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Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks





Park News - (4/10/21) When Six Flags Great America opens to guests again on May 29th there will be one major change former guests will need to keep in mind. There will no longer be direct access into the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor waterpark from the theme park, and starting this year a separate ticket will need to be purchased to visit each of the two parks. I’ve kind of been anticipating this move to be made for a few years ago, as most of the full scale Six Flags owned waterparks have been run as separate gates for years now, such as the Hurricane Harbor waterparks located next to SF Magic Mountain and SF Great Adventure.
    Current prices to Six Flags Great America are set at $39.99 and tickets to the Hurricane Harbor waterpark are $24.99. It is worth mentioning that Six Flags Passholders and Members will continue to have access to the water park included with their passes, with season passes starting at just $59.99, which is already cheaper than buying two separate one-day passes.
    (2/21/21) According to the local news Six Flags Great America has begun their efforts to hire staff for the park and is now planning to reopen the park to guests to the theme park at long last on April 24, with the connected Hurricane Harbor waterpark and not too distant Hurricane Harbor Rockford waterpark planning to open on May 29. Reservations will be required as well as a temperature check before entry is allowed, and social distancing and wearing face masks will be required while in the park.
    (11/12/20) Last week it was mentioned that the Six Flags corporate office planned on removing 15 rides from the chain of parks over the winter break. These would be rides identified as having maintenance issues, or rides with low guest satisfaction scores that also have very high maintenance costs, and so on. With 15 rides to be retired, this works out possibly being one ride from every park, though the breakdown may not work that way.
    Thus far the most suggested ride that Six Flags Great America might retire over the winter could be the Yankee Clipper. The old flume ride is one of the oldest rides in the park that not only takes up a good amount of space, but likely has high maintenance costs due to its age. We’ve also been told that it isn’t uncommon for the ride to sit closed for long periods of time each season, which makes it a good candidate for removal.


icon_STOP2021 - Tsunami Surge - (5/30/21) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Chicago has now opened their new Tsunami Surge water-coaster slide. You can get a look at it in action on our Facebook page.
    (7/23/20) Six Flags Great America has now confirmed that the new Tsunami Surge water coaster intended for the 2020 season will now not open until 2021.
    (3/24/20) New renderings of the Tsunami Surge slide coming to Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Great America can be seen here and here. If this water-jet coaster slide layout looks a little familiar, it should, because it appears to be a mirror-clone of MASSIV, the slide that opened at Schlitterbahn Galveston back in 2016. Well… almost a clone, as Tsunami Surge will take the record away from MASSIV to be the world’s tallest water coaster by increasing the height of the slide from 81 to 86 feet. You can catch a POV video of MASSIV below for a good refernece of what the experience will be like.
    Of course, MASSIV doesn’t have the AquaLucent effects in the tunnels that Tsunami Surge will have. Oh… and I guess you can ignore all the incorrect images Six Flags has posted on the website that heavily feature those big saucer shaped hairpin turns, because you wont find a single one on Tsunami Surge.

    (8/29/19) For 2020 Six Flags Great America will add the ‘World’s Tallest Water Coaster’ to their Hurricane Harbor waterpark. The new slide will be called Tsunami Surge and will stand 86 feet tall and use water jets to propel guests on a raft through a 950 foot long slide with tunnel sections at speeds up to 28mph. There will be three uphill blast sections, five hairpin turns, five drops and for the first time at any Six Flags park, they say that this new slide will feature “Aqualucent” visual effects in the slides to create “mind-blowing bursts of colors and dreamlike patterns”. Look for Tsunami Surge to be built in the Riptide Bay section of the waterpark.




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Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks

Tickets: as of 4/13/18
Adults: $75.99
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Ages 2 & Under Free
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