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icon_STOPPark News - (6/26/22) A quick word of warning, Six Flags over Texas is reporting that Mr. Freeze is closed again. Hopefully this is just temporary, but apparently Mr Freeze suffered a “valley” earlier this week. For those not quite up to speed with coaster-lingo, a “Valley” is when the coaster train fails to maintain the required speed needed to complete the layout and once unable to make it over one of the hills, the train will eventually settle in a the bottom “valley” section of track. Barring any problems with the wheels or train, and if the event was simply caused by bad winds or a failed launch, the trains can either be winched up to the top of the nearest hill and released to complete the course, but in some cases the trains have to be disassembled and physically removed from the track by cranes one car at a time, and then reassembled in the maintenance bay.
    Now despite what some other news reports want you to think, this is a normal part of roller coaster operations. Certain roller coaster designs are known to “valley” from time to time, especially those involving launch technology, and even more so for ‘shuttle’ style designs that require the roller coaster train to travel forward and then backwards along the same track layout. Maintaining proper speed is critical for any roller coaster, and any number of internal or external factors could cause a train to lose speed at any given moment, including a simple big gust of wind from just the right direction. For you long-time Six Flags over Texas fans, I’m sure you can recall more than a few times that the park’s retired Flashback coaster suffered from the same issues over the years.
    In other news, we’ve got more info and pictures of Aquaman Power Wave to check out.

    (6/19/22) Good news from Six Flags over Texas this weekend, as I’ve been told that Titan has reopened at long last. As the park’s tallest roller coaster, this is very good news, as I believe Titan has been sitting closed since the later half of the 2021 season after blowing out the lift hill chain.
    (5/30/22) Amusement Today describes the launching of some new live entertainment offerings inside Six Flags Over Texas now that the summer season has arrived. Along with this the p ark is said to have reopened the Roaring Rapids as of this weekend, has a new Six Flags Roller Coaster Coffee shop for coffee and sweet items, and of course the new Pirates of Speelunker Cave dark ride.
    Guests are still waiting for the launch of the all new Aquaman: Power Wave ride set to open sometime later in the Summer season. Let us hope this is sooner than later, as guests could use another way to cool off under the hot Texas sun.
    (5/14/22) Pirates of Speelunker Cave Opens and POV Video
    (4/12/22) Six Flags over Texas had a heck of a weekend, resulting with some unpleasant news headlines after an incident took place at Mr. Freeze resulting in an employee and six guests being treated for smoke inhalation. Around 6:30pm in the evening smoke began to fill up in the station, caused by “an electrical malfunction”. From the sound of things, this may have been coming from Mr. Freeze’s launch tunnel. The source of the smoke/fire was quickly put out by park staff, but I’m hearing that Mr. Freeze will be closed for a bit while they determined what happened and determine a course of action.
    If that wasn’t enough, apparently a second small fire broke out in the park sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning at the construction site for the new Speelunker ride. Fortunately I’m told on-site crews spotted the fire in the outside queue area quickly and put it out before it could cause major damage. The good news is that we’ve finally heard some good news about the status of the new Pirates of Speelunker Cave attraction, who reported that the ride is nearly finished and is expected to open as early as Memorial Day weekend if possible.
    No word on Aquaman however, as the ride is still in a very unfinished state. There is a very short period of time between now and the start of summer, just when guests are really going to want to enjoy a nice water ride due to the Texas heat… and it just doesn’t look like they are going to have it ready for quite some time.
    Long before the fires however, a bunch of reports were sent into Screamscape about some drastic operational changes taking place in the park. For whatever reason, select park pathways have been closed off, with more expected to be closed soon, that were determined to be “low traffic” areas. There are signs on the walls blocking-off the paths saying they are working on future improvement projects here, but unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. Instead these low-traffic areas are being closed and everything within (merchandise, restaurants and even some rides) so that the park doesn’t have to staff them. Already the Rodeo is closed as that pathway has been closed, and I’m hearing that other paths could close next. Other things in the park already closed include Casa Magnetica, the Chop Six restaurant and all nearby retail. I’ve also heard that the park has closed the picnic areas in the parking lot as a way to encourage more in-park dining and less tailgating.
    Speaking of trying to increase guest spending, remember all those new Single Rider lines the park was promoting? Apparently Six Flags over Texas has closed every single one of them, as they were biting into the park’s Flash Pass sales. Please note, the action of removing the new Single Rider lines here is not a corporate wide agenda, and so far the Single Rider lines at other parks will remain.
    So where does this leave Six Flags over Texas? In a bit of a difficult spot now due to some other issues. I’m hearing that the park’s Joker coaster may be closed for a time, and possibly all the S&S Free Spins at the other Six Flags parks, due to an unknown incident at the New Jersey park. Mr. Freeze is down, Titan is still down (waiting on a new lift hill chain), Sidewinder closed (because the path to Titan is blocked), Judge Roy Scream down for re-tracking, Roaring Rapids closed (now a summer only attraction), Rodeo closed due to pathway closure, Casa Magnetica closed, Harley Quinn may be closed along with Joker, Aquaman not finished…
    Well, it does sound like there is a lot to be desired about the current operational state of things at Six Flags over Texas. Let’s hope they can pull themselves together sooner than later, because Summer is Coming….
    (3/17/22) After reopening Casa Magnetica in 2021 Six Flags confirmed on their Instagram that the attraction will be closing again at the end of Spring Break. The good news is that they do say it will reopen again to guests in the fall.

    (3/13/22) A reader reports that they noticed several new “Single Rider” lines in use at Six Flags over Texas during this visit this weekend. Previously they claimed to only see them on Pandemonium, La Vibora, Superman: Tower of Power and Joker, but new lines were noticed now in place on New Texas Giant, Runaway Mountain and Batman: The Ride. This may be an indication of a future change initiative from the corporate office, as a slew of new Single Rider Lines were also announced to be coming to Six Flags Great Adventure in a list of upcoming park improvements there as well.
    (3/12/22) You may recall seeing that Six Flags Fiesta Texas added a new way to ride their SkyScreamer tower ride in a harness able to hold you in a lying-down posture. The experience was offered as a free option and done in a promotion with the “Go Big Show”.
    The good news is that Six Flags over Texas is now adding this new extreme flying experience to their own Texas SkyScreamer tower. The bad news is that at Six Flags over Texas there will be an upcharge to try out this limited-time experience being offered throughout Spring Break. Unfortunately while the Six Flags website does confirm that this experience comes with an additional fee, they aren't posting how much that fee is, so the price may be in flux until they determine how much demand there is.









icon_STOP2022 - Aquaman: Power Wave - (6/26/22) For those wondering about the state of things with Aquaman Power Wave, an anonymous reader sent in a couple pictures taken a couple weeks ago. These at least paint a better picture of things, as the ride does look closer to opening than we previously had thought. Don’t get me wrong, this looks like it would still need anywhere from 4-8 weeks to complete and test the ride to be ready for opening. Best case, if they seriously put the work in (not easy to do under the hot Texas sun) I think it could be ready to open sometime in August, but as I said before, there isn’t going to be enough “summer” left for the park to reap the benefits of any kind of promotional effort they put forth to announce the opening.
    While there is a whole new corporate structure running things now it’s hard to say what will happen, though historically it always seems like Six Flags would made their final decisions on what their plans for the next season are based on how their various park’s perform up through the July 4th holiday. This is designed to give them a feel as to how the rest of the summer season will turn out in order to predict their future performance trends and needs.
    I’m not sure how attendance has been this year at Six Flags over Texas thus far, as the park has had a bit of a rough year so far with extended closures of several major attractions, some for maintenance and others said to be closed due to staffing issues on select weekdays. On the bright side the park did open the new Pirates of Speelunker Cave dark ride, so it isn’t as if the park has been without anything new this season. But Aquaman has been a very visible “issue” to address since 2020.
    (6/25/22) We’ve got some possible bad news for you Six Flags over Texas fans… would you believe that the new Aquaman Power Wave ride may be delayed again?  While the park’s website still has it listed as “Coming in 2022”, those who have visited the park so far this season know that the attraction still has several weeks worth of work to be done before it would be able to open.
    With the July 4th holiday weekend starting next weekend, I’m told that the re-evaluation of the project timeline has determined that essentially there isn’t enough “summer” left to open Aquaman and get a proper return on investment for any promotions they put towards it. Since they don’t want to open a water ride in the fall or cooler winter months, it sounds like there is talk about holding off opening of Aquaman until the 2023 season. Of course, they could still opt to soft-open Aquaman later this year and just hold off the grand opening promotion and celebrations until early 2023. With the sequel film now set to hit theaters on March 17, 2023, holding off their own grand opening until this same time period would be a very ‘Six Flags’ thing to do based on past practices, allowing them to take advantage of the nationwide free promotion of the film.
    (8/8/21) Good news, a reader sent in a picture from the Aquaman construction site where you can see that the old station track section has now been removed to make way for the new turn-table loading station.
(1/10/21) Six Flags over Texas released some official information yesterday at a special ACE Winterfest event at the park, confirming that the delay of Aquaman: Power Wave to 2022 will indeed see the addition of a second boat and a turntable loading station for increased capacity.
    (1/9/21) While Six Flags over Texas has not said much officially about why AQUAMAN: Power Wave has been delayed until 2022, a reader did send a tweet my way that they posted, responding to a fan complaint about the issue that says, “our team is working to create the biggest and best water coaster experience for our guests. Stay tuned for more details!” So while nothing is promised, perhaps this is a hint that some of the rumored changes or upgrades to the ride hardware may be in the works after all, such as the desired turntable loading station.
    Another thing that I’ll mention now is that when you click on the ride listing on the website to see more details, the official site clearly says that AQUAMAN “Goes upside down”. I’ve since ignored bringing this up in the past, as this is clearly an error on the Six Flags over Texas website, as EVERY attraction on the page also says it goes Upside Down currently. So the site is in dire need of fixing.
    (12/13/20) Sorry Six Flags over Texas fans, it seems you are going to have to wait a lot longer before you can ride the new Aquaman: Power Wave ride. Despite the fact that all of the ride’s track sections were already fully assembled by Summer 2020, Six Flags website now states that Aquaman: Power Wave is now “Coming in 2022”.
    This also has me a bit concerned about the state of all the other attractions that Six Flags previously announced as being on the way for 2020 before COVID-19 struck the global landscape. While a handful did manage to open, many others went through their construction paces over 2020 towards what we assumed was going to be an opening in 2021. But if a ride like Aquaman that is nearly complete is  being delayed until 2022, I do have to wonder about what new rides may open in 2021 at all across the chain. And I’m just talking about rides where construction had started, and not about some of the rides announced for 2020 that never even started construction that could possibly be canceled entirely.
    So at this point, best to stay cautious about what new attractions may be coming to all the Six Flags parks in 2021 because our ride on the COVID train isn’t over yet. There is a possible bit of good news that could come from this, as one possible rumor about the extra delay for Aquaman may be that Six Flags is addressing one of the big concerns over the concept in terms of capacity. The original Power Splash ride concept from Mack Rides that opened as Pulsar in Europe featured a unique turntable system in the loading station that would allow for two-vehcile operation. While one vehicle was on the track, the second was attached to a turnable which spun it around into a side-area for loading/unloading, thus allowing for the second car to be loaded and launched on the track as soon as the first arrived back to the turntable section.
    When Aquaman was announced as coming, but without the turntable and only one vehicle capacity, many questioned why this feature was cut from the attraction, as surely Aquaman was destined to be a popular addition to the park, especially in those months under the hot Texas sun. We can only hope that perhaps Six Flags saw the light and will seek to correct this misstep by 2022.

    (7/31/20) A reader sent in some new pictures of Aquaman at Six Flags over Texas. As you can see the ride’s structure and main hardware is complete, but they still have to install the station and complete the splashdown pool area.
    (7/23/20) Six Flags over Texas has revamped their Aquaman Power Wave page and animation to now confirm that the ride will now open in 2021.
    (6/21/20) Six Flags over Texas is now open again and thanks to the tweet below we get our first good look at the status of Aquaman. While it appears that all the ride track and major hardware is installed, construction was reported to have looked like it had all stopped, and no further work was taking place to finish the area around the ride, no concrete pours, and no station or other theming to be found.
    As previously reported, Six Flags had essentially removed all information about the previously announced ‘New for 2020’ attractions from all of their park websites during the mandatory shutdown and announced that some of these attractions would be delayed until 2021. While construction work is active on some new rides, such as DareDevil Dive at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, but no work is taking place here, there is a good chance that the opening of Aquaman could possibly be delayed until 2021. Add in the fact that this is a water attraction that will mostly appeal to guests during the hot summer months. With at least a month or so of solid work left to go to finish it, including the likely need to get reps from Mack Rides in Germany into the country to certify and sign off on the ride, the likelyhood of Aquaman opening in 2020 may be very slim at this point as the summer window closes.

    (8/29/19) Just as rumored, Aquaman is coming back to Six Flags over Texas, but in a new and improved form, using the Mack Power Splash ride system to bring the hero to life again, bigger, better and faster! I believe this will be the first such version of this new ride concept to open in North America, combining the best elements of a magnetic launch shuttle coaster experience with the experience of a big boat splash ride. According to the press release the water coaster will hit speeds up to 63mph and after the backwards launch, will suspend riders at a 90 angle on the backwards spike before dropping them down into the big splash at the bottom. Aquaman: Power Wave will also count as a coaster, making this the park’s 15th.
    (3/28/19) I heard an interesting rumor about what could possibly replace Aquaman at Six Flags over Texas in 2020… and if true, the good news is that this would be considered both a new coaster and a water ride. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this new attraction also attempted to carry the Aquaman name once again, but taking the form of a Mack PowerSplash attraction. Adding to the rumor is the fact that Six Flags was asking guests about this very attraction concept in a guest survey not long ago.
    The Mack PowerSplash is really a launched shuttle coaster with a spike on each end, built to ride just above a body of water, and dip into a “splashdown” section which is flooded with extra water just before the boat arrived to create the classic “big splash” moment. The attraction system also features a turntable at the station to allow for one boat to load while the other runs through the course.
    Check out the video from Mack featuring the first PowerSplash ride called Pulsar that opened at Walbii Belgium in 2016 below.


icon_STOP2022 - Pirates of Speelunker Cave - (5/14/22) The new Pirates of Speelunker Cave is opening today to the general public! Some preview riders were given over the past few days but if you want to see a POV for yourself, Six Flags over Texas has actually posted a great video showing off the new experience from start to finish.

Pirates of Speelunker Cave - Six Flags Over Texas

    (8/6/21) Six Flags over Texas has announced a second major new attraction is coming to the park in 2022 other than the delayed Aquaman: Power Wave. The former Yosemite Sam’s Gold River Adventure may be closed for good, a new dark ride will rise on the site called “Pirates of Speelunker Cave”. Guests will find themselves in the middle of a pirate treasure hunt by the resident Speelunkers, which is a great throw back to the park’s original dark ride on the site, Speelunker’s Cave that ran from 1964 to 1990 until Yosemite Sam moved in for the 1991 season.
    “An all-new entry plaza will welcome adventurers with coastal theming and an open vantage point of the ride’s first descent into Speelunker Cave. Once aboard their six-passenger boat, riders will experience 17 brand-new scenes that combine state-of-the-art cinematic projection with immersive sets and animatronics.”
    The new ride will feature 26 six-passenger boats, state-of-the-art animatronics throughout the attraction and “Cinema-style, wide-projection technology to fully immerse riders with high-tech digital and physical sets.”
    If you know me, you know I love dark rides, and a park can never have enough in my opinion. What makes this one special is that finally, after 60 long years, Six Flags is starting to embrace the nostalgia of their own custom creations from their early days, and is now able to reimagine them for current and guests to enjoy. You don’t always have to go out and pay to use someone else’s IP (like Looney Tunes characters) when park’s can embrace their own history and custom creations from over the years.

    (7/25/21) An interesting photo posted to Twitter which appears to be from a construction wall at Six Flags over Texas in reference to a “Spee-Lunker” brings up the question about the fate of the closed Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure ride. The Gold River Adventure flume ride closed in 2018 after suffering extensive damage from a flood, but it was also a replacement for the park’s original Speelunker’s Cave ride that ran on the same site from 1964 to 1991. 
    It’s been said that the park is working on renovating the ride for a new replacement, and with the park celebrating a 60th anniversary this season, finding a way to bring back the Speelunkers for a  new adventure would be a nice touch. It’s possible this may be our first hint that this may actually be taking place.

    (1/10/21) In a surprising bit of news Six Flags over Texas officials confirms at the ACE Winterfest event that the closed Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure dark flume ride would actually be reopening at some point in the future.
    No timeline was given, but the news came as a bit of a shock as the dark ride has been closed since late 2018 when it was damaged by rising flood waters during storm. Screamscape sources at the time said that the interior of the attraction suffered from extensive damage due to the flood waters and that it would be a serious undertaking reopened it ever again. With  no major details about the HOW and WHEN this will take place, we don’t have much more to say at this time, other than that this is indeed a very welcome piece of news to see the park reviving this classic family attraction for future generations.




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