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Vienna, Austria




2024 - Wiener Looping & Olympia Looping - (3/23/2024) Take a look at breakdown of the layout for the new Wiener Looping coaster coming to Wiener Prater later this year.

    The ride hardware for this new compact thriller roller coaster will be from Mack Rides using their BigDipper coaster model. Also keep in mind that the portable Olympia Looping coaster (Schwarzkopf) will be returning to the Prater this year as well.



2025 - Family Adventure Coaster - (3/23/2024) A new family adventure coaster will come to the Prater in 2025 as a replacement for the former Super8er Bahn (Pinfari) that was closed in late 2022 and removed last Spring. Originally I believe this was for the 2024 season, but now appears to be for 2025 according to the listing at RCDB.



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