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icon_STOPPark News - (12/26/2022) Things are going very well for Toverland it seems. According to the latest news, despite the pandemic, the Netherlands theme park has now officially broken their own attendance record this year after welcoming the one-millionth guest in 2022 to the park on December 17th.
    The previous attendance record for Toverland was set way back in 2019 where the final count for the year was just 862,000 guests. In 2022 the park offered an updated version of their existing Expedition Zork flume attraction (see below) and has since announced an expansion of four new attractions to come to the park’s Avalon area for the 2023 season.

    (2/19/20) According to reports Toverland hosted a record number of guests during the 2019 season. The park’s attendance rose to 862,000 in 2019, an increase of 50,000 from the previous year. With plans to feature an extended season, longer hours, and more events at the park in 2020, they are likely to see attendance levels grow again this year too in the hopes of pushing towards 1 million guests a year.


2023 - Four New Attractions - (9/20/22) Toverland is planning on a large expansion to their existing Avalon themed area that first opened in 2018 featuring Fenix (a B&M Wing Coaster), and the Merlin’s Quest boat ride. According to Themeparks-EU, Toverland will invest €10 million for the 2023 season and opening four new attractions in Avalon along with other area theming and enhancement. The new attractions will include:
    Pixarus - A Gerstlauer SkyFly, which will be located right in the middle of Fenix’s helix turn, creating some fun visuals.
    Dragonwatch - A family friendly 17 meter tall drop tower ride.
    Garden Tour - A family friendly car ride through Merlin’s magical herb garden.
    Jumping Juna - A kid friendly fly-around ride where the cars are themed as either Juna the Unicorn or Sparky the Dragon. Both of these character will be introduced for the first time in Toverland for the 2023 season.




Newest Attractions:
2022 - Expedition Zork Update

2018 - Fenix, Merlin’s Quest, Avalon, Port Laguna

2013 - Magic Land

2012 - D’wervelwind


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