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Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks





icon_STOPPark News - (12/14/2022) According to the local news a maintenance building at Six Flags Great America caught fire sometime on Monday evening. The local fire department was called in once it was spotted and were able to quickly put out the blaze, with the building said to have only suffered from minor damage, and no injuries reported.  So far the cause of the fire has not been reported.
    (8/18/22) We reported it on Screamscape social media at the time as I was out of town, but a shooting took place in front of Six Flags Great America at night over the weekend. According to the report, a car drove through the parking lot to the main gate and opened fire and quickly speed off. It is thought that this shooting was after a specific target. Panic ensued inside the theme park however as the initial thought was that an active shooter may have somehow gotten inside the park, but that was not the case.


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Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks

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