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    (6/26/22) Glenwood Caverns - Defiance Has Started Testing Ahead of Confirmed Opening Date (MORE...)
    (6/26/22) Bay Beach May Add New Ride In August
    (6/25/22) Lost Island Theme Park - Another Look at the Volkanu Dark Ride
    (6/22/22) Adventureland (NY) Reschedules Date To Open Fireball Coaster (MORE...)
    (6/22/22) Adventureland (Iowa) To Host New Halloween Event This October (MORE...)
    (6/22/22) Lost Island Theme Park - Volkanu Dark Ride POV Posted (MORE...)
    (6/18/22) Steel Pier Adding Premier Rides Spinning Coaster in 2023 (MORE...)



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2016 - 2021 seasons.



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2016 - 2021 seasons.



???? - New Park - Under Construction - (9/29/19) It has been awhile since we heard anything about the Adventure Pointe theme park project in Texas. The last we heard about the 35-acre park seemed to indicate that construction had started. While construction did begin, it came to a halt, with some rides even semi-setup on the property and some half-built buildings now standing. The owner of the park, Harvey Slusky, has now filed a lawsuit against his former attorney and the teams of architects and builders who he claimed ‘defrauded him’ and ‘lied to him’, taking his $10 million for their own profits rather than building the park.
    (12/13/18) After years of waiting, it looks like construction has finally begun on the Adventure Point theme park project just outside Houston, Texas. According to their Facebook page crews were installing the power to the site back in August and just last week they posted pictures of what looks like the park's main entrance structure and gates being installed. It also looks like a few small rides may have been installed over the summer as well, so maybe we'll see it open in some form in 2019. Anyone know more?

    (4/4/17) After not hearing much about this project for the past couple years, BlooLoop reports that at long last Advetnure Pointe has been granted the needed permits to finally start construction on the new theme park. The first permits granted are for the park’s Main Street building and for a Pirate Ship building. Other attractions planned include a mini railroad, go-karts, outdoor ice skating, a pirate ride, boardwalk and an outdoor 1,200 seat performance venue.
    (10/14/16) After not hearing much for the past two years the latest updates about Adventure Pointe posted to their official Facebook page now show off a few images of land clearing now taking place on the site near the Tanger Outlet Mall.
    (10/24/14) Good news for our Texas readers who are longing for one of the new proposed theme parks to begin construction. An official sign promoting that the Adventure Pointe park is “Coming Soon” is now on site. I’m borrowing the photo from their Facebook page, so I hope they don’t mind. On the page they also announce that their list of rides coming to the park is also complete and they hope to kick off a series of announcements about the new rides and park itself very soon.
    (3/10/14) The official website for the proposed new Adventure Pointe theme park in Texas has been updated and has announced the Adventure Pointe Roundhouse in their blog. The Roundhouse is described as a event center dedicated to showcasing how the Slusky family’s historical train collection will be maintained and refurbished. The structure will host banquets, weddings, dancers and more. They also have confirmed that Adventure Pointe will also feature 4,200 SqFt Ice Skating Rink that will be open to the public year round. 
    (12/18/13) More details about the proposed Adventure Pointe theme park coming to the Houston area can be found in a new BlooLoop article about the park. Don’t forget to keep up with things at the park’s official Facebook page as well.
    (12/9/13) A second park project is in the works for the Houston, Texas area called Adventure Pointe. The 25-acre project comes from the family of the man who created Playland Park decades ago and will be located next to the Tanger Outlet Mall on I-45 South. Groundbreaking is slated to happen in Spring 2014 in order for the park to open in 2015.
    (3/18/13) While the Houston, Texas area still lacks a large theme park, the greater area around Houston seems to be flourishing with new ideas for smaller park projects. Back in December we first heard the early rumors of a possible 25-acre mini-park planned to be near the Tanger Outlet Mall near Texas City that would have a tie to the old Playland Park.
    Today a little more information has come out as the city “has confirmed an area physician’s interest in building the park on 25 acres near the Tanger outlet mall, but no plans have been submitted.”  However, a new Facebook page for “Playland Park” has gone live and does outline the details a little more, calling it “Playland Park – Texas City”.  They have named the new park project in honor of Houston’s first real amusement park, Playland Park, and hope to open it by Summer 2015. 
    The park will have a retro-Americana theme to it, and will feature locomotive rides on the refurbished trains that formerly served at the Houston Zoo, but will now make runs around this new 25 acre attraction. The park will also have a Grand Carousel, an Eyerly Monster, Antique Car ride, Tea Cups and a Tilt-a-Whirl to celebrate the classic rides of the past. They will also offer new style attractions such as a “unique roller coaster zip line, an Xtra-ice 'ice' skating rink, and fast though eco-friendly Indy-type electric go-karts.”  There will also be green spaces, a large picnic area, an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and an indoor pavilion to be rented out for corporate events or private functions.
    Good luck to them, I hope this one happens… but it wouldn’t be Playland Park without also offering a wooden coaster as well. Lets hope they include this in the final plans too.


Owned by Palace Entertainment / Parques Reunidos

icon_STOPPark News - (6/22/22) Adventureland (Iowa) has announced that the park will host a new Hallloween themed event this fall called Phantom Fall Fest. Look for it to take place Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in October, with family friendly thrills, special food items and trick-or-treating during the daytime hours. Once the clock strikes 6pm however, ‘the fear kicks in gear” and the park will offer four different haunt house experinces as well as prowling creepy characters roaming the park.
    The four haunts will be called: The Corn Stalkers, Spirits of the Swamp, CarnEVIL and Alice in Wonderland. The park will also feature three scare zones: MasqueRAGE: The Phantom’s World, Death Metal Vampires and Arachnophobia.
    (12/22/21) In a bit of a surprise news release, Palace Entertainment, a US based subsidiary of Parques Reunidos, has acquired the Adventureland Resort and theme park. The Iowa theme park first opened in 1974 and has been run as a family business ever since.
    “We are excited about adding Adventureland into our portfolio,” said John Reilly, Chief Operating Officer of Palace Entertainment. “We specialize in parks and venues that create experiences to be enjoyed over a lifetime, from childhood to young adulthood to parenting and grandparenting.  We are investing in Adventureland to expand its current lineup to include eight new family rides in 2022, plus two all-new attractions for the 2023 season.”
    It was also announced that starting with the 2022 season, Adventureland’s Platinum Season Passholders will also be able to visit all the other Palace Entertainment parks for free, including Noah’s Ark waterpark, Dutch Wonderland and Kennywood. By the same measure, Platinum passholders to other Palace Entertainment parks will be able to now visit Adventureland.

icon_STOP2022 - Nine New Rides and More - (5/15/22) Adventureland has opened for the 2022 season, along with a massive number of improvements and nine new attractions. The Des Moines Register has posted a brief article with a large number of photos taken in the park on opening day that you may enjoy. This also marks the first season of operations at the park under its new owner, Palace Entertainment.
    (2/21/22) In a quick update on the latest happenings at Adventureland by the local news it was confirmed that while the park is still adding the nine new attractions previously mentioned, the earlier plans to host a Renaissance Faire at the park by the previous owners has been canceled. The park’s Raging River (rapids) ride is also staying closed for the time being, as it has been closed since the accident took place last year. The new park owners are still deciding if they want to keep the attraction or remove it.
    (2/10/22) Adventureland has shows off the first two of seveal new rides coming to the park this season on their Facebook page. First up is the Lighthouse (family drop tower) followed by The Galleon (kiddie swing ship).
    (9/8/21) Adverntureland has confirmed that several new rides are coming to the park next season, but at least three others will be retired to make room. The list of three rides leaving the park include the Falling Star, Lighthouse and Lady Luck. While there are various reasons to remove each, primarily they say it comes down to the fact that parts to repair them are also no longer available.
    Meanwhile a collection of 9 new rides will be added to the park next season:
The Warhawks (Zamperla Flying Tigers)
Bernie’s Swing (Zamperla Happy Swing)
The Lighthouse (Zamperla Pump & Jumpz?)
The Revolution (Zamperla Rockin’ Tug)
Leap Frogs (Zamperla Jump Around)
Circus Balloons (Zamperla Samba Balloon)
The Clipper (some kind of mini swing ship)
Speedway Racers (Zamperla Speedway)
Rockin’ Rainbow (Wave Swinger)
    The park will also hos the Des Moines Renaissance Faire in the south-east corner of their property in May 2022. You can see a preview video of the new attractions coming in 2022 on the park’s Facebook page. .
    As for the Raging River ride that was involved in a fatality earlier this year, the park claims that the future of that ride is still “undergoing review”.

2023 - New New Attractions - (12/22/21) With the purchase of the park from Palace Entertainment in December 2021, Palace also confirmed plans to add two new attractions to the park for the 2023 season. No hints were given as to what these might be.



icon_STOP2022 - FireBall - (6/22/22) Adventureland has had to reschedule the grand opening of their new Fireball coaster to June 24th.

    (5/7/22) Adventureland has posted a brief video of the park’s new Fireball coaster testing.




    (4/14/22) A reader drove near Adventureland this week and managed to get a great shot of the park’s new Fireball coaster which appears to have been topped out, but has yet to add any theming.
    (12/24/21) CoasterHour interviewed Adventureland about their new upcoming Fireball coaster in the video below as well as a good bit about the history and work that goes into running the park.

    (11/24/21) Adventureland let the cat out of the bag the other day and confirmed that their new Fireball attraction for 2022 will not only be the unique in North America, but be a new interesting coaster experience fit for the whole family. Fireball will be the first “Roller Ball” coaster from RES on the continent, and the forth one overall from RES.
    The three previous versions built were Wilde Hilde (Schwaben Park, Germany - 2018), Nid des Marsupilamis (Parc Spirou Provence, France - 2019) and Roller Ball (Weiner Prater, Austria - 2020). Fireball will be the shorter 19m version like Wilde Hilde and not the taller 28.5m version like the ones built in France and Austria. If the artwork is anything like what they are intending however, it appears that they Adventureland is planning an impressive lighting package for Fireball, which will be added for the park’s 60th anniversary.
    (11/19/21) According to the latest teaser from Adventureland, the park’s new Fireball attraction will be the “Only one of its kind in North America”. Another teaser also shows off the site of the new Fireball attraction, placing it on the site of the former Kiddie Carousel and Spinning Cars attractions, which could be a hint that this will be a family attraction and not a major thrill ride.

    (11/11/21) While I’m not exactly sure WHAT it is, Adventureland in Long Island has filed paperwork for a couple of possible trademark name options for their next ride. It looks like these are fairly new, with mid to late October 2021 filing dates on the names, “Fire Ball” and “Fireball”. In the theme park realm, the name Fireball gets used a lot, especially for pendulum style swinging rides. However, Adventureland already has a Frisbee and a Pirate Ship style swing ride, so adding a more traditional floorless style pendulum ride would be kind of repetitive. The Fireball name is also often used as the modern name for the old Larson Super Loop flat ride concept, but as Six Flags has used this name quite a bit for that kind of ride, I’m not sure if another park would want to use it as well for the same style ride.
    Anyone know more?



icon_STOPPark News - (5/30/22) According to a local news article Arnolds Park has some new attractions this season. They report that a Wild Mouse ride has returned to the park after a 40-year absence, along with the updated arcade and some new food offerings this season.
    The reported new “Wild Mouse” however isn’t exactly new to the park this year, with the Wild Mouse actually opening at the park in July of 2019, and should have ran during an abbreviated season in 2020 and all of the 2021 season.
    That said, this still isn’t your typical modern Wild Mouse ride, but rather an Allan Herschell Company mouse that previously ran at Joyland in Texas as Mad Mouse from 1976 to 2018, and before that it ran at the former Bell’s Amusement Park starting way back in 1959. So if you haven’t tried the Mouse yet, it is worth doing so just to experience a little bit of roller coaster history in action.

2022 - New Stage - (6/5/21) According to the local news Arnolds Park announced plans to spend $4.5 million to build a new performance stage at Preservation Plaza. Construction work is planned to start around Labor Day and hopefully finish in time for the Summer 2022 season. The state will be designed to feature a lot of organic curves to it, inspired by the concept of waves on the lake combined with the profile of a roller coaster.
    The funding for the whole project is actually coming from an anonymous donor, which will include the new stage, as well as the construction of new restrooms and a concession facility.

2022/2023 - Legend Refurbishment - Planning - (6/5/21) So what’s next for the park? The park’s CEO mentioned they are planning a $1.5 million renovation of the park’s Legend wooden coaster (1930).


BAY BEACH (Green Bay, WI)

Park News - (5/2/22) According to a local news report two rides are in the process of being removed from Bay Beach Amusement Park: The Bay Beast and Falling Star. Bay Beast is a family sized drop tower ride that was apparently in need of an expensive repair that could possibly cost more than the cost of buying a new similar ride. The Falling Star on the other hand is leaving because they say that the ride design is being decommissioned across the nation by the manufacturer.
    Both rides were purchased from the used ride market when added to the park. Currently they are looking into concepts and funding for replacement attractions, but they haven’t narrowed down what the plan is just yet.

icon_STOP2022 - Tot-Hopper - (6/26/22) According to a local news article, Bay Beach Amusement Park is expected to accept the donation of a new children’s ride from the park’s fund raising group at their next meeting. The new ride expected to come to the park is called Tot-Hopper and is nearly the same style ride as the Bay Beast ride that was removed earlier this year as being too costly to repair. The newer ride is said to be functional and about 10 feet taller than the old Bay Beast. With luck, they hope to have the new ride up and running as early as the first of August.


BEECH BEND PARK  (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2017 - 2021 seasons.



icon_STOP2022 - LAST SEASON - (6/12/22) According to an official post on Twitter, the Bosque Magico theme park has confirmed that the famous Mexico theme park will close FOREVER on August 28, 2022. According to a rough translation of the rest of the text in the tweet, it sounds like the local government  is taking possession of the park’s property to move ahead with some kind of “Great Park” project. The exact translation seems to be, “As reported today through the government authorities of the Municipality of Guadalupe, Bosque Mágico joins the "Great Park" project with the donation of our infrastructure in favor of citizenship.”
    The use of the phrase “donation of our infrastructure” does raise an eyebrow, as I’m not sure if the park is willing closing down for this or if this is another case, sort of like La Feria Chapultepec Magico, where that entire park is also in the middle of being torn down to make way for a larger civic project from their local government, as these parks may only be essentially leasing the property they sit upon from the government.
    In either case, it is sad to see a second theme park in Mexico shut down. In recient times Bosque Magico was most famous for having the Zombie Ride, a Premier Ride’s SkyRocket II clone that featured a unique station that offered two sided loading, allowing trains to slide over into the launch position for the ride while a second train would be reloaded from the other station.
    Zombie Ride (2015) and the park’s Policias y Ratones (Zamperla Spinning Coaster - 2016) will both likely be sold on the used ride market fairly quickly, while I would have to guess that the park’s Tornado (Vekoma Whirlwild) will likely be scrapped due to age, as it originally came from Bobbejaanland where it ran from 1982 to 1999 before reopening in Mexico in 2001.


CALAWAY PARK (Alberta, Canada)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2017 - 2021 seasons.


CASINO PIER (Seaside Heights, NJ)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


CASTLE PARK (California)

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2016 - 2021 seasons.



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time...


CLIFF’S AMUSEMENT PARK (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Park News -  (5/11/21) Great news for Cliff’s Amusement Park, as the local news reports that the park was able to reopen to guests on Mother’s Day for the first time since 2019.

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time...



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... \



Park News - (1/16/22) Ouch… it’s official, you can see the last section of the Conneaut Lake Blue Streak coaster crashing to the ground in the video below.

    (1/6/22) If you follow Screamscape on social media (and seriously, why are you not?) then you already know the sad news. Reports started coming in Tuesday afternoon that demolition crews had started to bring down the Blue Streak coaster at Conneaut Lake Park. Within the next couple hours, the situation got worse and a fire had erupted at the park causing more damage.
    On a related note, a post went out on The Devils Den FB page on Sunday evening from “Devils Den Tom” that “that the time has come for me to terminate my involvement with Conneaut Lake Park.” While I believe The Devils Den is entirely safe from the fire at the park, the fate of the attraction is unknown. I believe it and the carousel are essentially the the last attractions, with the rest all for sale or sold and waiting to be packed up.
   So that said… officially it looks like Conneaut Lake Park is no more. You can scan through a video showing off the aftermath below as well. According to further news updates, the demolition will continue over the coming days and soon there wont be anything left of the Blue Streak.


COTALAND (Austin, Texas)

December 2021 - Texas Wildcat - Now Open - (10/8/21) A new Schwarzkopf coaster is rising in Texas, this time in Austin at COTALAND. For those looking for the classics, this will be a Schwarzkopf Wildcat model coaster that formerly ran as Raptor Attack (2010 to 2019) at Lightwater Valley in the UK, and before than it was known simply as the Rat Ride (1987 to 2009). In the UK however, it was an indoor coaster, but now it’s moving out into the Texas sun.

Spring 2022 - Skyblazer - (11/17/21) According to a release from US Thrill Rides, they have sold their first Skyblazer attraction, which will be going to Austin, Texas in the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) amusement area. The Skyblazer will hoist 18 riders at a time into the sky before dropping them 200 feet into the massive swing arch. Look for the Skyblazer to be ready to open in Spring 2022.

Fall 2022 - Palindrome - (11/18/21) The mystery Gerstlauer Infinity coaster has been announced as Palindrome, and it will be a unique looking shuttle coaster experience coming to COTALand in Austin by late 2022. Based on the animation, the coaster would send cars up a vertical lift hill and drop through into a course that ends with a large spike, before rolling backwards through the entire course, coming to a stop again rolling backwards up the first drop and into a brake zone / track switch at the bottom that would send the cars back to the station. Another interesting thing is that the coaster will fly over (inverted) the main road into the park area, so it will definitely be a showpiece for COTALand.
    It is interesting to go from a place that I’ve never even heard of, to a place that is adding some major new attractions. This will be a place to keep an eye on going forward and the plan is to have the coaster up and running in time for the Formula 1 race next year. Check out the animation for yourself below.

Fall 2023 - Circuit Breaker - (4/2/22) COTALand is at it again and just surprised everyone with the announcement of the first Vekoma Tilt Coaster coming to North America with a custom layout. Coming in 2023, COTALand is calling this coaster Circuit Breaker and it will feature two trenches, four inversions and a couple of exciting looking pops of airtime along the way.
    The first Vekoma Tilt Coaster design was called Gravity Max and it opened way back in 2002 at Discovery World in Taiwan. The concept never caught on at the time and Vekoma never made another one until now.
    Now, you may be thinking you’ve seen pictures of a few new ones in China that have opened over the past 6 years, including a dueling version (Battle of Jungle King) but all of those are actually clones of the Vekoma concept created by Chinese roller coaster maker, Jinma Rides, also known in the industry as Golden Horse. If you’ve heard of “Golden Horse” before, the company has become well known in the industry for creating “knock-offs” of various popular coaster designs in China.
    So Circuit Breaker will be the first time Vekoma has returned to the concept and based on the track design and that incredible looking first inversion element, they are now adding their modern and fun looking design concepts to the mix in order to revive the Tilt Coaster concept for a new generation.

    (1/24/22) COTAland dropped a teaser at the ACE Winterfest event regarding their future plans. Apparently the attraction has another coaster in development that will open in the Fall of 2023 and will be “Americas First and only ______ Coaster.”
    So fill in the blank with whatever you can imagine. The rumors are already running a bit crazy with what it could be, so allow me to add my own two-cents into the mix. Considering they have already established a relationship with Ride Entertainment and Gerstlauer to provide their first roller coaster, I wouldn’t be surprised if they return to that source for their second coaster. Perhaps following up Palindrome with some kind of new Launched coaster. My second hunch looks more to the idea of bringing some kind of “first” coaster design to America that does not already exist, and if we go with something more compact and budget friendly, my second hunch may be to build America’s first “Double Heart” coaster from Zamperla.



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2017 - 2021 seasons.



2022 - Nothing is known at this time...




icon_STOP2022 - Water Main Expansion and More - (5/30/22) Diggerland USA has opened their new expansion to the Water Main aquatic park. This includes the new Claw Hammer Cove wave pool and the Carpool Lane activity pool, along with other enhancements to the waterpark experience such as extra shade, extra seating, extra cabanas to rent and a new Splash N’ Dash concession stand.
    Meanwhile the main Diggerland park has also added or improved three attractions for 2022, the Shake N Roll V2 experience featuring a 2-ton diesel roller moving along a fixed course, Mini Dig: Shapes and Crazy Cranes, where guests can operate a real-live crane to manipulate and lift an assortment of objects.
    (11/15/21) According to an update at Amusement Today, Diggerland USA will be expanding “The Water Main” outdoor water park area for the 2022 season by adding a new wave pool, a “crossing activity pool” and other new guest amenities.



Park News - (5/16/21) Not only is the Dixie Landin’ theme park slated to stay closed this season while the park focusing on running their waterpark, but now one of our readers has spotted what appears to be the park’s Ragin’ Cajun roller coaster (Vekoma Boomerang) listed as being up for sale for $1.95 million. While the pictures definitely appear to be Ragin’ Cajun, the listing is a little off, as it claims the coaster is a 1991 Model, while Rajun’ Cajun first opened as “Boomerang” in the UK back in 1987t o 1998 at Hafan y Mor Holiday Park before making the trip across the Atlantic.
    According to RCDB, the only Vekoma Boomerang to open in 1991 would be the Sidewinder at Hersheypark, which does not appear to be for sale at this time. This wouldn’t be the first time the reported stats for a used ride were incorrect however and with the theme park side of Dixie Landin’ to stay closed all year, it would make it easy to remove the coaster anytime if it were to be sold.
    (5/2/21) According to reports the Dixie Landin’ / Blue Bayou park will reopen the Blue Bayou waterpark on May 22, but the Dixie Landin’ amusement park will remain closed for the 2021 season. According to the official website, the park says that difficulties in hiring staff to work at the attraction in addition to the limited time they have has caused them to focus their efforts on opening the waterpark only this season, which will open at 100% capacity.

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2017 - 2021 seasons.


Owned by Palace Entertainment / Parques Reunidos

Park News - (4/14/22) According to a local news report, Dutch Wonderland will be going “cashless” starting this Saturday, when the park opens for the 2022 season. From now the park will only accept credit, debit, prepaid cards and mobile payments for purchases once within the park. They will have “Cash-to-Card” kiosks on-site able to convert up to $500 onto pre-paid cards for use while in the park, that can be used anywhere outside the park as well where credit cards are accepted.

2022 - Nothing is known at this time...



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2016 - 2021 seasons.



2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



Park News - (3/26/21) In a curious move, the twin lawsuits against each other by Evermore Park and Taylor Swift have suddenly, and quietly, been dropped entirely with no kind of private monetary settlement. As silly as the lawsuits were, it does make me wonder if the whole thing was just some kind of planned attention grab scheme that went a little too far.



Park News - (1/20/22) Has Family Kingdom decided to retire their Splashes Waterpark along the beachfront? For the 2021 season it was noted that Splashes did not open at all and was simply listed as “Closed for the Season”. With all the stories about staff shortages due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, it wasn’t surprising to see Family Kingdom focus on their main property.
    However if you visit the updated Family Kingdom website right now, it actually no longer mentions the Splashes waterpark at all, as if it doesn’t exist. Considering the waterpark was actually located across the street from the amusement park, right along the beach, I noted last year how the property would likely fetch a pretty penny from any number of developers if Family Kingdom opted to close the waterpark and sell the property.
    While we don’t know exactly what has happened, it does seem possible that the waterpark just might have seen its last days. Anyone know more about what’s going on?

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2015 - 2021 seasons.


FANTASY ISLAND (Grand Island, NY)  -  Information Moved To New Dedicated Park Page



2023 - New Hotel - (10/27/21) According to a press release a new dual-brand hotel is now underway at The Funplex in Mount Laurel, NJ. It will be a La Quinta and Hawthorn Suites dual-brand hotel with 125 rooms that should be ready to open by Spring 2023. The addition of a hotel allows for The Funplex to become more of a small resort experience, and I’m told that The Funplex has also secured a new liquor license for the complex, so they can offer adult beverages at the park as well as the hotel when it opens.



2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2022 - Nothing known at this time... nothing added for the 2015 - 2021 seasons.


GALAXYLAND (Inside the West Edmonton Mall Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

2022 - Attraction Updates - (2/12/22) I remember hearing awhile back that Galaxyland in the West Edmonton Mall was going to be adding a bunch of Habsro game themed attractions to the indoor theme park. During the course of the pandemic, I never really heard much of an update on this project and I assumed it was either canceled or just quietly completed and not promoted.
    According to a local news update, Galaxyland has opened an assortment of Hasbro themed attractions, most of which have simply been updated themes given to existing attractions. The newest attraction to actually open this year has been the “Sorry! Slider Bumper Cars”, with other previously rethemed attractions listed as: Trouble Twist, My Little Pony’s Flight of Equestria, Rainbow Bounce and Hungry Hungry Hippos Feeding Frenzy.
    The work doesn’t stop here however, as future additions include the Play-Doh Space Pad Party Room coming next, followed by attractions to be themed to G.I. Joe, Nerf, Battleship and Ouija.



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2013 - 2021 seasons.



Park News - (4/3/21) According to a press release from Gillian’s, “The Gillian and Mita families announced today, that they are joining together to enhance Gillian’s Wonderland Pier’s guest experience. The two families with deep history in amusements and hospitality are partnering to create a unique experience and better serve guests of this premier destination.”
    While the Gillian family has been involved with the Ocean City Boardwalk since 1929, I was not familiar with the Mita family and what they may bring to the table. According to a quick search the Mita family owns Icona Resorts, a company who operations famous beach area resorts in the area. Adding the Mita family into the company as either a partner or investor, seems like a good way to ensure better long term stability Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, especially after what everyone went through in 2020 that resulting in reports that they had defaulted in $8 million in debt earlier this year.

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


GILROY GARDENS (Gilroy, California)

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2015 - 2021 seasons.



Park News - (4/24/22) At last, following the death of a young rider last year, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has addressed their future plans for the Haunted Mine Drop attraction. According to a local news report the park says the attraction will be redesigned to include new seatbelts, change the “enclosure”, and reconfigure how guests enter the attraction itself.
    I’m wondering if these changes will mean a possible complete renovation of the ride’s restraint system (which already included a seatbelt) to something possibly more like a traditional drop tower ride system. While the changes have been announced by the park, no timeline as to when the revised attraction could reopen have been announced yet, so it isn't’ known if it will reopen this season or not.


icon_STOP2022 - Defiance - (6/26/22) The latest news from Glenwood Caverns shows that not only has the installation of the track for the new Defiance coaster been completed, but confirms the July 9th grand opening date we reported last week. Meanwhile a Screamscape reader who just visited the park confirmed that they witnessed Defiance making test runs, so things are moving forward as planned. You can catch a video of the first test run below. So while it isn’t the longest coaster, it does pack a lot of non-stop action into the compact layout, mixed with the incredible views the park is known for.

    (6/18/22) A reader forwarded a letter from Glenwood Caverns to Screamscape this week where they were informed that the grand opening for the new Defiance roller coaster is currently scheduled for July 9, 2022.

    (5/14/22) Glenwood Caverns posted their first picture this week showcasing the construction of their new roller coaster, Defiance. You can make out an assortment of footers already poured across the mountainous terrain. In the foreground you see support and track pieces lying around, with the coasters fully built lift hill and beyond-vertical first drop already standing tall in the background.

    (8/6/21) The mystery location of Gerstlauer’s high profile new coaster project for 2022 has been solved. According to the big announcement Colorado’s famous Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park will be home to a new roller coaster named Defiance. As you would expect from a Gerstlauer roller coaster, it will start things off with a vertical lift hill climb 75 feet into the air where riders will crawl over the top to take in the view of the mountains around you, and the dive below you which will drop riders 110 down into the rocky terrain with a beyond vertical dive of 102.3º.
    Clearly this isn’t a record, as Gerstlauer’s own record for beyond vertical dives is 121.5º set in late 2020 on the TMNT Shellraiser at the Nickelodeon Universe indoor park in New Jersey.

Haunted Mine Drop Accident News -
    (2/5/22) The latest update regarding last year’s death of a young rider at Glenwood Caverns on the Haunted Mine Drop ride is one that has angered the family. According to CourtTV the local District Attorney has reported that no criminal charges will be filed regarding the accidental death. According to the statement from the local D.A., his office “cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt any one person or entity acted with criminal negligence or was criminally reckless beyond a reasonable doubt.”
    In the state’s official accident report however, it was determined that the girl’s death was a result of inadequate training and “multiple operator errors, specifically failure to ensure proper utilization of the passenger restraint system (seat belts), and a lack of understanding and resolution of the Human Machine Interface screen error conditions on the control panel.”
    (10/23/21) According to the local news the state of Colorado has now fined Glennwood Caverns $68,000 for violations in relation to the accident on the Haunted Mine Drop attraction. The majority of the fine comes from a violation claiming that the park failed to properly train all the ride operators on the standards and procedures for the attraction, including “not providing adequate training on the Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen and indicator lights.”
    The state will not permit the Haunted Mine Ride to reopen until Glenwood Caverns can show that they have proper training procedures in place that covers all safety requirements and operational procedures for the attraction.
    (10/21/21) I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but the family of the young girl who died on the Haunted Mine Ride at Glenwood Caverns has officially filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the park. The lawsuit will be one to watch however, as in the past the park has been able to avoid judgments against it due to a mandatory waiver guests apparently sign upon entry to the park.
    (9/25/21) According to the sad details released from the completed accident report regarding the death of a child on the Haunted Mine Drop ride, this entire accident was preventable and unfortunately, appear to be entirely due to operator error.
    According to the report, the girl fell out of her seat during the ride, because she was sitting on top of the seat belt. Apparently the seat she was in was unoccupied during the previous ride cycle, and the belt was left buckled. This would have normally been prevented if the ride ops had checked her belt before dispatching the ride, but unfortunately they did not check the restraints. Both ride operators were new hires, both having been hired within two months of the incident.
Complicating matters more, apparently the ride knew something wasn't ride anyway, and threw an alarm code to the operators about a problem, but the new ride ops didn't know what it meant, or what to do, and simply "reset the system and launched the ride".
    (9/11/21) While Glenwood Caverns is supposed to open today for the first time since the fatal incident on their Haunted Mine Drop ride, very little new information has been released about what exactly happened. To my knowledge, the only new information to come out since then was information that included the name of the 6-year-old girl who passed away (Wongel Estifanos) and the initial pre-autopsy findings that only list the cause of death as “multiple blunt force injuries” without any indication of what actually took place.
    (9/8/21) In an update from Glenwood Caverns, due to the ongoing investigation, the park will remain closed through Friday and won’t reopen to guests until Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021.

    (9/7/21) A few more details have been released regarding the incident at Glenwood Caverns Park. According to further news reports, it was confirmed that the person who passed away was a 6-year-old girl. This has led some to speculate that perhaps she was not tall enough for the attraction, but as the Haunted Mine Drop has only a 46” height limit, there is a good chance that the height limit was not the problem.
    For those interested in the ride system itself, it was a custom built system for the park from Stan Checketts, that does feature a unique sealt-belt only style restraint system. Keep in mind this is not a car-style seat-belt that can be released by the riders at any moment, it is hard locked into the ride vehicle. Based on pictures of the ride system, I’m assuming that it was based on his Soaring Eagle company’s Daring Drop ride system. You can find a similar, but outdoor, version of this drop ride system in use in two places at the Mountain Monster attraction in Pigeon Forge. In the case there was some kind of failure of the ride system or restraint, it is fairly common for other rides that use the same hardware to be notified and requested to be shut-down while the investigation takes place, such as when the Jersey Devil coaster at Six Flags was shut down after there was an incident with the Stunt Pilot sibling ride at Silverwood. To this end, I discreetly put in a call to the Mountain Monster ride in Pigeon Forge and was told that their rides,  including the drop tower, were all open for business.
    While we still don’t know the exact nature of the incident, it does point us in the possible directions that it could have been purely medical in nature, or that perhaps an object (from the ride, from the theming, or a rock from the cavern itself) may have also struck the girl during the ride cycle, causing injury.
    A new update from CNN has also posted a statement from the coroner’s office that, “Immediately following the incident, Glenwood Caverns employees initiated first aid until paramedics with the Glenwood Springs Fire Department arrived and determined the child had died”. Given that Haunted Drop Tower does 120 feet down into a deep cavern, having immediate access to the child to perform first aid would have been difficult if the restraint system had failed, so I can only surmise by this that the ride system did return her to the load/unload platform at the end of the ride cycle.
    HOWEVER... a new update just sent in has first responder dispatcher audio claiming that “a party fell out of the shaft ride” and that “The party’s at the bottom of the shaft”, which seems to paint a different picture from what we’ve been hearing so far. They also report that a witness told them that the girl was not in her seat when the ride returned to the platform.
    Regardless, our sympathies go out to everyone involved in this horrible tragedy.
    (9/6/21) According to a post on the Glenwood Caverns Facebook page the attraction will be closed today and all of Tuesday as well to conduct an investigation after a “fatality” took place on Sunday night involving the park’s Haunted Mine Drop ride. No details have been released yet, but for those who aren’t familiar with the attraction, Haunted Mine Drop is a custom built drop-tower style attraction where the riders actually board the ride vehicle seats at the top of the structure (ground level) and then  it drops down a mine-shaft 120 feet deep into the ground, and then brings you back up again to the surface.


IDLEWILD (Pennsylvania)
Parques Reunidos

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2017 - 2021 seasons.


JOLLY ROGER (Ocean City, MD)

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time...



Park News - (8/29/21) Joyland Amusement Park (Texas) has confirmed that the park’s 49th season will come to a close this Labor Day, Sept. 6, 2021. According to comments from the park, “We can’t wait until early March 2022, when we will begin our 50th year.  We’re so excited. It’s going to be a blast!”

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2015 - 2021 seasons.


KEMAH BOARDWALK (near Houston, Texas)
Landry’s Restaurants  (SAT MAP)

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2015 - 2021 seasons.



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2019 - 2021 seasons.



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2019 - 2021 seasons.



icon_STOP2022 - New Park - (6/25/22) A new video featuring a different look at the new Volkanu dark ride has been posted by creator, Sally Dark Rides. The world can never have enough dark rides in my opinion, so Screamscape sends out a big congratulations to the entire team at Sally and Lost Island Theme Park for taking on this fantastic project!

    (6/22/22) A great video showing off the new Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol dark ride (and pre-show) at the new Lost Island Theme Park can be seen below, posted by the Dark Ride Database.

    (6/12/22) Good news, Lost Island Theme Park, America’s newest theme park, will finally open to the public on Saturday, June 18th. The local news dropped a couple days ago to shoot some footage as the final preparations are being made for opening day. They do mention that staffing has continued to be a struggle and they’re a bit behind, so when the park opens at first they will only have daytime hours of operation. Currently the calendar shows 10am to 6pm hours daily throughout the summer, though Lost Island says once they get more staff they hope to be able to stay open later into the evenings on Friday and Saturday nights when it becomes possible to do so.
    (4/12/22) Park Paradise was able to take a construction tour of the new Lost Island Theme Park this month. While there is still a bit of work to do, this is an exciting time to see the park as a lot of the parks custom theming elements are being put into place and much of everything has been painted, which has turned the construction site into a very colorful landscape.
    (3/12/22) The new Lost Island theme park suffered a small set-back this week when one of the buildings to be used as a ride queue caught on fire in the middle of the night when the site was closed. Nearby neighbors spotted the fire and called it in thankfully, as there was no one on site at the park at the time.
    As for the 1,500 sqft building, it was a total loss and burned down to the foundation, and also resulted in the destruction of the control panel and loading station systems for the Yuta Falls flume ride. According to the park owner, Eric Bertch, while this will delay the opening of the flume ride while a replacement control panel and station parts are obtained, they hope to begin the process of building the new queue structure as soon as next week. The fire will also not delay their plans to “soft open” the nation’s newest theme park sometime between late May and early June.
    You can see some footage shot showing off the remains of the fire site shot in the daytime on Friday morning by watching the video included in this follow-up report. It looks like rebuilding the structure will be the easy part as they determine just how long it will take to get the needed replacement parts from the ride manufacturer to them to know if the opening of the flume ride will be a few months, or if it may have to wait until next season. Best of luck for a speedy recovery to Lost Island in their recovery from this incident.
    As the opening of Lost Island Theme Park is nearly upon us, it is also worth mentioning that the park is preparing to hold two job fairs to fill about 450 new positions next week, on March 16 and March 19. Staffing up is a vital part of being able to open the park, and being part of the opening crew for a brand new theme park is a unique experience.
    (1/27/22) According to a post at Reddit, it appears that the new name for the former Kanonen coaster is now Matugani. They also have pictures of the new yellow and green trains that appear to have a snake face painted on the front.









    (11/17/21) In a presentation at IAAPA from Sally Dark Rides they revealed the name for the new dark ride coming to the new Lost Island Theme Park will be, “Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol”. According to the description Volkanu is the god of fire living deep inside Lost Island who is being kept dormant by a sacred statue. The minions of Volkanu seek to wake him and have taken the statue, so it is your job to climb aboard an Inferno transport vehicle, your job is to return the statue to the altar within the Temple of Fire.
    Sally had an animatronic figure for the new attraction on display at the IAAPA show floor.

    (10/29/21) A video shot during a construction tour of the Lost Island Theme Park can be seen below. They go over the coasters, a dark ride to be built inside a volcano structure, and various other flat rides coming to the park. While there is still a lot of work to do, the park is already shaping up nicely based on what they have already installed, and appears as if it will be very colorful once finished.

    (9/23/21) According to others on the construction preview tour for the Lost Island theme park, the park’s layout has been designed to have room to accommodate a major new attractions in each of the lands going forward. This is assuming the park is successful and has the capital to keep on expanding over the years that follow the grand opening. Apparently they’ve got ideas for at least three more coasters in the future as well, but first things first, they’ve got to open the gates, and guests have to visit and be ready to come back again and again.
    It’s not easy to open a new park these days… and anyone who remembers the troubles faced by Hard Rock Park can attest to that truth. So we wish them well and can’t wait to see more as they move closer to opening day!
    (9/22/21) I’m not sure how accurate this tweet is, but if they are right the new Lost Island theme park will open with a interactive dark ride from Sally, and has plans to add a River Rapids ride as the park’s first possible addition following the opening.
    While reading that, I had a bit of a flash-back myself to an old scale model display Sally used to bring to the trade shows for a couple years that was called Forbidden Island. I actually was able to snap a picture of it at IAAPA 2010 myself where you can see a unique looking concept that would start outdoors and then venture into a dark set of caverns under a volcano. Just looks like something that would be a perfect-fit for a park with the Lost Island theme. Maybe we’ll see something similar built.

    (9/8/21) A quick look at the new Lost Island Theme Park can be seen by clicking here, which features a good look at the former Kanonen launched roller coaster (now painted green) now set up at the new site in Iowa. The new theme park is still set to open in 2022, with lands that seem to be based around the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
    (6/3/21) According to a press release the Bay Creek Carousel will now be sent to its new home as part of the new Lost Island theme park under construction in Iowa. The 50 foot carousel has 42 wood carved animals and 4 chariots. Western Train is overseeing the project, which will take the Bay Creek Carousel that was originally designed for for “Bayside Village” and install it at the new Iowa theme park by early 2022. The carousel has a Tropical Island and Aquatic theme.
    (5/26/21) Fantastic new construction pictures of the coasters now set up for the Lost Island theme park in Iowa can be seen on Facebook. This includes a look at the former Cobra coaster (Vekoma SLC) relocated from Ratanga Junction (South America) and the former Kanonen (Intamin Accelerator) relocated from Liseberg (Sweden).

    (1/23/21) Construction on the Lost Island theme park in Iowa has been moving at a rapid pace it seems. Check out some amazing pictures posted to Facebook showing off a purple and bright green roller coaster now under construction along with a flat ride or two.

    (10/31/20) According to a local news report, land clearing, grading and excavation work is underway for the new Lost Island Theme Park project. It is great to see work taking place on this project, pushing ahead despite the pandemic issues. If all goes as planned, hopefully the pandemic will be mostly behind us in time for the new theme park to open in 2022.
    (7/12/20) Green roller coaster track was spotted being unloaded from a shipping container on the site for the new Lost Island theme park in Waterloo Iowa this week. Check out the photos below. The distance that the photos were taken makes it difficult to really see any track detail other than the color. Squinting a bit, I will say that this doesn’t look like the Intamin style track from the former Kannon coaster purchased from Liseberg. If anything it looks more like Vekoma/Arrow style track, and the park was rumored to have purchased a Vekoma SLC for the park, possible the retired Cobra from Ratanga Junction.

    (5/4/20) A quick update regarding the Lost Island Theme Park coasters. While it is still very possible that the park got the Cobra (Vekoma SLC) from Ratanga Junction, they the other coaster actually would not be the mine train from that park, as it was already sold and installed to Fantasilandia in Chile.
    A video on YouTube from Park Pros actually does a good job breaking down the possible new rides coming to the park based on a park layout image and concept art released thus far, so check that out below.

    (5/3/20) Construction is underway for the Lost Island theme park theme park in Iowa. It has been about a year since we’ve heard anything about the plans to build the Lost Island theme park across from the Lost Island waterpark, but according to a local news report grading and early construction is still in progress, despite the pandemic that makes the opening of their waterpark an unknown at this point. The owners say that they have already committed and invested so much for the new $100 million, 90-acre theme park that it wouldn’t be wise to stopping things now for the 2022 project.
    They have also confirmed that the park will become the new home to the former Kanonen launched roller coaster from Intamin that ran at Liseberg in Sweden from 2005 to 2016. There is also some speculation that the park may have also bought the former Cobra coaster (Vekoma SLC) and Diamond Devil Run (Vekoma Mine Train) from the Ratanga Junction theme park in South Africa that closed in 2018. While Lost Island admits to Kanonen, they will not confirm the rumors about the Ratanga Junction coasters.
    Either way, I think people will be excited to see a brand new theme park coming to Iowa. The opening of a new park is a rare thing these days.
    (7/18/19) Could a new theme park be coming to Iowa?  According to the local news, the owners of the Lost Island Waterpark are set to begin construction on a “Lost Island Theme Park” next month with plans to open it in 2022. The $100 million project moving forward is still pending on obtaining final zoning and building approvals.
    Once approved they say the park will feature five lands and “a variety of rides and attractions designed to immerse guests in the stories of magical lands that can only be found at the Lost Island Theme Park.”


MIAMI WILDS (Miami, Florida)

???? - NEW PARK - (10/23/20) After all this time, I’m surprised by this outcome, but it seems Miami-Dade has approved the plans for the Miami Wilds project next to Zoo Miami. The plans include a waterpark, a small hotel and shopping district, along with room for some future expansion plans such as a second hotel down the line.
    (10/15/20) According to the local news next week the Miami-Dade County Commission will cast votes on the proposed Miami Wilds water park project. There is quite a bit of opposition to the project now ranging from policial to nature conservationists who claim the site is home to one of the most endangered bat species in the state and this project could cause an extinction. If the project does not get passed for approval, this could likely be the end of the proposal.
    (9/12/20) Would you believe that the shelved plans for the “Miami Wilds” project are have resurfaced once again? According to the local news the plans for the theme park project next to Zoo Miami are being pitched once again by a ‘hedge fund manager and team of developers” that would add 200 hotel rooms, 25,000 sqft of retail space, a water park and additional parking lot space to share with Zoo Miami.
    We haven’t heard much about Miami Wilds since it was proposed back in 2013. At the time it was also backed with themeing from 20th Century Fox and would have had a lot of themeing based around the the studios various properties, including a proposed water park themed entirely to the animated Ice Age film series.


MODELLAND (Santa Monica, CA)

???? - NEW ATTRACTION - (1/10/21) Current Status Unknown, has not opened due to COVID-19 Restrictions in California. Check at Official Website for official updates.
    (2/28/20) The latest updated on Tyra Banks ModelLand attraction concept now say that it will be ready to open on May 1st and will be located in Santa Monica. You can sign up for more information from the official website which is now preselling tickets starting at $59 for adults and up to $1,495 for a “Fantascene Dream” package. This mega-package includes a photoshoot, a person consultation with fashion and beauty experts, plus a styling and wardrobe change.
    (2/17/20) Apparently Tyra Banks was dead serious when she said she wanted to open her own themed attraction to be called ModelLand and they’ve got an official Instagram posting all about it. The idea is that it will be a themed experience where every member of the family can experience what it is like to be a model and include some special shopping and dining experiences as well. According to the posts it will be a “story-driven attraction” showcasing a “fantasy version of the modeling world”, but it is not a theme park, or a museum.
    The plan is to open ModelLand in California sometime later this year.


OAK’S PARK (Portland, Orgeon)

2022 - Nothing is known at this time...


PACIFIC PARK (Santa Monica Pier, CA)

2022 - Nothing is known at this time...



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2019 - 2021 seasons.



2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2015 - 2021 seasons.


PLAYLAND at the PNE (Vancouver, Canada)

icon_STOP2022 - Skybender - (6/13/22) According to a post by PNE/Playland, the park has retired their Music Express and Crazy Beach Party rides to make way for something new called Skybender. The new Skybender ride is from Zamperla and appears to be a creation that they are marketing under the name “Gryphon”. You can see a video (animation and some live footage) of the ride action in the video clip below which features single-rider seating and some unique and aggressive movement paterns.
    Skybender is slated to open sometime in July, along with the return of The Wooden Roller Coaster following a successful $1 million re-tracking and refurbishment project.


???? - Future Expansion Plans - (6/27/21) A little bad news for the future re-development of Vancouver’s Playland amusement park. According to the latest reports the planned overhaul and upgrade of the park that was expected to take place over the next decade may be scaled back quite a bit from the previously announced plans. A new report was released saying that the “significant capital investment” required to complete the plans for Playland is now “exceeding the available funding sources.”
    In other words… the project as previously envisioned, is going to cost a lot more than the budget they were planning to spend. They also believe that the multi-phase project would now take longer to complete than they had originally anticipated. As such, the current redevelopment of Playland is now paused in order to revamp and present a new plan in 2022 that would be scaled back.
    While the plans for Playland are now on hold, plans to build a new $70 million covered outdoor amphitheater nearby were approved this week, with construction to begin in 2024 and the venue to open no later than 2026. Follow the link to see several pieces of concept art and layout plans for the paused Playland expansion project.
    (2/9/20) While we won't find out anything more until later this year when Playland PNE makes their final pitch for the park’s revision plans, we have heard some rumors so far based on previous plans and revisions. These could all be changed by the time the final pitch is made, but according to our source the plans for Playland may involve the addition for up to four new coasters (small compact to medium size) along with a small collection of other attractions. This later list may include rides like a Gerstaluer Sky Fly, a Splash Battle, Zamperla Disk’O and Air Race, possibly a new water raft ride, a possible Splash Battle style ride, a Ropes Course and two or three kiddie rides.
    Again, these are said to be previous plans and everything is always subject to change, especially when the big ride companies get involved and start to offer some discounts for large ride packages during the bidding process. So stay tuned, there is a lot of work still to be done here.
    (2/8/20) The plans to transform the Playland at the PNE amusement park into a more traditional theme park are still in the works, with a business plan and final presentation for the concept said to be brought before city hall sometime this Spring. The plan will see the park expanded from 15 to 22 acres along with the reconfiguration of some of the existing site. You can read more details about the plan posted to Vancouver Urbanized.




Park News
- (12/12/21) You may recall how the entrance / arcade building at Playland’s Castaway Cove caught fire about a year ago, forcing the park to use an alternative entrance for the season. According to a local news report the local planning board just gave final approval to the plans for the new replacement entrance building which will add some extra height this time around for storage and office space. The good news is that the plans confirm that the park’s old iconic pirate ship that burnt down will return once again as part of the new building. No timeline is set, but they are hoping they can get it finished sometime before the end of the 2022 season. 

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2022 - New Dark Ride - (11/19/21) In a fun news story, the former Escape from Dinosaur Beach dark ride from the New Jersey Boardwalk has been sitting in storage since 1998. IRM Rides has announced that the ride has now been sold to Santa’s Village Azoosment & Water Park in East Dundee, IL who is planning to open a new version of the ride in time for the 2022 season.
    According to the report Santa’s Village will “provide a new theme for the attraction”, so I’m not sure what, if any aspects of the old attraction’s theming may be repurposed, other than the ride system. Either way, it is exciting to see yet another dark ride announced for the 2022 season, especially one coming to an unexpected location like this, so we wish them well and can’t wait to hear more about it!

2022 - Yuletide Plunge - Planned - (12/1/19) Santa’s Village (Dundee, IL) has announced plans to open Yuletide Plunge, a log flume ride, in time for their 2022 season. The ride hardware was purchased from IRM Rides and is actually the former Log Jammer ride that existed from 1992 to 2009 at the Kiddieland park in Melrose Park, IL. The OD Hopkins flume ride is 1,100 feet long, stands 40 feet tall with a 35 foot drop and able to handle 600 riders per hour. (Click here to see a couple of pictures of the ride just before it was closed down forever.)


2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


SELVA MAGICA (Guadalajara, Mexico)

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2015 - 2021 seasons.


STEEL PIER (New Jersey)

icon_STOP2023 - New / Replacement Coaster - (6/18/22) A new posting from IRM Rides on Facebook shows off a poster for Steel Pier promoting a “New Spinning Coaster” coming for the 2023 season. In addition to a curious “Premier Rides” logo in the lower right corner (who I don’t believe have made a spinning coaster before), it mentions an upcoming contest to name the coaster.
    The previous rumors about Steel Pier retiring their Crazy Mouse coaster were not only true, but they didn't even wait to open it again for the 2022 season. RCDB now lists the Crazy Mouse as being closed for good. One odd thing is throwing me off a little, as the concept art in the posted for the new coaster looks exactly like the now closed Crazy Mouse, just that the old Crazy Mouse logo has been replaced with a new one that says Steel Pier.

    (1/27/22) I”m not sure how accurate this is, but I’m told that Steel Pier may be planning on retiring their Crazy Mouse (Reverchon Spinning Mouse) at the end of the 2022 season. If this proves true, look for some kind of new Mouse style coaster to replace it for the 2023 season. In the meantime get your last rides in on the Crazy Mouse while you can, just in case.


Parques Reunidos

2022 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2015 - 2021 seasons.



2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


TRIMPER’S RIDES (Ocean City, Maryland)

2022 - OC BIG WHEEL - (3/5/22) Trimper’s is bringing back the OC Big Wheel this summer for another run. The placement of the temporary giant wheel attraction hit a little snag last season when it was determined that the upper airspace of the wheel extended out further than what it had permission to do and was hovering over town property. Trimper’s then had to take the wheel down, move some other attractions around a bit to allow for the wheel to fit better into the allotted space.
    With all those lessons learned, look for the 149 foot tall wheel to return this summer season, hopefully without any similar issues.


WESTERN PLAYLAND (Sunland Park, New Mexico)

2022 - Fireball - (2/13/22) According to a post on Instagram a new Larson FireBall ride has been spotted set up at Western Playland in New Mexico. So far nothing has been posted on the official website yet about this addition.


WILD WAVES Theme & Water Park (Seattle-Tacoma, WA)
(Formerly known as Enchanted Village and Wild Waves)
Owned by EPR Properties
Managed by Premier Parks, LLC

Park News - (2/20/22) A local area reader decided to go take a look at the Wild Waves theme park to see if they could spot anything new taking place, but instead they noticed quite a few rides have been removed. From what I know about five attractions were retired at the end of the 2020 season including the Warming Tubs, Ring of Fire, Space Racer, Paratrooper and Down hill Tubin. The park also announced Feeding Frenzy was to be added for the 2020 season, a shark themed Tilt-A-Whirl attraction, but the arrival of COVID apparently put that addition on hold. With still no mention of it on the park’s website for 2022, I can only assume Feeding Frenzy may have been canceled outright unless it appears in the near future.
    Anyone know more?

2022- Nothing is known at this point in time...



2022- Nothing is known at this point in time...



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