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icon_STOP2024 - Wizard of OZ - (7/20/22) Believe it or not but Warner Bros. Movie World Australia just announced that they are building a new Wizard of Oz themed land for the 2024 season. According to the announcement on Facebook the land will feature a pair of racing Family Boomerang coasters, a new suspended family coaster and lots of immersive theming.
    Based on the artwork, the racing family boomerang coaster tracks appear to be set on a drab Kansas farm looking property, while the suspended family coasters runs in and out of a dark castle structure with red and blue trains that immediate bring the Flying Monkeys to mind. In the background is a large green structure that can only represent the Emerad City, but what lies inside is still a mystery.  So far they are only promoting the land as having two rides, so maybe the large green structure could contain some kind of interactive walk-through adventure, but it could also simply be a large restaurant. One never knows…




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