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Yet To Be Named
Universal Studios Texas Theme Park

Frisco, TX
NBC Universal / Comcast

Opening in ????


----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (3/17/2023) New Layouts Shown For Proposed Texas Universal Studios Theme Park
    (3/10/2023) City of Frisco Votes To Go Ahead With Universal Studios Texas Park Plans
    (2/25/2023) Frisco Delays Final Vote On Universal Park Project
    (1/12/2023) Universal Announces New Theme Park Project in Texas



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- (3/17/2023) The latest approvals to move ahead with the proposed mini Universal Studios theme park in Frisco, Texas, some new concept artwork of the development have been posted to a city run website for the project. This includes a look at how the project’s roads will tie into the existing highways, as well as the placement of the park, hotel and parking lots. They also show that there will be a small berm with trees planted all around the edge of the development.
    According to some details mentions at the meeting, LocalProfile has mentioned that the basic park hours expected right now are 10am to 6pm on most days, but will vary based on demand. This will include extending close to 9pm on some nights, and up to 20 days per year when the park will be allowed to stay open until 10pm for holidays and special events.
    (3/10/2023) Good news, the city of Frisco has voted to approve the needed zoning permissions needed for Universal’s plans to build a small theme park resort in the area, allowing the project to move forward to the next phases of development. As one might expect, there are a good number of locals opposed to having this kind of development dropped into their city, but the city stands to gain quite a bit of revenue from having Universal come in, not to mention all the assorted other businesses that will want to develop in the area in support of Universal’s plans.
    (2/25/2023) According to a local news update, the leaders in Frisco, TX have announced they were holding off on giving final approval to the proposed new Universal Studios theme park. For now they are looking to address concerns of the neighbors and citizens who live in the area about the project before they meet again on the issue on March 7th, where they could once again vote to approve it and move forward.
    (1/12/2023) Universal Studios Texas… who would have saw this coming? In a surprise announcement the leaders of the Universal Studios theme parks announced a deal where they have obtained about 97 acres in Frisco, Texas (just north of Dallas) where they are planning to build a brand new Universal theme park.
    This won’t be a studios park like in Hollywood, or anything on the scale of the parks in Orlando, but instead this will be a smaller scale park with experiences that will be more focused on family groups, especially those with smaller children. So in other words, I think it’s safe to say this will be a park focused on many of the more child-friendly IP’s in Universal’s portfolio such as the animated works from Dreamsworks Animation (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Trolls, How To Train your Dragon, etc..) as well as Illumination (Despicable Me, Minions, Secret Life of Pets, Sing), and who knows, given Universal’s relationship with Dr Seuss and Nintendo properties, you may see some of those characters as well.
    Looking over the artwork, I can see what definitely looks like a Trolls themed area in the lower right side of the park, and I can see Jurassic Park/World style entrance portal on a bridge in the upper left corner before that part gets cropped out. In the upper right, there is sort of some castle looking structures, which could be for either Shrek or How To Train your Dragon perhaps.
    In addition to the small theme park the project will include a 300-room resort hotel. Universal did not give a timeline for this project yet, and it still needs to go through the various approval processes in Frisco, but currently the reaction from Texas seems quite ecstatic about it, so hopefully we’ll find out more soon.




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