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Park News - (11/25/2023) For fans of Six Flags Great Adventure over the years, the park has a special offering right now to purchase 50th Anniversary Bricks that will be used to create the refurbished Dream Street Pathway at the park. The bricks feature one of four different designs and a custom inscription, and you will also receive a “mini replica brick” and certificate to put on display at home. 
    The mini bricks to keep at home are a nice touch, and the design options include the choice of one of three different logos the park has used over the years, as well as a Wild Safari logo. HOWEVER… the final price is going to hit you with a bit of sticker shock. You have to follow the link to an outside company to design the brick, and only at the end are you presented with the price of $149.99. The bricks do turn out nice though, as Six Flags Fiesta Texas used the same group for their own memorial walkway a couple of years ago to celebrate that park’s 30th Anniversary.





icon_STOP2024 - The Flash: Vertical Velocity & Savannah Sunset Resort and Spa / Safari Off Road Adventure Returns, Log Flume Makeover - (5/31/2024) So what’s going on with the new Flash coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure? According to various reports the track is now fully installed as of this week, so the park is waiting to install the cars onto the track and for clearance to begin testing soon. Unfortunately, this will still take several more weeks, so you may not want to expect to see The Flash: Vertical Velocity ready to open until sometime in July at this point. Stay tuned!
    (5/27/2024) The local news has posted a preview video of the new Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa experience opening this summer at Six Flags Great Adventure on June 14th.
    (5/21/2024) Construction on The Flash: Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Great Adventure has picked up the pace based on the trip report video below. In fact, from the look of things, the track install actually looks to be getting very close to being complete.

    (3/21/2024) The new animation with some POV footage of The Flash: Vertical Velocity has been posted by Six Flags Great Adventure. Check it out below.

    (2/25/2024) Six Flags Great Adventure has announced that their new Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa “glamping” experience will be ready to open to guests starting on June 14th. Reservations are now being accepted on the resorts new official website page.
    (9/4/2023) While nothing was mentioned during the big Six Flags announcement day, guests to Six Flags Great Adventure have noticed a  new banner is up at the park’s Log Flume ride claiming that the ride is currently closed “as it undergoes a makeover for our 50th Anniversary” and will reopen in Summer 2024.
    Don’t look for this to be anything as dramatic as what is happening at Six Flags over Texas, but perhaps it will be more than just your typical off-season refurbishment as well. A little added themeing couldn’t hurt. Stay tuned!
    (8/31/2023) Six Flags Great Adventure has confirmed that the park’s Safari Off Road Adventure is returning in 2024. When COVID-19 struck and the theme park was closed for months, Six Flags was able to reopen the animal section under the former self drive-thru tour concept from the years before as the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure. While the self-driven animal attraction is still open now, I suspect this year will be the last for it once the large Safari Off Road Adventure trucks return to service in 2024, so be sure to get your last run through now while you can.
    Meanwhile Six Flags Great Adventure has also updated the details about the new Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa concept, which will be a Glamping style experience within the animal exhibit space. “Spend a night inside a custom luxury canvas tent that brings opulence to the open savannah. Relax and unwind at our state-of-the-art spa and experience find dining in the wild at our restaurant.” I suspect this will temporary set-up, but for those interested, you’ll want to book your stay for this one-of-a-kind experience when they are made available, because I have a feeling they will sell out quickly.

    (8/30/2023) Six Flags Great Adventure has announced two new additions for 2024: The Flash: Vertical Velocity and the Savannah Sunset Resort and Spa. The Flash: Vertical Velocity will indeed be a Vekoma Super Boomerang style roller coaster, the first-of-its-kind in North America, and feature a new train design inspired by The Flash’s speed suit.
    Currently the website announcement for the Savannah Sunset Resort and Spa page is incomplete, showing just the logo and text announcing “Spend the night inside a custom luxury canvas tent that brings opulence to the open savanna.” Meanwhile the rest of the text on the actual page is a copy of the text for the new roller coaster instead, but I imagine they’ll fix it before too long.

    (8/13/2023) Six Flags Great Adventure seems to be teasing something via an odd math problem on their social media: “4+50+48+15+24+10+436=”
   Oh boy, I knew those bad grades in my high school math class might bite me in the ass someday, but I figured that had more to do with always thinking that 42 was the ultimate answer to Life, The Universe and Everything! (Props to those fans who get that reference)
    Obviously basic addition isn’t going to solve this riddle., but some numbers do stand out with some potentially obvious meanings.
   50 = 2024 will be Six Flags Great Adventure’s 50th Anniversary
   48 = A very common height limit for many roller coasters
   15 = If this is a roller coaster, this would be the 15th roller coaster for the park.
   24 = Could be indicative of a lot of things, but 24 is also a very common number of seats on a roller coaster train if it has 6 cars.
    As for the rest… they’re more unknown and may have more to do with the ride itself, such as the number “4” could represent the number of launches, or the number of inversions. In similiar fashion, the number “10” could also represent the number of inversions, or seconds of weightlessness, or number of negative-G moments. “436” is a bit harder a number ot chew, because I double the park is building anything only 436 feet long, and definitely not 436 feet high. This begs the question… is 436 a metric measurement, which would 436 would translate into 1430.4 feet, which starts to feel more appropriate for a coaster’s length.
    As luck would have it, a new roller coaster design has been in the news this year that is actually advertised as being exactly 436 meters / 1430.4 feet in length. This would be the brand new Vekoma Super Boomerang, which also stands 52.5 meters tall, but height is always adjustable to a point, so that number could also sub in for the 50 or 48 in the equation. As a shuttle-coaster, it also delivers a total of 4 inversions (2 forwards, 2 backwards) and based on a POV video of the prototype that just opened in China under the name “Cloud Shuttle” it does appear to offer potentially 10 moments of negative-Gs. Oh, at Vekoma coaster trains routinely have a 48 inch height limits, and the prototype does have trains that seat 24 riders.
    This is all just guest work, and a lot of others have come to similar conclusions as well, most likely because when you google “436 meter coaster” the first three search entries that pop-up all point to articles about the new Vekoma Super Boomerang coaster design. So just a thought to keep in mind.




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