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icon_STOPPark News - (6/19/22) According to a rather odd local news story, a man was arrested earlier this week while trying to buy a gun from an “informant” with the Sheriff's department. He has now been charged with “first degree terroristic threat” after threatening to “blow  up” the Worlds of Fun theme park, as well as calling a hotel near the park and threatening to kill hotel staff as well as children at the amusement park.
    At one point in time this may have just seemed like a crazy threat, but in today’s world I’m glad that the threats were taken seriously and the man was caught before anything happened.

    (6/18/22) A quick word of warning to anyone visiting Worlds of Fun this summer. According to a posting from the park, current upgrades taking place to Mamba’s operating system have limited operations to just one train. “To reduce waiting in the heat, we are implementing Timed Entry and Season Pass ERT at MAMBA on weekends.”

    (11/15/21) A construction wall has been seen at Worlds of Fun that is said to be blocking off the park’s Chickies and Pete’s restaurant. Meanwhile a permit has also been discovered for this same site to the “inspection of chickens and petes building for partial demolition.” Since it is only a partial demo, I would imagine that the site may actually be getting some improvements and possibly an expansion before reopening for the 2022 season. This falls in line with Cedar Fair’s claim that they will be focusing on park improvements and new restaurants over the 2022 season instead of new rides.


2022 - Refurbishments - (1/15/22) Worlds of Fun has posted a new Blog update where they details some new changes taking place in the park. This includes details on the major restoration of the park’s Le TaxiTour antique car attraction for the 2022 season, the refurbishment of the Bamboozler ride (Super Round-Up), plus a little more on the refurbishment of the top cap of the Detonator towers. According to the blog the cap is being refinished and repainted, and when they put the cap back on, the inside of the cap will also be decorated with the signatures of those who work at the park.
     (12/13/21) Worlds of Fun has been very quiet as of late. Not much chatter, not much on the rumor front, and really not much on the news front, as it has been years since the park added a major new attraction. The park’s Twitter has been giving us a look at some rehab work taking place over the winter however, so they are alive and working. For example they removed the top cap from the two Detonator towers to announce that a new top was coming, but they haven’t shown it going up yet. Another post shows off the park’s Bamboozler ride in pieces as part of that ride’s winter refurbishment.
    But I can’t help but feel that the park is well past due for something special… sooner than later.

    (8/13/21) So far the only item confirmed as coming to Worlds of Fun in 2022 will be the Grand Carnivale celebration during the regular season.


icon_STOP2023 - New Attraction / “Project 50” - Early Rumor - (6/16/22) One of our readers has come across a new work permit linked to World of Fun, with a project name of “WOF Project 50 Grading Plan”. The scope of the work is simply listed as “Construct gradingb per plans reviewed for code compliance”, so really not much to go on there. The key piece of interest in the name, listing this as “Project 50”, and of course 2023 will be the season for World of Fun to hold a 50th Anniversary Celebration.
    (5/29/22) Over the past month, a small bit of possible activity has been spotted at Worlds of Fun that could be an indicator of the park’s rumored 2023 project. As mentions before, the rumor was the 2023 project (codename: “Project 2.0”) may be to add a modern style replacement for one of the park’s beloved removed coasters from the past like Zambezi Zinger or Orient Express. Of course the coaster fans would love nothing more than to see RMC make a new Raptor style coaster here, where the narrow single rail and single-row seating configuration would indeed give off some Zambezi Zinger style vibes.
    As someone not familiar with the park itself however, I’ll include a couple of tweets below that show off some early clearing, and survey markings found around the former Dinosaurs Alive location at the park over the past month.

    (3/3/22) While it doesn’t appear that much is happening at Worlds of Fun for this season, we have been slowly hearing some quiet rumors suggesting that the park will be adding something of interest in 2023. The latest news from a new source backs up another rumor I had heard a few months ago, that the park’s next coaster project would be coming in 2023, and would be some kind of modern replacement for an old beloved coaster, thought to be either the Zambezi Zinger or Orient Express. According to our source, internally the project has been given the codename, “Project 2.0’.
    This is also expected to be a major selling point for the park’s 50th Anniversary celebration taking place in 2023, where the park will be heavily marketed as the hometown park to the people of Kansas City. They say the plan is to also get the Hunt Family involved in some fashion, who were the original creators of the Worlds of Fun park.
    (1/15/22) While we don’t know much yet, we are starting to hear some early whispers than Worlds of Fun may be preparing to install their next major ride for the 2023 season. Even better, there is a good chance that the new attraction will be a new roller coaster, something the park hasn’t added since Prowler opened way back in 2009!  So stay tuned!



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