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- (1/6/2024) A train full of riders on the DC Rivals coaster at Warner Bros. MovieWorld in Australia were safely evacuated down the lifehill staircase when their train came to a quick stop just short of hitting the top of the 202 foot tall lift. Normally this wouldn’t be a major story, as no one was in any danger with the evacuation being as simple as walking down a long flight of stairs. In this case however, it is the unique reason the coaster stopped that is interesting.
    According to the local news reports (with photos and a video), a rider’s long scarf had come loose and become tangled up in the wheels of the train, causing everything to come to a halt. The riders were removed and crews worked to remove the scarf from the wheels, keeping the coaster down for about three hours.
    While we could just comment on the practice of being careless with your belongings while on a coaster, I’m wondering just what someone was doing wearing a long scarf on the ride to begin with. Besides the fact that if the other end of the scarf were wrapped around your neck when it got caught in the wheels, it could have killed them, you also have to remember that January in Australia is the middle of Summer Down-Under, and not Winter, making the scarf an odd fashion-choice.
    (12/27/2023)  A bad storm ripped through Australia’s Gold Coast region on Christmas night and caused some message damage to the popular theme parks in the area. WB MovieWorld, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Dreamworld and White Water World were all forced to remain closed the next morning for the Boxing Day holiday to clean up the aftermath. A video from the driver passing by MovieWorld can be seen at the link, showing off the debris from countless trees that were downed by the storm.
    From what I read, the only Gold Coast park that actually opened on Dec. 26 was Sea World.


icon_STOPEarly 2024 - The Flash: Speed Force - (5/18/2024) Good news for those visiting Warner Bros. MovieWorld Australia, as the park has finally opened their latest attraction: The Last: Speed Force. While the ride is new to MovieWorld, it isn’t new to the overall resort complex, as it previously ran over at the Wet ‘n Wild waterpark as Surfrider from 2007 to 2020, and then sat quietly inoperable until it was removed a a year ago to be moved over to WBMW.
    The video should be on interest to those waiting to see what Intamin’s Ultra Surf coming to Six Flags over Georgia is like, as the first one under construction at Six Flags over Georgia will feature a car with the same style configurations of spinning seats.

    (7/9/2023) The Flash: Speed Force is coming to Warner Bros. MovieWorld park in Australia. The new ride is a half-pipe shaped Intamin Surfrider coaster that may be familiar to guests of the Gold Coast’s theme parks, as it formerly ran as the Surfrider at Wet ‘n Wild Water World before it closed in 2020. The ride is now back with a new theme and bright red and yellow paint, and will be located within the layout of the park’s Superman Escape roller coaster.
    Look for The Flash: Speed Force to be ready to open around April 2024. |



icon_STOPLate 2024 - Wizard of OZ - (2/13/2024) WB MovieWorld Australia announced new details about their planned Wizard of Oz themed land and attractions set to open by the end of 2024. The land will feature a Yellow Brick Road, buildings of the Emerald City, the “Flight of the Wicked Witch” family suspended coaster, and a pair of interwoven Family Boomerang coasters that will be named the “Kansas Twister”.
    (7/20/22) Believe it or not but Warner Bros. Movie World Australia just announced that they are building a new Wizard of Oz themed land for the 2024 season. According to the announcement on Facebook the land will feature a pair of racing Family Boomerang coasters, a new suspended family coaster and lots of immersive theming.
    Based on the artwork, the racing family boomerang coaster tracks appear to be set on a drab Kansas farm looking property, while the suspended family coasters runs in and out of a dark castle structure with red and blue trains that immediate bring the Flying Monkeys to mind. In the background is a large green structure that can only represent the Emerad City, but what lies inside is still a mystery.  So far they are only promoting the land as having two rides, so maybe the large green structure could contain some kind of interactive walk-through adventure, but it could also simply be a large restaurant. One never knows…




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