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Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks





icon_STOPPark News - (5/11/2024) A limited time new addition will open at Six Flags New England today inside the Rockville Theater that will thrill train enthusiasts. It’s called the Rockville Train Show, presented by the Amherst Railway Society, which will allow guests to “explore the world of Model Trains”. The limited time attraction will be open at the park on weekends and some weekdays from 1pm to 7pm, now through July 28, 2024.
    (3/3/2024) A reader sent in a pair of photos taken with a telephone lens while flying near Six Flags New England this week. One shows off that the park is now taking down the Kontiki flat ride, while the other shows off a fairly empty Scrambler pad, while the ride is being refurbished.

    (2/25/2024) On top of the closed Bonzai Pipleine waterslide, Screamscape is now hearing that the park is also removing the Kontiki flat ride, which I believe was a Chance Alpine Bobs ride. Kontiki has already been removed from the list of rides on the official website.
    (8/19/2023) According to a post on Facebook, Six Flags New England will be removing the park’s Bonzai Pipelines and apparently has no plans to replace it with anything yet. Previously this year it was noticed that the slides were no longer listed on the official website, and have never opened for the season, despite only being 10 years old. No word has been given as to why the Bonzai Pipelines may be removed from the park, though based on the actions of other parks elsewhere, sometimes slides are removed unexpected following guest lawsuits.

    (3/13/2023) In a post by Coaster Chit Chat, a number of enhancements are coming to Six Flags New England this season, in addition to the previously announced Dino Off Road Adventure. A number of food and beverage improvements are coming including a Yamas! Greek Cruise, Pink Elephant Wine & Kid Slushies, a new Dino themed food stand, the arrival of some fun food trucks with changing menus to be run by the park and more. They also confirmed that the Bonzai Pipelines slides will remain closed for the 2023 season for some reason. I don’t know if the plan is for removal, or if there is some other issue to address.


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Six Flags New England
Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks

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