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icon_STOPPark News - (1/11/22) Unfortunate news has come from Six Flags Great America this week as it was reported that Park President, Hank Salemi, has passed away. Hank had served as the Park President for that park since 2006 and will be dearly missed.
    (10/27/21) Six Flags Great America has updated their Holiday in the Park page to now clarify their offerings this year. While the logo remains the same a lot of the text on the page referred to the event as “Holiday In The Park Lights”. The good news is that there will be a total of 10 rides open for the event, but only one coaster, the indoor Dark Knight Coaster. As for the remaining rides, the list includes the Justice League dark ride, Triple Play, The Lobster, Lady Bugs, Up Up & Away, Red Baron, Columbia Carousel,. Big Easy Balloons and Chubasco.
    (10/26/21) Six Flags Great America fans who are thinking about visiting for Holiday In The Park this year, be forewarned. There will be no roller coasters running at the event. According to the park’s website the coaster will all be in ‘hibernation’ for the winter holiday event.



    (10/19/21) A Screamscape reader sent in a couple of pictures taken this week of The Demon at Six Flags Great America. While we’ve been watching V2 get repainted in red and yellow tones, it looks like the paint and maintenance crews has also been spending some quality time over at The Demon, working on the station. According to the report, there is new fire going into the station over the trim, new black paint inside with stunning yellow and red trim, and the tunnel on the queue side has now been painted red instead of green. They’ve also added a bunch of fire themed accents throughout the station, as well as bright red station gates and more. You can check out the two pictures sent in for a taste.
    I know The Demon is a special ride to many enthusiasts, so it's great seeing it getting some love from Six Flags.
    (10/16/21) Flash Themed V2 Paint Job Nearly Finished
    (9/22/21) The Repainting of V2 Has Begun















icon_STOP2022 - The Flash - Rumor - (10/16/21) As you can see in the latest photos sent in to Screamscape, what we assume is intended to be a “Flash” themed repainting of V2: Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Great America is going swiftly. With most of the station, track and supports all now sporting the new Red / Yellow color scheme.
    (9/22/21) The repainting of V2 at Six Flags Great America has begun! One of our readers has sent in some new pictures from the park where you can see the new colors start to appear on the station and even the twisted spike.
    (9/12/21) Interesting news from Six Flags Great America today, as a guest to the park confirmed that Vertical Velocity is now listed as being closed for the rest of the season. The big logo for the ride has also been removed as well, but before you think they might remove the coaster, the sign out front teases a new idea entirely. According to the sign, “V2 is closed for the rest of the season… will be back in a flash in 2022”.
    The obvious hint they seem to be getting at is that Vertical Velocity  may be returning next season with a new name and theme, based around The Flash character from DC Comics. This wouldn’t be the first time Six Flags has done this, as V2 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was also re-branded as “The Flash: Vertical Velocity” in 2019 and repainted to have yellow supports and red track. This was also part of an area wide re-branding, as the nearby area also contains a lot of DC character related rides, so it was officially relabeled as the DC Universe area of the park.
    While I don’t know if a “DC Universe” is in the cards for Six Flags Great America, it is worth noting that Batman: The Ride and The Joker roller coasters are located fairly close to V2, so either way the rethemeing of the ride will make sense. The park will also get a little free marketing from the switch from Warner Bros, who will be promoting a Flash feature-film set currently to hit theaters in November 2022.




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