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icon_STOPPark News - (9/23/21) The Good and The Bad About Riddler Mindbender
    (9/4/21) The Riddler Mindbender Opening Now Set
    (5/22/21) Sorry folks… it looks like two more attractions are now in the process of being removed from Six Flags over Georgia.  While Splashwater Falls (Shoot the Chutes) has been sitting unused for the past few seasons, a new post from Metro Atlanta Coaster Club confirms that Splashwater Falls is now being removed along with the “Bugs Bunny High Seas Adventure” family swing ride.
    (3/7/21) We now know what ride Six Flags chose to retire from Six Flags over Georgia. Based on a post sent my way from a fan group for VonRoll Skyrides, it was stated that the Sky Buckets that used to travel across the park, from a station near Pandemonium over to the other side of the park near Acrophobia, is now no more. I would actually be surprised if they have demolished anything at all, so I’m sure the ride stations and many support towers will be left standing until they are ready to remove them. The only sign of the Sky Buckets still on the park’s website is on the park map page, which is actually still the park map from 2019 that lists Pandemoniun as being “NEW” and no sign of last year’s additions: Catwoman Whip and Poison Ivy Toxic Twist.
    A video showing off the Sky Buckets from 2018 can be found below, updated to list it as having an operational history from 1968-2020 and is now “DEFUNCT”. It was also pointed out that with the closure of the Sky Buckets at SFOG, the last Six Flags park to still have a VonRoll Skyride is now the unique double-line one at Six Flags Great Adventure. Don’t be surprised if you spot some cabins or other hardware from this ride show up in New Jersey over the next year.



icon_STOP2021 - The RIDDLER Mindbender - (9/23/21) Screamscape has been sent a few brief reviews of the new Riddler Mindbender at Six Flags over Georgia, formerly known just as Mindbender. The early word is that the new trains track pretty well along the course, and provide a nice smooth ride, which is good. I’ve also heard they are a bit more roomy as well, which is also good. 
    On the bad side… the restraint system now includes a unnecessary seat-belt that slows down loading, and is said to be tighter than it should be. Larger riders be warned, while you may have not had a problem fitting into Mindbender before, and may still fit in the new lapbar system, the seat-belt here may cause some issues. The most common complaint about the new ride experience is that both sets of trim brakes on the ride are now turned up very high, and even bring the train to a complete stop in mid-ride at one point, which essentially kills the sensation of high speed that the ride used to have going through the second half of the layout.
    Keep in mind that the ride just opened, and could still be going through some adjustments, so things may change. As the ride was also designed to only run two trains, the extra braking may be a result of the addition of the third train to create a new blocking system. If so, if and when the park opts to run just two trains at a time again, perhaps the excessive braking may also be reduced, or dropped entirely. Just something to think about long-term, but in the short term maybe the park can do something about those short seat-belts.
    (9/21/21) Enjoy a video posted by the local news as they learn all about the newly reopened Riddler Mindbender at Six Flags over Georgia. Gotta love the all on-ride interview. Check it out below.

    (9/4/21) Six Flags over Georgia has confirmed that The Riddler Mindbender will open to the public on Saturday, September 18th! A few sessions of preview rides for Six Flags Members and Passholders took place Friday night and Saturday morning. I don’t know if there will be any more after that. If you were able to ride during one of the previews, please let us know how it was.

    (9/1/21) Is it finally time for The Riddler Mindbender to open? I think Six Flags over Georgia dropped a hint in that direction a few hours ago when they simply posted a picture of a giant green square. Riddler’s Green, if you catch my drift. So Riddle me this Batman? Could the coaster finally be ready to open for Labor Day Weekend? If not this weekend, then maybe for Fright Fest at the very least.

    (7/12/21) A better video showing off the same half-built trains testing on The Riddler Mindbender can be seen below. According to another post the new trains will indeed be 5 cars long, just like the ones on Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The old Mindbender had two trains, each 7-cars long, but apparently the new version of the ride will feature three trains, each only 5 cars long. I don’t know if they will be able to run all three trains at once or not however, given the old blocking system was only designed for two.

    (7/10/21) With July 4th now behind us, we’ve reached the second half of the Summer season but Six Flags over Georgia has been keeping very quiet about the opening of The Riddler Mindbender thus far. While we await any official word from the park, a reader did forward a private video to me showing off one of the brand new trains making a test run around the track this week.
    The video was shot outside the park fence by the back-half of the ride, and unfortunately at a little bit of a distance so you really can’t make out too many details, other than to confirm that this is definitely a new train making a test run. On the downside, it doesn’t appear that all of the train was put together yet. It’s hard to make out, but the train looked like it was mostly just the chassis making the run with just the rear set of seats in place with a blue side-panel piece, but the rest of the five-car train was wide open, including no decor piece for the lead car to cover up the front wheels.
    While i can’t share the video, as I don’t have permission to share, what I saw running the tracks looked similar to the new trains created for the new Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I found a picture taken by CoasterForce (see here) that shows one of the Revolution trains missing the lead car cover. If you removed the front row of seats from every car on the train, then this is essentially what the video captured making the run on the Mindbender tracks.
    While the train visually seemed to run well and had no issues making the run around the course, the fact that they aren’t running a fully assembled train just yet makes it seem like we may have several more weeks of test and adjust ahead of us before they get close to opening The Riddler Mindbender.
    (3/2/21) Six Flags over Georgia has confirmed that the park will open for the 2021 season on Saturday, March 6, 2021. “We can’t wait to welcome our guests back to Six Flags Over Georgia for our 54th year. This season will feature the re-introduction of one of our many world-class rides, THE RIDDLER Mindbender, in the new Gotham City section,” said Park President Dale Kaetzel. “We look forward to delivering thrills and memories for guests of all ages in a safe, outdoor environment.”
    Speaking of “The Riddler Mindbender”… don’t look for it to be ready on opening day. According to the press release The RIDDLER Mindbender “opens in the Spring” and “complete the reimaged GOTHAM CITY” area of the park. On another positive note, look for the Summer 2021 season at Six Flags over Georgia to finally last through to Labor Day, with the park adding 17 additional operating days to their calendar in August through to Labor Day in September. Previously the park would always go to weekend operations in early August due to the early start of the school season in the region.
    (2/27/21) A press release from Six Flags confirms that when The Riddler Mindbender opens in the spring it will indeed feature “new roller coaster trains” with a sleek new look. I can’t wait to see what they look like, or if they could be similar to the one’s built for Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Revolution a few years ago.
    (1/25/21) Mindbender at Six Flags over Georgia is getting ready to return in glorious form at Riddler Mindbender for the 2021 season. The classic Schwarzkopf coaster has been getting a lot of tender loving care over the past year as it has remained closed for refurbishment. Entire sections of track appear to have been replaced, while the rest of the coaster has been getting a fresh new paint job in a stunning but deep Riddler appropriate green color.
    We’ve been sent a couple of aerial photos overlooking the site taken this week where you can see some of the unpainted new track sections in place on the coaster, while other areas shine from the fresh new paint. (Photo credit: Nyck Henderson).
    One thing we haven’t heard much about was the idea of replacing the original Mindbender trains with all new trains. Previously one of the train’s from Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain was spotted at the park in 2020, presumably for testing on Mindbender. We don’t know if they decided to go through with that plan or keep and refurbish the existing trains instead.


    (1/13/21) I haven’t seen any pictures yet, but Screamscape sources tell us that there are now new unpainted sections of coaster track sitting in the Six Flags over Georgia parking lot for the Mindbender refurbishment project.
    (8/15/20) Is Premier Rides making all new coaster trains for The Riddler Mindbender for 2021? I think they could be, according to a new press release from the company.
    (7/23/20) A reader sent in some new pictures from Six Flags over Georgia taken this week showing off some of the extensive track work taking place on the Mindbender, which will return in 2021 as The Riddler Mindbender. They also included quick pics of this year’s two new rides in the Gotham City area which are now open.




    (6/10/20) There is an interesting note that “Mindbender will debut in 2021”, which seems to indicate that they never finished the extensive rehab that was started over the winter on the old Mindbender coaster. “Debut” is kind of a strong word for a coaster that has been around since 1978 as “Mind Bender”, but the long standing rumor was that the rehab would also involve a small identify change to include a clear tie to the Riddler villain character, which has been silently done to the queue and added question-mark theming to the trains for years anyway. An earlier version of the park’s website also briefly changed the name of the coaster to ‘THE RIDDLER Mindbender”, so this may still be in the works anyway.
    All new trains could also be added to the ride, as Six Flags Magic Mountain sent one of their new trains from their New Revolution to the Georgia park, which was spotted on site in photos posted back in December. Either way, it looks like we now know what the park is planning for next year already.
    (2/25/20) A reader passed by Six Flags over Georgia earlier today and managed to grab a photo of some track work being done to the Mindbender.

    (2/7/20) Screamscape sources tell us that some kind of rehab or repair is being done to the Mindbender at Six Flags over Georgia. Portions of the coaster’s track have been removed by cranes and placed in the parking lot and a collection of large brown boxes have arrived on site as well.
    I’m not sure which sections of track have been removed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled out some of the track sections that have gone underwater when the area floods around the second loop.
    (12/3/19) Special thanks to a reader for sending in a very interesting photo they took at Six Flags over Georgia this week. Pieces of a new coaster train were spotted on site near the lift hill and first drop of Mindbender that looked a little familiar. It seems Six Flags Magic Mountain sent one of their New Revolution trains to Georgia, which we can only assume will be used for testing purposes on Mindbender.
    This likely means that the current crop of trains may be in need of replacement, sooner than later. This makes me wonder about the status of the trains on Shockwave at Six Flags over Texas, as both coasters opened in 1978.
(Photo Credit - Will Thomas)



icon_STOP2022 - Python Plunge at Six Flags White Water - (5/31/21) I’m told that the new Python Plunge attraction for the Six Flags White Water park has now been pushed back to 2022. Apparently no real construction work was done on having this already delayed 2020 attraction ready for the 2021 season, so now we’re looking at 2022.




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