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    (9/19/2023) A Black Bear Discovered Inside Disney's Magic Kingdom on Monday (MORE...)
    (9/9/2023) Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost Update, Pirates Lounge and a New Country Bears Show
    (8/30/2023) Tiana's Bayou Adventure Construction Update (MORE...)
    (8/21/2023) Win A Stay In The Cinderella Castle Suite (MORE...)
    (7/30/2023) Hatbox Ghost Placement Location Within Haunted Mansion Confirmed (MORE...)
    (7/11/2023) Could Haunted Mansion Refurb Bring The Hatbox Ghost? (MORE...)

Ride Rehabs - These dates are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate as refurbishments are subject to change.
Splash Mountain - NOW CLOSED through Late 2024 to become Tiana’s Bayou Adventure


icon_STOPPark News - (9/19/2023) An unusual event took place at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on Monday morning that forced management to keep half of the park closed. During the early morning hours work crews discovered that a black bear had somehow made it’s way into the park. The various reports are slightly conflicting about where the bear was first spotted, with some saying it was first discoverd on Tom Sawyer’s Island while others say it was found climbing a tree by Big Thunder Mountain.
    Regardless of where it was first spotted, Disney was forced to keep Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Square closed entirely until the early afternoon. After a lengthy search staff were able to sedate the bear and gently remove it from the theme park property by the early afternoon. Based on aerial footage captured by the news and some insider reports, the bear was finally captures in a wooded area between the backside of the Small World ride at the railroad tracks.

    (8/21/2023) You’ve probably heard about the legendary Cinderella Castle Suite located inside the castle at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. To stay the night inside this legendary suite, it isn’t anything you can purchase, or find a way to book with your local travel agent. No… the suite was created originally as a super rare prize that Disney would bestow upon random guests during the park’s Year of the Million Dreams celebration that took place from late 2006 through to 2007 or 2008. 
    Since then, Disney has rarely used the suite, but it still exists and now through Give Kids The World Village you can enter into a contest to try and win a one-night’s stay in the most exclusive room in all of Walt Disney World. Follow the link for all the details.
    (4/22/2023) Walt Disney World has confirmed the return of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party. The upcharge special-ticket after-hours event will take place on select nights from August 11th through to November 1st. Look for tickets to go for sale online starting May 2, as many dates will sell out quickly.
    The current schedule posted shows event nights to take place on:
August - 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29
September - 1, 4, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29
October - 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, 31
November - 1
    Like on most years, the event will feature the return of the Sanderson Sisters (from Hocus Pocus) to put on the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltracular show at the Cinderella Castle stage. New to this year’s event will be the addition of Tron Lightcycle/Run though Disney has already confirmed that access to the new ride will only be through the same Virtual Queue system they are using during regular park hours. |

    (3/5/2023) A new animatronic doll has been added to the cast at It’s A Small World at the Magic Kingdom this week. What makes this one a little different is the fact that this doll is sitting in a wheelchair.
    While this is a first for the Orlando attraction, the original Small World attraction at Disneyland in California made a similar addition last November, so it was only a matter of time before a similar addition was made to the Florida counterpart. The addition is being promoted as an act of “inclusion” in the park, but before anyone rolls their eyes, I would agree this is a right move here. More than any other attraction at a Disney theme park, Small World is about including representation of children from all around the world from every culture and in every form.
    (1/11/2023) Walt Disney World has confirmed that the Happily Ever After nighttime show will return to the Magic Kingdom starting on April 3rd, 2023, featuring all new projections down Main Street USA. The current Disney Enchantment show will run through to April 2nd.


icon_STOPSpring 2023 - TRON Lightcycle / Run - (6/8/2023) Ok, I’ve got to admit, the new 90-second Tron Lightcycle/Run ad Disney just posted is pretty dang awesome and does a great job showing off the ride in action. At 90-seconds however, the ad is actually longer than the high-speed portion of the actual ride, which from Launch to the brake-run, is only about 60 seconds, but I’ll take what I can get.

    (3/19/2023) A great video posted by Attractions Magazine shows off actor Jeff Bridges, star of the two Tron films, beaming in a special video congratulatory message to Walt Disney World for the opening of Tron Lightcycle/Run! Check it out below.

    (2/9/2023) For those curious to see the difference between the new Tron Lightcycle/Run roller coaster in Orlando and the original that opened at Shanghai Disneyland, a nice side-by-side comparison POV video of the two ride experiences can be seen below.

    (2/4/2023) Our friends at Orlando Experience were able to participate in a preview of the new Tron Lightcycle/Run attraction at the Magic Kingdom yesterday and have posted a great video showing off the highly anticipated new attraction in action, including much of the themed queue experience, including a cool section where the launch room for the coaster is suddenly revealed to guests in line.
    Based on the early videos out there, much like the Shanghai original, the real magic happens when you are able to ride Tron Lightcycle/Run at night, taking full advantage of the extremely colorful canopy effects as you travel through the outdoor portion of the ride, making it less jarring going from an indoor ride, outdoors and then back indoors again for the finale. You can see what I  mean about the daytime experience in a second video below showing off a daytime POV run on the new Magic Kingdom ride from the front row.

    (1/28/2023) The Disney Parks Blog has confirmed an interesting new feature that will come to the Magic Kingdom when Tron opens… free mandatory lockers. From the sound of the description, this will be a double-sided locker system, not unlike you would have seen Universal Orlando use on VelociCoaster. What makes these different however is that these free lockers are made to work with guests MagicBands or Ticket Media being used as the “key” to open them. Guests visiting without a MagicBand or the appropriate RFID enabled ticket media will be provided with a card to be used for the lockers instead.
    Unlike Disney’s other major attraction, there really is no place to keep your various loose items while riding. The Lightcycles only have a small compartment able to hold small items like a cellphone, wallet or glasses, and anything else must be put in a locker while you ride.

    (1/11/2023) Programs… prepare to enter the Game Grid! At long last Disney has confirmed that Tron Lightcycle / Run will open to all guests starting on April 4, 2023.
    Now… Disney isn’t saying anything about this yet, but if they follow true to past behavior patterns, then you can probably expect to see the Virtual Queue system that was previously in use for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Ratatouille and currently on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind switched over for use on Tron Lightcycle / Run.
    While we’re talking about Tron, a new photo update was posted by MouseSteps the other day, giving us our latest look at the construction progress taking place outside the attraction building.




icon_STOPFall 2023 - Haunted Mansion adds Hatbox Ghost - (9/9/2023) Disney has confirmed that the new Hatbox Ghost will arrive at Orlando’s Haunted Mansion this November. Released concept art shows off how he will appear when added to the endless hallway scene in the early portion of the attraction experience.
    (7/30/2023) Walt Disney World has not only confirmed that the Hatbox Ghost is coming to the Haunted Mansion very soon, but they’ve also revealed his future location within the attraction. Unlike the Disneyland version, the new creep won’t be in the attic scene, instead the Hatbox Ghost will appear in the “Endless Hallway” scene that appears earlier on in the Florida ride experience, following the gravity defying staircase room.
    Technically, I believe this will make him the first “visible” ghost guests will now see in the attraction. Prior to this moment all the other signs of otherworldly are invisible (such as the floating candelabra at the end of the endless hallway scene, or the glowing footsteps on the staircase. Otherwise I believe the next visible creeper you encounter will come just after the Hatbox Ghost location, when you pass by the coffin with the decaying arms and hands attempting to escape.

    (7/11/2023) According to WDWNT the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom will be shutting down for a brief refurbishment from August 7 - 9th. This will see the attraction reopen just in time for the start of this year’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party events. That’s all well and good, but the really interesting part of the rumor is that this refurbishment might see the infamous Hatbox Ghost character added to the Florida attraction.
    The Hatbox Ghost character was actually part of the original Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, but only for a few weeks/months before it had to be removed due to the special effect breaking down. It took decades, but the Hatbox Ghost returned to the Disneyland mansion in 2015, and was previously announced to be coming to the Florida mansion sometime this year.


icon_STOP2024 - Country Bear Jamboree Update - (9/9/2023) According to an announcement at DestinationD23, the Country Bear Jamboree will be updated in 2024 to add some new songs, and an all new act “reinterpreting favorite Disney songs in different genres of country music!”.






icon_STOPLate 2024 - Tiana’s Bayou Adventure - (8/30/2023) I posted a current look at the status of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World to IG the other day while visiting the park on Saturday. There is still a lot of work left to do obviously, but currently the outside of the former Splash Mountain is covered in a sea of scaffolding. Between the removal of the large tree stump from the top of the mountain and the added scaffolding, the impact to viewing it all in person somehow makes the former attraction look a lot shorter than before. I’m sure this will all change once the all new topper decor featuring Mama Odie’s house is placed on the peak, as seen in the concept artwork above.

    (7/4/2023) The new Tiana’s Foods themed watertower has now been installed in the front area of the former Splash Mountain attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park.

    (4/15/2023) Don’t say that Screamscape didn’t already report this rumor back in June 2020. Strangely enough the hot rumor flying around the Magic Kingdom this week is that much of Frontierland, from the Diamond Horseshoe down to Pecos Bill’s restaurant may be about to be transformed into a “New Orleans” themed land to properly tie into the transformation of Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. This would then essentially leave Big Thunder Mountain as the only remaining piece of Frontierland. (note: the fate of the Country Bears attraction is currently unknown.
    As I said back then, the conversion of Splash in Disneyland was a no-brainer, as it sits right next to the park’s New Orleans Square area that contains Pirates of the Caribbean, a railroad station, the original southern themed Haunted Mansion and an assortment of New Orleans themed shops and restaurants. At the same time, I mentioned that converting Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom was going to be much more problematic and somewhat confusing to suddenly have a New Orleans themed attraction right sitting in the middle of Frontierland between Pecos Bill’s and Big Thunder Mountain.
    This rumor was followed by reports a month later that Disney World has been sending out guest surveys to see how guests felt about a number of different attractions, many of which had been rumored to be on the list of attractions up for retirement. This survey also specifically asked guests about how they felt about The Country Bear Jamboree and Tom Sawyer’s Island.
    Much like what happened at Disneyland when they added Galaxy’s Edge, rumors have also been rampant ever since about attempting the same thing at the Magic Kingdom, but trying to develop the land to create a bridge of new attraction spaces that could connect the backside of Big Thunder Mountain over to Haunted Mansion. If so inclined, this could give them the space to make an expanded and “New Frontierland” of course to tie into Big Thunder but it could also give them space to create new land concepts where Big Thunder may also be adopted to fit, serving as a sort of transition-style mini land moving guests from the New Orleans theme into another environment that would be used to tie into something new, such as a more Latin themed area that could be home to attractions themed to Coco and Encanto.
    Just how to bridge this gap has been another big question for some time, as access to the land behind Big Thunder is difficult… unless they opt to go the route of just removing the entire back half of Tom Sawyer’s Island, along with the river which could be shorted into a smaller loop around the front island for the Riverboat. Either way, this will be an epic project for the future someday.
    (4/11/2023) MouseSteps has posted a new construction update from the Magic Kingdom this week, taking a look at what’s been going on over at the former Splash Mountain attraction. In addition to work walls up all along the pathway around the mountain, scaffolding has also been set up everywhere inside giving workers access to work on the mountain structure itself. Currently it looks like they’ve be working to remove the large tree stump icon that sat atop Splash Mountain, just over the final drop. They also mention that the new Tiana themed water tower structure is expected to be added to the site sometime later this summer.
    (1/21/2023) Just a reminder that your last day to ride Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is this Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023. After that the ride will close to begin the lengthy transformation process to become Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which isn’t set to reopen until “Late 2024”.
    (12/4/2022) Disney has confirmed that the Magic Kingdom version of Splash Mountain will be closed for good starting January 23, 2023. This is all part of the plan to transform the attraction into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in time to reopen sometime in 2024. A new piece of artwork was released showing off a new scene guests will see upon entering the Bayou, featuring a Zydeco band made up from the local critters.
    So far a closing date has not yet been set for the Disneyland version of Splash Mountain.
    (8/18/22) Disney may be planning something big for the Magic Kingdom. File this in the rumor bin until we hear otherwise, but some early whispering is going on that seems to indicate a possible redevelopment of the backside of Tom Sawyer’s Island is being discussed. This wouldn’t be the first time it was proposed to remove the back portion of the island and essentially fill it all in to create room for a new land that would bridge the gap between Big Thunder Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. To a lesser extent, Disneyland reworked the back-half of their own TSI to re-route the railroad closer to the water and to make room for their own Star Wars: Galactic Edge land.
    Despite the fact that Disney has confirmed their plans to go ahead and retheme Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure by late 2024, they have yet to address how this New Orleans themed adventure is going to fit right in the middle of Frontierland. In Disneyland, the project is a perfect match, as their Splash Mountain is right next to the Haunted Mansion and the rest of that park’s New Orleans Square land. In the Magic Kingdom, things are a bit more complicated.
    So it does make me wonder if they might not be considering reworking the nearby back-half of Tom Sawyer’s Island to become some kind of new New Orleans themed area to help tie it all together. I know Big Thunder Mountain is still going to be right in the way of it all, but it would possibly help things along to create a mini New Orleans Square type zone near Splash… and if the river has to go, maybe it’s time to dry-dock the Liberty Bell Riverboat along the shore nearby, where they could turn it into some kind of restaurant with Creole cooking, or if the using the paddlewheeler proves impractical, they could always make a real world version of the Tiana’s Place restaurant.
    Again, this is all based on a very quiet rumor right now, but given that the D23 Expo will be taking place very soon (Sept. 9,10,11, 2022) that would be the best place to give an early announcement for this kind of project.
    (7/22/22) Disney has finally come forward with more details about the planned transformation of the current Splash Mountain attractions in Disneyland and Florida’s Magic Kingdom parks into what they are now calling Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The plan is to convert and open both new attractions in late 2024.
    The announcements actually came from Disney reps attending the “ESSENCE Fest” in New Orleans this week, which you can see more of at the Disney Parks Blog post. As far as the attraction itself goes, they say it will serve as “a love letter to New Orleans” and be full of the music and culture of the city.
    “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will take guests on a musical adventure inspired by the beloved story and characters from the fan-favorite film. Picking up where the film left off, guests will join Princess Tiana, Naveen and jazz-loving alligator Louis on an adventure through the bayou as they prepare to host a one-of-a-kind Mardi Gras celebration where everyone is welcome. Along the way, guests will encounter familiar faces, make new friends and travel through the bayou to original music inspired by songs from the film as they are brought into the next chapter of Tiana’s story.”
   I didn’t see any mention of when they planned to actually close the existing Splash Mountain rides however to begin the conversion, but I’m guessing they’re probably going to give these projects an 18-24 month timetable, so to make that late 2024 opening means each Splash Mountain will likely have to close sometime between December 2022 to May 2023. So get your last rides in while you can.
    (8/25/21) Another piece of concept art and a round-table discussion by Disney Imagineers about the plans to transform Splash Mountain into a new ride themed to The Princess and the Frog has been released. According to the talk, Tiana will invite guests to go along on an adventure with her in the bayou, so the new experience will be one where the guests are included in the action, instead of just watching the action unfold in front of them.
    (8/9/21) Curious… and sort of unusual for Disney, but a large section of scaffolding has been set up on the left side of Splash Mountain, as seen in the tweet below. As seen in the photo, Splash Mountain is also still open to guests while this is taking place. In old Disney-speak, once might call this an example of “bad show”, but others fear that perhaps the time to begin the transformation of Splash Mountain into the new Princess and The Frog edition of the ride may be coming soon.
    No timeline was ever given by Disney to perform this work, but with the 50th Anniversary celebration getting ready to start, I do find it hard to believe that they would close Splash Mountain during the celebration to perform this work instead of waiting until afterwards. Anyone know more about what’s going on here? Simply some kind of needed maintenance or something else entirely?

    (7/12/20) Various survey’s Disney has been sending out over the past week are asking guests how they feel about a number of different older attractions. Based on past rumors and whispers over the years, the majority of these attractions being discussed have long been rumored to be on the list of potential attractions for retirement due to age, low guest satisfaction numbers, or if they simply just can’t handle modern throughput requirements. A couple of interesting items reported to being on the surveys include Tom Sawyer’s Island and The Country Bear Jamboree, both of which exist in Frontierland.
    As mentioned in a previous post about the announced conversion of Splash Mountain into a Princess and the Frog themed attraction, one rumored idea being thrown around and discussed by many is the possible conversion of Frontierland into another New Orleans Square land, not unlike the one at Disneyland which sits right next to their own Splash Mountain.
    While I had previously mentioned this was an idea I had myself in the last update, I do have to correct that to say that it was an idea had by many individuals and not just myself, so I was not trying to take credit for the idea. So let us just say that this is something being discussed in many circles, as well as some very important ones. These new surveys only back up the rumors that Disney may be seriously ready to renovate the entire land into something else, leaving just Big Thunder and the Railroad station as the possible last pieces of Frontierland to remain.
    It is also interesting to consider just what the Magic Kingdom could possibly do if the back-half of the river and Tom Sawyer’s Island were removed entirely and the property used to create a new Frontierland expansion, or perhaps even an entirely new land to explore. After all, in our current world where COVID concerns are primary in everyone’s mind, a high-touch environment like Tom Sawyer’s Island may have outlived its purpose.
    (6/29/20) While no timeline was given for the announced transformation of Splash Mountain into a new Princess and The Frog themed attraction, I’ve been giving some thought as to how the experience seems to be a perfect fit for Disneyland, but couldn’t be more wrong for The Magic Kingdom. At least, it just seems wrong given the current theme of the area in front of Splash Mountain, where it will be inside the middle of Frontierland.
    This all changes however if you stop for a moment to wonder if this may just be a part of a larger overhaul that could see the old original part of Frontierland transformed to become a New Orleans Square style land, not unlike the one at Disneyland. Some of this is my own thoughts, mixed with conversations with others, but if you would retheme Frontierland from the pathway starting just past the Diamond Horseshoe all the way down to the Peco Bill’s restaurant to have a New Orleans theme, it would then fit right in with the waterfront, complete with the Liberty Belle paddlewheel boat passing by… ending with the revised Princess and the Frog themed version of Splash Mountain. Unfortunately this would shrink Frontierland down just the railroad station, Tom Sawyer’s Island and anchored by Big Thunder Mountain, but it would still work on it’s own in much the same way that Critter Country at Disneyland worked as a small land anchored by Splash Mountain and the Country Bears (with the later eventually turned into a Winnie the Pooh dark ride).
    The one downside to this concept of mine would be the loss of the Country Bears show from The Magic Kingdom, but to be honest I think the park has been looking for an excuse to retire that old attraction for ages and this might be it. Again… just something to think about… and nothing rumored… yet.
    (6/27/20) I’m not quite sure where to begin with this post, but Disney dropped a bombshell of an announcement this week that I was not really expecting. Disney announced that they are planning to retheme the Splash Mountain attractions at Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom parks to The Princess and The Frog animated film.
    I’ll let that sink in for a moment… Brer Rabbit and the whole Zippey-Do-Da-Gang are being removed, and the ride will be rethemed around the world of Princess Tiana and friends. According to the Disney Parks Blog this new story will begin just after ‘the final kiss’ from the film where riders will “join Princess Tiana and Louis on a musical adventure - featuring some of the powerful music from the film - as they prepare for their first-ever Mardi Gras performance.”
    As someone who grew up and was a huge Disney park fan throughout my early years, this kind of shocked me. I’m not the biggest fan of changing some of the Disney attractions, just for the sake of change. The older the attraction is, the more of an attachment I think I might have had to it from my childhood. Case in point, I wasn’t a fan of the idea of changing the classic auction scene in Pirates to the current version where “Redd” is now a pirate.
    I do not hate the new scene, as it is well done, but like any major change, I think it just takes some getting used to the idea and seeing the new version in the end to appreciate it. After all, like many of you, I grew up for decades chanting ‘We wants the red head’, which is now only part of the Disney history books.
    I was a teenager when Splash Mountain was first built… in fact I had no idea it was even going to be a thing at all until visiting Disneyland during my Grad Nite event in 1988. I could see the huge steel structure rising into the night sky, surrounded by construction walls promoting the new ride to open in 1989. While I was already a fan of Disney parks, it was this moment that made me interested in the process of how Disney designed and built massive new attractions like these. My curiosity was sparked that night, which obviously had an effect on me for years to come.
    So understand me when I say that upon first seeing the announcement this week, I probably dropped an F-bomb in disbelief. It didn’t help that a few weeks ago some news outlets were reporting that there was an online petition of activists asking Disney to do this very thing, but according to Disney this is actually a project that the Imagineers “have been working on since last year”.
    I’m still surprised… but not entirely. Splash Mountain always had a rather interesting choice of IP in using the characters and theme from the film, The Song of the South. This is the one film that Disney has chosen to lock away in their vaults forever, with no plans to ever release it again, not even on Disney+. The 1946 film is a mix of live action and animated segments set in the old South following the end of the American Cival War and the abolishment of slavery. The film became criticized over the years since then due to the depiction of the Southern African-American characters and their animated counterparts as being potentially racist or offensive.
    Despite this, the IP was tapped as the theme to build not just one, but three Splash Mountain attractions at Disney parks across the world. The original Splash Mountain opened in Summer 1989 in California followed by another in Walt Disney World in 1992 and a third at Tokyo Disneyland, also in 1992. There is no reference to the film at all, and the ride seeks to tell its story through the various animated characters from the film mixed with some new friends, that were actually retired Animatronic figures from Disneyland’s America Sings attraction. It is safe to say that the attraction has been a smash hit for Disney parks ever since, and as the ride system itself is staying, it will continue to do so, even with a new theme.  The attraction was designed to carry riders through the various scenes accompanied by a fantastic musical soundtrack, so I can easily see how it can be rethemed and ‘plussed’ by Imagineering in this endeavor. If you take a look at the concept art you can see the classic look of Splash Mountain will be altered to look more green and lush, especially at the top of the drop where the old tree stump will now become Mama Odie’s House, featuring a full tree holding the broken boat high in the branches above where the logs emerge and take their plunge.
    As a concept, I can easily see how many aspects of the current Splash Mountain layout and scenes can be changed to The Princess and The Frog. The report that this all takes place after the “last kiss” does make me hope that they can somehow include the return of Dr. Facilier (aka: The Shadow Man) as I’d love to see the scenes in the belly of Splash Mountain’s from the mid-drop up to the approach to the big drop be given over to create a scene with the voodoo man and the forces from “the other side”. Of course we all know the ending scene of Splash Mountain with the River Boat will probably be kept and updated to be a Mardi Gras celebration with Tiana and Louis, which is only fitting.
    So with all this in mind, I can see how the overall ride experience may actually be improved here by going forward with a new theme. I know how tempting it is to say you wont like it just because it isn’t the ride you grew up with, but look at just how many people seem to enjoy the Guardians of the Galaxy version of the former Twilight Zone attraction at Disney California Adventure now. Many say that the Guardians version was a dramatic improvement over California’s Twilight Zone version, so we really will just need to wait and see what happens.
    My only final thoughts here have more to do with the overall theming of the lands and such involved. Clearly changing Splash Mountain to now have a New Orleans theme in Disneyland is a no brainer, as the modified look of the new attraction will fit right like a glove positioned next to The Haunted Mansion there, creating an extension of the existing New Orleans Square theming, and leaving Pooh at the solitary inhabitant of Critter Country. In Walt Disney World however, the change is going to be a bit more disturbing to the current theming of that park where Splash Mountain is set smack in the middle of Frontierland, positioned between Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Frontierland buildings that are home to The Country Bears attraction and the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe. I don’t have a solution or answer to this particular issue, so I’m curious to see how WDI will address it.
    It is also interesting to note that, for now at least, Splash Mountain will live on in Japan, as there has been no plans posted to update or change the version at Tokyo DIsneyland at this time. At this point in time, Disney has given no time-table as to when we may expect to see this transformation process begin at either park, but hopefully there will be time to have a few more final rides on Splash Mountain before the old version is gone for good. (Now if maybe Disneyland can work in a plan to modify their trough system to use the same double-wide boats that WDW uses, that would be great as well...)


icon_STOP2024/2025?? - Pirates Lounge - (9/9/2023) According to DestinattionD23, A new “Pirates of the Caribbean-themed lounge” will be coming to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom.





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