for future growth plans.

    (7/16/2023) More clues as to what Six Flags Fiesta Texas is up to for 2024 have been being posted to Facebook on a regular basis, but a few readers and I spotted something of interesting in the Clue #15 post showing off the artwork in the office gallery.
    What am I talking about? Take a look at the picture of Park President Jeffrey with a big Fiesta Texas painting behind him. Now take a look below that, along the bottom left edge of the photo. I clearly see the Six Flags Fiesta Texas logo in the top corner of a photo showing off what appears to be a Premier Rides SkyRocket II roller coaster with green track and a purple train. Now the colors could be photoshopped to be any color really, but Green and Purple is a classic Six Flags combo for a Joker themed ride. Long time visitors will remember that Fiesta Texas used to have a fun Joker themed coaster, complete with a funhouse themed queue. With Batman now in place along with coasters themed to Superman and Wonder Woman, I’d say it is long past time for The Joker to return in an all new form.
    Side note: my first instinct was to say that it was Zombie Ride from Bosque Magico, which was taken down and in need of a new home, but RCDB now lists Zombie Ride as reopening at Salitre Magico in Colombia sometime later this year. So if this is really what is happening, then it should be a brand new ride.
    Of course Jeffrey could just be trolling us all hardcore, knowing we would see the coaster.




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