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icon_STOPPark News - UPDATE - (2/23/2023) A quick correction… I incorrectly labeled the Dragon’s Wing as an upcharge slingshot ride, but it is actually the park’s upcharge Skycoaster attraction. (2/19/2023) Joining the list of upcharge attractions that may not open at Six Flags parks this season, I’m hearing that the Dragon’s Wing skycoaster ride at Six Flags St. Louis has been removed from the website.
    (2/9/2023) According to some messages sent our way, the Xcalibur ride at Six Flags St. Louis may have been retired. This was one of only three giant versions of this ride concept built by Nauta Bussink, and from what I understand, this has been the only one of the three to operate in the past decade or so. Unfortunately, it looks like Six Flags decided to drop the ride from the line up, as it has been removed from the list of rides on the website and the Six Flags app.

    (11/20/22) While Six Flags St. Louis isn’t putting on Holiday In The Park this year, they have rented out their parking lot to World of Illuminations who built a huge drive-through holiday light display that just opened this weekend. The new World of Illuminations display in St. Louis is being called “Cosmic Sleigh Ride” and features millions of lights that move in sync with a festival musical soundtrack.
    This isn’t their first partnership with Six Flags however, as the group also has holiday shows at the Six Flags White Water in Georgia and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Phoenix properties. You can find out more information on the displays and how to buy admission for a drive-through at the official website as advanced reservations are required.
    (10/7/22) From the looks of things, Six Flags St. Louis may be planning to start charging extra if you want to visit their Hurricane Harbor waterpark in 2023. While the waterpark is now closed for the 2022 season, if you look at the brand new Season Pass options now being offers for the 2023 season at the park, the new 2023 Gold Pass option clearly does not include admission to Hurricane Harbor. Guests would have to purchase at Platinum or Diamond level pass to gain entry into the waterpark according to these new tiers, which would also mean that guests purchasing a single-day ticket to the park would also not be given access into the Hurricane Harbor waterpark.




icon_STOP2023 - Rookie Racer - (3/5/2023)  Believe it or not, Six Flags St. Louis is getting a brand new roller coaster. The new addition will be Rookie Racer, a Vekoma family coaster with an F1 race car theme and a height restriction of just 36 inches.  The coaster will stand 41 feet tall and have 843 feet of track and hold 16 riders at a time on the red car themed train.
    According to the rumor mill, I’m hearing that the roller coaster was actually built by Vekoma for someone else who had to back out of the deal, allowing Six Flags to swoop in and grab the coaster for a steal. So good on Six Flags for being at the right place at the right time to make this happen for the St. Louis park, and add a much needed new thriller for the park’s smaller guests. 
    While I know this may not be the big coaster the local enthusiasts have been wanting for years, at least it is a step in the right direction and will hopefully start to improve the park’s attendance and performance levels, which can only help bring a bigger and better ride to the park in the future.
    Look for Rookie Racer to open sometime this summer.

    (2/12/2023) The details are few and far between right now, but apparently at the ACE No Coaster Con a few weeks back, Six Flags St. Louis announced they were adding a new ride for families with small children that will go on the site of the old Go Kart track next to The Boss. Unfortunately, that’s all that was said.
    Given that the last two very late announcements from Six Flags involved adding Skyline P’sghetti Bowl single rail racing coasters, many are hoping this may be the case for St. Louis as well, but I’m not so sure. After all, they were very open about announcing the first two Skyline racing coaster, why hold back the details on whatever this is, if it’s just the same thing? There have also been some interesting rumors regarding the deal made between Skyline and Six Flags for those other two rides, which I’m not going to get into just yet, but it is enough that I’m inclined to think St Louis may be getting something else entirely for the time being.
    Of course, perhaps it will simply be a single-track version of the P’Sghetti Bowl concept from Skyline, as one of the clues from the park, that the minimum height for riders will be 36 inches, does fit right into posted rider size requirements from Skyline Attractions for the new coaster design.



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