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at the Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo, Japan (Abbreviation: TDL)
Disney & Oriental Land Company (OLC)



Ride Rehabs - These dates are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate as refurbishments are subject to change.
Swiss Family Treehouse - NOW CLOSED through TBD
Space Mountain - NOW CLOSED through Nov 19
Pirates of the Caribbean - Sept 5 through April 7, 2023
Enchanted Tale of Beauty & The Beast - Dec. 5 through Dec. 10
Castle Carousel - Dec. 12 through Dec. 19
Haunted Mansion - Jan. 5, 2023 through Jan. 25, 2023
Gadget’s Go Coaster - Jan. 12, 2023 through Feb. 1
Peter Pan’s Flight - Jan. 13, 2023 through Mar. 14
Splash Mountain - Jan. 18, 2023 through Feb. 17
Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin - Feb. 20 through Mar. 17


icon_STOPGeneral Resort News - (11/28/2022) Tokyo Disneyland has something special cooked up for their Haunted Mansion that will take place from Jan. 26, 2023 through to the end of March 2023. This is a little something they are calling a “Disney Story Board” and in short, they’ve come up with an update Haunted Mansion story that will feature anime style characters. I don’t believe this will involve any changes to the ride as they switch it back from the Nightmare Before Christmas themed version to its regular self, but it is supposed to involve some AR photo filters and brand new special merchandise for guests to collect.
    (10/7/22) According to The Japan Times, the Tokyo Disney Resort is set to make a sharp shift in their business focus. The plan would see the resort’s focus shift to allowing fewer visitors into the parks in exchange for the ability to offer better customer service. The plan almost sounds like Tokyo Disney was inspired by what Six Flags’ current CEO set out to do, with an intent to actually cut back the Tokyo Disney park’s attendance levels by “about 20%” in exchange for better guest satisfaction achieved by smaller crowds and shorter wait times throughout the parks.
    The idea is that any revenue lost from the attendance decline would be made up through increased guest spending in the parks on dining and shopping sprees. They’ve already started to offer “Disney Premier Access” to specific attractions for a fee of 2,000 (aprox $13.80 US), which is essentially the Japanese version of the Lightning Lane passes being sold in the American Disney parks. The resort has also previously switched over to a variable admission price system where the cost of admission is more on busy weekends, and cheaper on less crowded weekdays. The tickets are also pre-sold for use on specific dates with a limitation set on the number of tickets available to be sold on each day, thus limiting the daily attendance possible at each theme park.
    It sounds like the plan is to transition slowly however and make their plans take effect little by little between now and the 2024 year, with a goal of having a maximum attendance of 26 million in 2024, which is about 20% down from the resorts pre-pandemic record of 35.55 million served in 2018.

2023_40DreamGoRoundArt    (9/25/22) Tokyo Disneyland will open a new parade for the park’s 40th Anniversary celebration in 2023 called “Disney Harmony in Color”, sponsored by NTT DOCOMO, Inc. The 40th Anniversary celebration will take place from April 15, 2023 through to the end of March 2024 and is also being referred to as the “Dream-Go-Round'' celebration. The new parade will feature a number of characters and floats from many of Disney’s more modern animation films such as Coco, Moana, Wreck-It-Ralph, Zootopia as well as some classics like Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell.
    It was also confirmed that Tokyo Disneyland did upgrade and reopen Mickey’s PhilharMagic on Sept. 15 to feature the new COCO scene that was added to the other versions of the attraction internationally, along with upgraded projection technology to improve the overall attraction experience.
    (5/15/22) Tokyo Disney has announced that they will begin selling a “Disney Premier Access” pass option to guests starting on May 19, allowing them to cut to the front of the line on either Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast at Tokyo Disneyland or on Soaring: Fantastic Flight at Tokyo DisneySea. This is the same name that Disney has been using for the service at Disneyland Paris as well, but it functions in much the same way that the “Lightning Lane” service is being offered at the American parks: guests can purchase this option through the official Tokyo Disney Resort app for  2,000 (about $15) while available.
    (5/5/22) Looking over the latest update to the Tokyo Disneyland refurbishment schedule, a few interesting things worth noting are listed. For starters, what didn’t change at all was the previously listed extended rehab for Space Mountain that will see the ride closed from Aug 22 through to Nov. 19th. With the existing attraction planned to go down for good sometime in 2024, I’m somewhat surprised it will still undergo such a lengthy refurbishment now.
    Meanwhile the existing closure of the Swiss Family Treehouse that should have ended by now was extended through to July 31st.
    Mickey’s PhilharMagic has been listed for awhile to go down for an extended rehab from July 4 through to Sept. 13th. While this could be technology upgrades, both American versions of the attraction and the one in Paris all added a new scene (and song) to the attraction featuring characters from the film Coco in 2021. It would make sense to upgrade the Tokyo version during this refurbishment. So far the OLC has not posted any kind of update indicating this will happen however.
    The big new addition I noticed however is that Pirates of the Caribbean is now scheduled to undergo an 8-month long refurbishment, from early September 2022 until April 2023. If one of the American versions was to go down that long, I’d suspect some improvements or changes could be made to the themeing, but the Japanese parks don’t always work that way, and this could just be for a major planned mechanical refurbishment, technology updates, or all of the above. Either way, 8 months is a long time regardless, so Pirates should be looking pretty slick by the time it reopens next year.
    (11/4/21) According to JapanTimes, the Tokyo Disney Resort has extended the operating hours of the theme parks and on Nov. 1st, they brought back the Dreamlights nighttime parade to Tokyo Disneyland. Dreamlights has not been performed since late February 2020 when operations were first affected by the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tokyo Disney also confirmed that they will start to incrementally raise the daily attendance limit above the previous limit of 10,000 guests. They will however be keeping the requirement of having an advanced reservation to visit the parks.


2021_0408_ToyStoryHotel2022 - Toy Story Hotel - (4/9/22) Tokyo Disneyland announced the opened their new Toy Story Hotel this past week, featuring 595 Toy Story inspired guest rooms, a Gift Planet store run by the little 3-eyed aliens and the Lotso Garden Cafe restaurant.
    (10/29/21) According to BlooLoop, the Tokyo Disneyland Resort is planning to open their new Toy Story Hotel on April 5, 2022. Follow the link to see concept art of the hotel exterior, room concepts, interior areas and more. The new resort will offer 595 rooms and feature two gift shops, the Lotso Garden Cafe, Slinky Dog Park and more.

    (4/9/21) According to a new article, OLC has released the official name of Tokyo Disney’s newest hotel, and big shock... it will be called “Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel”. As previously reported it will be themed to the Toy Story films and characters. Look for this new “Moderate” level resort to appear in front of the Bayside Station on the Resorts Monorail line.
    The new hotel will offer 595 guest-rooms in an 11-story structure, built at a cost of $284 million (31.5 Billion Yen). The plan is still to open it sometime in 2021.



icon_STOP2027 - New Space Mountain - (4/28/22)  Tokyo Disneyland surprised everyone with the announcement that the park’s Space Mountain attraction will be undergoing a complete overhaul. As part of the announcement, new concept art was released that definitely gives the iconic mountain attraction an all new look that will set it apart from its American counterparts.
    Gone is the old classic hard-line design and find a new Space Mountain design that seems to have taken on more of a swooping organic style of design instead. According to the release this will be an “entirely new attraction” featuring new “immersive special effects”, but will maintain the original concept of an indoor roller coaster ride through outer space.
    As you may have guessed, this seems to be a complete rebuild of the attraction that will see the original Tokyo Disneyland Space Mountain close for good sometime in 2024 and reopen sometime in 2027. The project will also see a new enhanced plaza built around the new Space Mountain that will “express the connection between Earth and the universe, representing an image of a future where humans are in harmony with nature.””
    No further details were given about what the new attraction experience may offer but I am very curious. Tokyo’s Space Mountain opened in 1983 and was built essentially as a clone of the Disneyland version that opened in 1977 and later closed for it’s own rebuild in 2003. When the Disneyland version was rebuilt over a two years period, they really only rebuilt the actual roller coaster ride inside of the structure. It isn’t known if any of Tokyo’s original structure will remain, or if this will be a complete rebuild.




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