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Vienna, Austria



icon_STOP2022 - Olympia Looping - (3/7/22) Some pictures of the Olympia Looping coaster going up at Prater for the 2022 season were found on FB and posted late last month.

    (1/30/22) As the new Wiener Looping coaster project has been pushed back a year (see below), it appears that Wiener Prater will be bringing back the popular Olympia Looping coaster (Schwarzkopf) for the 2022 season.


2023 - Wiener Looping - (1/30/22) According to the latest updates on RCDB, the proposed new Wiener Looping coaster will be built by Mack Rides, but now will not open until 2023.
    (10/17/21) According to RCDB, Wiener Prater is planning to add a new coaster in 2022 named “Wiener Looping”. Note that this is not the old Schwarzkopf built Wiener Looping that was first built at Wiener Prater back in 1982, as that current resides at Selva Magica in Meixco where it is now known as Bullet. According to this article the new Wiener Looping coaster would be “the largest and most spectacular roller coaster in Austria, which is to extend over several Prater parcels as well as over the public area.“ The article was written earlier this year, but listed a hopeful timetable that would see construction begin as early as September 2021 in order for the coaster to be ready for the 2022 season. (So if you are local, keep an eye open for it.)




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