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Shakopee, Minnesota (Abbreviation: VF)
Cedar Fair L.P.





icon_STOPPark News - (8/1/21) The Grand Carnivale party has come to Valleyfair, but just a reminder that the free event will only run at the park through to August 8, 2021. One more reminder, just like the rest of the theme park, this is only running Wednesday through Sunday, as the park is closed every Monday and Tuesday this season through to Labor Day (Sept 6) and then park operations move to a weekend only schedule, except for Sept. 12th when the park is closed completely for some reason.
    (3/13/21) Valleyfar will open to guests on May 22 this year and while there wont be any new rides to enjoy, the park will host a Grand Carnivale celebration this summer from July 24 to August 8th.
    (1/30/21) Cedar Fair has announced that Valleyfair will open for the 2021 season on May 22.


2021 - Nothing is known at this time...


icon_STOP2022 - Nothing New - (8/13/21) So far the only item confirmed as coming to Valleyfair in 2022 will be the Grand Carnivale celebration during the regular season.


???? - New Parking Lots / Access Road / Soak City Expansion - Long Term Planning - In Development -
    (9/21/19) According to a reader the permits for Valleyfair to rework their property are still active. One permit for the project is still good through to the end of 2020, giving the park time to act upon these plans still, while the permit with the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act was last revised in March 2018 and still good until March 22, 2023.
    (5/19/17) According to the notes from the Shakopee City Council, they have recommended approval for Valleyfair's future expansion and wetlands replacement plan which was also approved by the Army Corp of Engineers apparently. Of course, as previously mentioned when the plan was first announced, it seems pretty clear cut that Excalibur will be removed to make this happen, so get your last rides in on it this season while you still can.
    (6/2/15) New plans for Valleyfair, submitted through the Army Corps of Engineers, show that Cedar Fair is now looking into more long term ways to improve the use of their property in a way that would also provide more room for future park expansion projects.
   This project in particular shows a plan that would replace the current employee parking lot road that cuts through the Western side of the park between Excalibur at the Soak City waterpark. A new access road would be built instead that would run along the outer edge of the park property to the south of Excalibur, run West and North along the property’s edge, then coming back again to run into the current employee parking lot in the rear of the park. Also as part of the project, two new parking lots would be created: a new employee parking lot at the rear of the park, but closer than the current one, and a new guest parking lot in the south/west corner of Vallyfair’s property.
   This later part of the project is perhaps the most telling of the park’s future plans, as the map label this area as “New Water Park Guest Parking Lot”, and shows it covering not empty property, but also a section of the property currently occupied by the park’s Excalibur roller coaster. This matches up with a rumor I was sent this past week claiming that Excalibur was down to one train operation for the season, and that this may actually be the coaster’s last season. Excalibur’s site would be the most ideal location for Valleyfair to build a very large new addition to the Soak City waterpark experience… one that would apparently include the addition of a dedicated parking lot and entry gate directly into the waterpark itself, without having to park in the main lot and walk all the way through the theme park.
   Kings Island added a similar concept for their Soak City waterpark a few years ago by adding a separate entry gate directly into the waterpark from the far end of the parking lot as a way to keep guess only interested in the waterpark from having to use the park’s main entrance.



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