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Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks





icon_STOPPark News - (9/6/22) Six Flags New England has confirmed that the park will host a family-friendly Oktoberfest festival at the park on select days from Sept. 17 through Oct. 30th featuring special food, music and a large collection of craft lagers and beers from around the world.
    That said… Six Flags New England has also confirmed that the park will not be hosting a Holiday in the Park winter event this year, but will instead extend Fright Fest through to Nov. 5th.
    (6/26/22) If you visited Six Flags New England this weekend you may have stumbled upon something a little odd. Just for this week, Six Flags New England has renamed the park’s New England SkyScreamer ride as the “Golden State SkyScreamer”. This was done as the fallout from a friendly wager between Six Flags New England and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom over the outcome of the NBA Championship, which was won by the Golden State Warriors.
    Had the Boston Celtics won the Championship Six Flags Discovery Kingdom would have had to rename their version of the ride as the Celtics SkyScreamer.

    (3/19/22) Six Flags New England will open for the 2022 season and feature a number of improvements to the guest experience this season. This includes new food options, two new bars (Metro Pub and Storm Bar), much needed additions for guest seating throughout the park and an increase in shaded areas and a streamlined entry experience into the park. Like we’ve been hearing about from other Six Flags parks, SFNE will also add new Single Rider Lines to Batman: The Dark Knight, Harley Quinn Spinsanity, Supergirl Sky Flyer and a few other attractions.
    (2/4/22) Confirming what we had heard long ago about Goliath at Six Flags New England, a picture of the cut up pieces of the park’s former roller coaster surfaced on social media earlier today.

    (11/26/21) According to a Screamscape source, the Fireball ride at Six Flags New England has now been removed. As I sort of expected, the damage sustained from the tree falling onto during the storm over the summer is thought to have effectively had it declared as a total loss. That said… there is the rumor that not only might it be replaced with a new version by Summer 2022, the new version might actually be bigger.
    While I can’t confirm the part about it being bigger, the fact that Fireball is still listed as a park attraction on the website, but just noted to be “Closed for the Season”, does seem to indicate an intention to bring it back in some form or another for 2022.
    (11/15/21) From what I’m hearing the Fireball ride at Six Flags New England is being removed. This isn’t too much of a surprise, as we saw how a large tree landed on the ride over the summer when a freak storm blew across the park. However, the park’s website simply just has it listed as closed, and it is always possible that they couild be removing the existing ride in order to replace it with a new one. Stay tuned!
    (11/9/21) Much like its sister park in New Jersey, Six Flags New England will be offering both an indoor park Holiday in the Park Lights event this holiday season, in addition to a Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience. Each will operate only on select dates, but for the most part the Drive-Thru event appears to run on weeknights while the in park event with rides and such will be offered on the weekends. Visit the official site for details.
    (11/2/21) According to photos posted on Facebook, it looks like the start of demolition may have just begun for Goliath at Six Flags New England.

    (7/3/21) It’s been a rough week for Six Flags New England, as the park was hammered by a nasty storm earlier this week that caused some in park flooding, as well as dropping a few trees. In fact, a couple of trees actually fell right onto the park’s Fireball ride, so I’d expect that to be out of action for quite awhile, if not the rest of the season.
    The park was closed for the days that followed to conduct some much needed cleanup, which is understandable, as the fury of that storm looked like a hurricane was hitting, and I’ve seen the cleanup needed in Florida when that happens. The good news is that the park will be up and running once again this weekend for the Independence Day / July 4th holiday celebrations.

    (5/24/21) I think I missed this tid-bit before, but Six Flags New England’s troubles with Goliath (Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang) are not only not yet over, but the park’s website is also confirming that Goliath will not open at all for the 2021 season.  Six Flags had a long history of troubles with these coasters, having bought the first three off the assembly line and marketing them as Deja Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain, SF over Georgia and SF Great America back in 2001.
    The SFOG and SFGA were both sold by the chain, with the Georgia ride shipped off to Brazil where it never reopened, and the other sent to Silverwood, Idaho where that parks seems to have tamed the beast and it runs with regularity. The Magic Mountain version ran at that park for 10 years (and with far more regularity than the other two) before the corporate office decided this one was a keeper and shipped it off to Six Flags New England in 2012, renaming it Goliath. The troubles returned and as I recall Goliath sat dormant for the 2013 season while Six Flags opted to hire Premier RIdes to build an entirely new 4-across seating train design for it. Unfortunately this failed to make the ride any more reliable, brining us to today’s situation.
    Given what we’ve seen happen at other parks this year, and knowing that Six Flags is looking to remove any costly and troublesome attractions from the chain, I would think that there is a chance that the company may be considering the possible retirement of the Goliath all together. While there have been no rumors of the chain quietly shopping it around on the used-ride market, I would not be surprised if they were not at least looking into the possibility at this point.
    If you want one more piece of evidence that Goliath’s days at Six Flags New England are likely over, take a look at the new 2021 season park map on the website you’ll notice that the company has taken the time erase Goliath entirely from the current park map, leaving a big empty green space where the coaster is located.


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Six Flags New England
Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks

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Abbreviation: SFNE
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