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icon_STOPPark News - (9/24/21) Would you believe I spoke too soon about taking down Superman at Six Flags St. Louis? A reader sent in a photo from the park taken over the weekend that shows off the former location of the Superman tower, and it is 100% GONE already! After leaving it standing idle all summer, Six Flags certainly didn’t waste any time bringing it down.
    (9/23/21) A quick update from SFSL in regards to what was spotted last time. Those stakes in the ground that were spotted were apparently markers laying things out for Fright Fest, which will kick off this Friday and take place on select nights through October 31st. There will be four haunts this season: Creatures of the Corn, Oddball’s FunHouse, The Slaughter House and Uncaged. Visit the official website for more information.
    In other news, I’m told that cranes are on site to finally take down the Superman drop tower. The early estimate is that it could take up to a month to get Superman down, so Screaming Eagle will remain closed the entire time while this demolition takes place.
    (9/12/21) A reader sent in some new photos from Six Flags St. Louis to share today, where it seems that the park has put up chain link fences and closed off the northern-back section of the park, which has closed off all access to the Screaming Eagle. They say that this is to begin work installing the new Catwoman Whip ride for 2022, and it was noted that this section of the park was fairly empty and unused otherwise, as the Superman: Tower of Power that was closed has also still has been left standing all summer. With the area safely closed, I would think that bringing down Superman may be one of the first things they do.
    Also on the northern section of the park it was noticed that there are pink markers on the ground in the site where Tidal Wave used to stand, so the park may be working on ideas for something new here after all. Some new digging has also been spotted in the park where the old Moon Cars used to be as well as where the go-karts used to be. Anyone know more about what’s planned for the park in the future?

    (7/25/21) Six Flags St. Louis updated their COVID safety protocols and starting on Monday, July 26th, face masks will be required when entering any indoor location at Six Flags St. Louis or the Hurricane Harbor waterpark for all guests, age 5 and up, regardless of your vaccination status. Unvaccinated guests are also encouraged to wear a face mask at all times while in the park.

    (6/6/21) I’m told that Saturday was the official 50th Anniversary of Six Flags St. Louis. Unfortunately, other than a small mention on the official website, it seems as if there is little going on at the park in terms of an actual formal celebration. At least not in comparison to Six Flags over Texas who has been celebrating the 60th Anniversary of that park with various festival events and the reopening of Casa Magnetica and planned reopenings of the original El Aserradero flume and Tosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure ride.
    Now we can forgive a bit of this, as the park is coming back from a rough 2020 due to COVID, and you’ve got to get your legs back under you before you can run again, right? Oh… speaking of running…
    Apparently things got a little crazy at the park a couple days ago. A fight or scuffle of sorts broke out in the park between guests in line to buy a TURKEY LEG from a mobile cart. From what I’m told, I think someone tried to cut to the front of the line to get one of those Turkey Legs, and no, no, no… the rest of the line just wasn’t having any of that nonsense and chaos erupted. Things got bad enough that apparently the turkey leg car was overturned and tipped over a wooden fence and down a grassy hill spilling out the contents across the ground.
    You just know what happened next don’t you? Like a scene out of The Walking Dead members of the crowd lost their collective minds, jumped the fence to grab up as many of the giant turkey legs as possible, stuff them into their faces and hand them off to others nearby. Security was quickly on the scene, trying to nab the various members of the crowd running in all directions, hands and faces full of greasy turkey, but you know… they were a big slippery and it looks like most of them got away.
    Seriously, the scene was unreal… and I wouldn't have believed it either if it wasn't caught on video. But  you know the way things go these days… everything is caught on video, and you can see it for yourselves below.

    (5/19/21) According to the latest post on Facebook by Six Flags St. Louis, effective Saturday May 22, fully vaccinated guests to the theme park (and team members) will no longer be required to wear face masks. Temperature screenings will also end on this date, as well as the previous requirement for advanced reservations to visit. So effectively, it sounds like operations will pretty much be returning to the old ‘normal’ at the park.

    (4/11/21) Happy Birthday to the Screamin’ Eagle at Six Flags St. Lous. The park’s iconic wooden roller coaster first opened to riders 45 years ago on April 10, 1976, when it was promoted as the fastest and largest roller coaster in the world. The local news takes a fascinating look back at the history and creation of the park’s historic woodie, full of great photos of the coaster taken during the construction and opening of the ride.
    (3/26/21) A reader has sent in a picture of the new park map for Six Flags St. Louis. They’ve circled three locations on the maps where attractions have been removed, including Superman: Tower of Power, the Moon Cars as well as where Tidal Wave was removed the previous year.
    The map also has a graphic showing that Catwoman Whip is still coming to the park, but just not until 2022. The locations also appears to have changed, as previously it was thought that it was going to be installed on the site of the former Go-Karts by The Boss, but now it appears that Catwoman will take up residence on the former Superman: Tower of Power site.

    (3/15/21) The latest rumors seem to confirm that Six Flags St. Louis may indeed be removing their Superman: Tower of Power ride, which we posted as a rumor way back in November. Elsewhere it is also rumored that the park may actually be dropping two rides this year instead of just one, with the old Moon Cars also rumored to be set for removal. Currently both attractions have been removed from the park’s website.
    (1/19/21) According to a video news release from Six Flags St. Louis, the park is currently refurbishing the park’s 100-year old carousel. For the first time the 68 horses and figures have been stripped down to the wood, repainted and refinished. While this is the first time the figures have been refurbished in this fashion, they have been repainted many times over the years to the point where the crew restoring the figures could not even tell what the original colors used were anymore, so all new paint schemes were created for each figure.
    So what does this mean for the park? Well, the process is very time consuming, and is expected to take at least two years to complete, so in the meantime the carousel will sit idle while the restoration takes place. You can video about the restoration process by following the story link below.

    (11/28/20) I can’t verify the truth of this rumor at this time, but according to one source Six Flags St. Louis may be planning to remove their Superman: Tower of Power drop tower ride over the winter months. This is something to keep an eye on if you are local to the area, as the removal of the tower ride should be easy to spot from outside the park over the winter.
    While Superman: Tower of Power first opened at Six Flags St. Louis in 2006, the ride itself was originally built as Dungeon Drop for Six Flags Astroworld, opening way back in 1997 and running until Astroworld was closed for good in late 2005. Can anyone else confirm that this ride may be on the way out? We know Six Flags was expected to remove a major ride from each of their major theme parks over the winter months as part of a cost savings measure.


icon_STOP2022 - Catwoman Whip - (1/15/21) While nothing has been confirmed by Six Flags yet, we’ve heard that Six Flags St. Louis is very likely not to open the planned-for-2020 Catwoman ride until the 2022 season now. If anyone knows more, fill us in.
    (6/18/20) According to Screamscape sources, it appears that the new Catwoman’s Whip ride that was supposed to be going to Six Flags St. Louis for the 2020 season is now on long-term hold. Six Flags stated several weeks ago that some 2020 attractions would be delayed until the 2021 season and it looks like this may be the case with Catwoman’s Whip.
    Why do we say this? According to our sources, all the parts and pieces of Catwoman’s Whip had been delivered to the park and were sitting on site waiting to be assembled. That all changed when several trucks arrived the other day and appeared to have loaded it all up and hauled the ride away to an unknown destination. If they intention is still to install it for 2021, then I would guess the ride was put into long-term storage for the time being. Anyone know more?
    (8/29/19) Six Flags St. Louis will add Catwoman Whip for 2020, but unlike other parks that have used this name, this particular ride will be all new to Six Flags. This appears to be a higher capacity version of a “skyscraper” style massive propeller ride that will hold a total of 16 riders and swing them wildly through the sky 164-feet in the air at 52mph in seats that can freely spin 360º to flip you over and over.
    Ity is worth mentioning that in most cases, when you find a ride similar to this, it is almost always an upcharge experience like a Skycoaster or Slingshot ride, so it is nice to see Six Flags offering this kind of ride as a regular attraction. Look for it to be located between Supergirl and The Boss.



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