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Erie, Pennsylvania








icon_STOPPark News - (5/17/22) A local news article about Waldameer Park shows how the park has been playing it cautious throughout the pandemic and avoiding adding expensive new attractions in favor of internal improvement projects. While they are looking forward to an excellent 2022 season, they are concerned about how inflation could affect things as the year goes on.
    The good news is that at the end they say they are making a new 10-year plan for the park, and expecting to spend about $50 million on the park over the next decade.


2022 - Nothing is known at this time...



Track Record

Waldameer Park
Erie, Pennsylvania

Newest Developments
2021 - Rally Racer

2020 - Whirlwind

2019 - Chaos

2018 - Samba Balloon & Cannonbowl

2017 - Battle of Lake Erie

2016 - Kiddie Waterpark Expansion

2015 - New Wave Pool

2013 - Music Express

2012 - Happy Swing

2011 - Flying Swings, SS Wally and Wendy’s Tea Party



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