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Mexico City, Mexico (Abbreviation: SFM)
Formerly: Reino Aventura
Six Flags Theme Parks






Park News
- (5/27/2024) There has been some fuss over the fact that starting in late June, Six Flags over Texas will close the entire park each week on Tuesdays for the entire Summer. This is a bit of a surprise to the local market, as this is also the original Six Flags theme park that started the chain. Naturally guests in other markers have been concerned about their own parks making similar changed to their operational schedules.
    Going through the posted calendars for all the parks on the Six Flags website, I’ve only been able to find the following items of interest.
    Six Flags Mexico is closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from now through to July 10, and following that the park is closed every Monday through to the last week of August when they appear to move to mainly weekend ops.


2024 - Nothing is known at this time...


icon_STOP2025 - New Roller Coaster - Rumor - (7/5/2024) A better image of the covered up track at Six Flags Mexico has been posted to Reddit this week, which appears to possibly be taken by someone who chose to quickly fly a drone over the parking lot for an aerial view. This unique view has confirmed that the steel covered up is indeed red Vekoma style roller coaster track.
    There is some speculation that this could be another example of Six Flags picking up a canceled ride contract on the cheap-side for a project meant for another park. While this could be possible, the rumor along those lines was that this might be the once proposed Tilt Coaster meant for Energylandia that was officially canceled about a year ago.
    I’m not so sure about that, as the long delayed Tilt coaster for Energylandia was said to have never been built because it was going to use some kind of new / prototype lift and tilt system. Because of that, I don’t think I ever heard that Vekoma had built any track for it. On the chance that they had built track, I suppose the layout could be repurposed to use a standard Vekoma Tilt Coaster style drop system, but I do find it curious that if this was a Vekoma Tilt Coaster of any kind, that Six Flags would send their first one to Six Flags Mexico instead of one of their more high profile parks.
    Six Flags normal business practice would typically build something like this at their US parks once or twice first, before purchasing a copy for Six Flags Mexico. In this case, the fact of the matter is that Six Flags already has their first Vekoma Tilt Coaster under construction in Saudia Arabia at Six Flags Qiddiya as “Iron Rattler”. The construction photos from the park have already confirmed that this is also a standard Vekoma Tilt Coaster system built for Qiddiya. As this would technically be the first Tilt Coaster under the Six Flags brand, I’m thinking they might not build another one in Mexico that might open before Qiddiya.
    Again, I’m not saying this is impossible, as building this in Mexico might actually be a loop-hole in whatever contract they have with Saudia Arabia for the ride selection in Qiddiya. For the time being however, I’m leaning more on this possibly being a copy of the Flash: Vertical Velocity coaster under construction at Six Flags Great Adventure.
[Six Flags Mexico] Red Vekoma track spotted!
byu/LinkSwitch23 inrollercoasters

    (7/1/2024) A YouTube update from CoasterWorldMX features some interesting images captured at Six Flags Mexico this week. While this includes some construction set up around the park to prepare for the park’s Festival del Terror (aka: Fright Fest), perhaps the most interesting item they caught on camera is what appears to possibly be new ride pieces in a lot, covered by a tarp. Jump the video forward to the 5:06 timestamp and you’ll see what appears to be several large sections of curved roller coaster track under a tarp in the lot, with some red sections poking out on the right side of the image.
    The video itself is in Spanish and it goes on to show some B&M Dive Machine images, so I’m thinking they are wondering if this is what is in store for the park. It’s hard to tell much from this far away, but despite the somewhat squared off shape in the front of the tarp, I don’t think this is a B&M roller coaster at this time. I’d need to see a little more before I could fully rule that out, but I also don’t think anyone has spotted any red B&M track being fabricated at the track in Ohio. (correct me if I’m wrong...)
    However, my own first thought was wondering if this could possibly be an RMC Raptor style coaster, sort of like Wonder Woman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Magic Mountain. Of course, another item to consider is that Six Flags has been working with Vekoma this year, so what if this might be something more like Flash: Vertical Velocity going into Six Flags Great Adventure.
    Of course, this could be something entirely new as well that we’ve never seen before, but if you are a Six Flags Mexico guest, keep your eyes open for future signs of construction for this project. Regardless, it’s time to get excited for 2025, because something big is on the way!




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