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icon_STOP2019 - Attraction / Development News -
    (3/13/19) While previous releases indicated that the Nickelodeon Universe park inside American Dream would open sometime in Spring 2019, the latest word is that the opening seems to have slipped back and may now be shooting for a Summer opening timeframe.
    (3/9/19) A quick thanks to a reader for sending in some photos of the construction taking place at the American Dream’s Nickelodeon Universe park. No word on how old these are, but nice to get some new views of the rides at the very least.









(2/4/19) The names of the coasters at the new Nickelodeon Universe park coming to the American Dream mall were announced over the weekend at the ACE Eastcoaster event. As we had first heard rumored the big Gerstlauer coaster is indeed themed after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and will be called, “Shellraiser”. The interwoven spinning Gerstlauer coaster is also TMNT themed and will be called “The Shredder”.
    The kiddie coaster we saw the train for at IAAPA will be called “Slime Streak” and the compact Intamin coaster will called Sandy’s Blasting Bronco.

    (1/17/19) A couple of images taken inside the new Nickelodeon Universe park at American Dream Meadowlands were sent my way showing off the interwoven Gerstlauer coasters, and one giving us our first look at that new compact Intamin made coaster we just heard about. Note that all of these rides still have yet to be named, and as you can see in the photos, it looks like little else has been done inside as far as installing the rest of the theme park… though this is because they needed complete access to get in and put up the huge coasters first. Once they are done, I think the rest of the rides and themeing should fall into place quickly.
    Speaking of themeing… and names… what can we expect of these coasters? The smaller “sister” ride to the big Gerstlauer coaster at the other Nickelodeon Universe was given a SpongeBob theme and called SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge, so it is possible we could see one of the coasters here given a SpongeBob theme. The colors are all wrong though for the big Gerstlauer coaster, as the green track has led to rumors that it could be themed to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instead.

    (11/30/18) There has been some buzz about the new Nickelodeon Universe park coming to New Jersey in 2019 at the American Dreams mall. It is worth noting that the official coaster count there is now up to 5. In addition to the Gerstlauer Eurofighter and Spinning coasters there will also be a Chance built family coaster with orange track and based on what Chance had up for display at IAAPA, it may have green slime themed cars. Now add two more coasters from Intamin to the list. The first will be an Intamin Surfrider half-pipe creation, and the second Intamin ride is an LSM launched coaster that is rumored to be fairly compact creation. As far as I know, the first photo of the Intamin ride, with blue track, was posted to Reddit.

    (11/28/18) An article about the DreamWorks themed waterpark coming to the American Dream Meadowlands in 2019 breaks down some of the park’s major attractions. They also note that while the amusement park is set to open in Spring 2019, the waterpark portion will open sometime afterwards, but does not specify when.
    All said, the waterpark will offer 15 creations from ProSlide including an 8-lane OctopusKrakenRACER slide, a pair of FreeFall speed slides that will drop you 50 feet at 70, a Tornado 60 slide with six-passenger rafts, and the HydroMagnetic Rocket slide, which should be the largest indoor water coaster in the world when it opens. Other attractions include a Madagascar themed water tower with several slides attached, a Kung-Fu Panda themed children play complex, and 80-foot Shrek and Donkey character balloons hanging from the ceiling.
    (10/11/18) A great picture showing off the progress on the two Gerstlauer coasters going up inside the American Dream was posted to Twitter last week. Check it out below.

    (3/30/18) The new Gerstlauer made coaster (a near-clone of Takabisha from Japan) is now under construction at the American Dream / Nickelodeon Universe theme park in New Jersey. As you can see from a photo captured by a webcam at the construction site the giant vertical lift hill, along with the 121.5 beyond-vertical first drop is now fully built inside the structure, with the top of the lift poking out the top of the building by a good bit. Wow, what a view that is going to be when they are finished. Follow the link to check out the latest images on the webcam as they are posted.


American Dream Gerstlauer 1

American Dream Gerstlauer 2

American Dream Gerstlauer 3

American Dream Gerstlauer 4

American Dream Gerstlauer 5

American Dream Gerstlauer 6





    (11/6/17) Screamscape recieved a small a batch of artwork files showing off the new interwoven Gerstlauter coasters coming to the Nickelodeon Universe park at American Dream Meadowlands.
    (11/3/17) The Nickelodeon Universe park going into American Dream will feature two major coasters from Gerstlauer with layouts that will be interwoven with each other. The first is a launched Euro-Fighter style coaster that will feature a 'beyond-vertical" drop that will take the world record for being the "steepest" while the other will be a Spinning Coaster that will take the world record for being the tallest and longest free-spinning coaster. Currently the steepest drop on a coaster is Gerstlauer's own Takabisha at Fuji-Q in Japan which features a 121 drop after a vertical lift hill climb, as well as a launch at the start of the ride.
    Meanwhile a reader sent some images my way showing off some layouts of the waterpark, theme park (including coaster layouts) and even a diagram of the giant wheel.

    (10/30/17) A picture showing off new green coaster track found near the American Dream Meadowlands site was posted to Instagram a couple days ago. Looks like things are about to get serious over there as they attempt to make a Fall 2018 opening date.

    (9/27/17) ProSlide made an interesting post to their Facebook page last week, confirming that they will be the ones putting in all the slides at the Dreamworks themed waterpark coming to the American Dream mall. They claim it will be "smashing records with its 15-slide custom tower, a massive TORNADO 60 funnel, the world's first indoor water coaster and lots more." All coming in March 2019 apparently... along with a preview video. Check it out below.

    (4/8/17) It has been confirmed that Triple Five have signed a deal with KidZania to create one of their mini-theme park environments (80,000 sqft) inside the new American Dream Meadowlands mall. Currently American Dream is looking to open by Fall 2018, though the new KidZania attraction wont be ready until sometime in 2019.
    (9/14/16) The planned theme park inside the American Dream Meadowlands now has a name... and it will be one you may have heard of before. The mega-mall developer, Triple Five, has teamed up with Nickelodeon to create a second Nickelodeon Universe theme park inside the mall.
    This new indoor Nickelodeon Universe park will be 8.5 acres and much like the original park inside the Mall of America, it will feature rides, attractions and characters based on the various Nickelodeon-owned properties like SpongeBob SquarePants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    It is also worth mentioning that the waterpark inside the American Dream mall will be be themed to the DreamWorks Animation films and characters as well, which are now owned by NBCUniversal.
    As previously planned, the mall will also have a small LEGOLAND Discovery Center, a SeaLife Aquarium, a 300 foot tall giant wheel, indoor Ski park and a 22,000 sqft adult arcade attraction called For The Win that will feature games, bowling, craft beers and live music performances.
    The opening of the project has now been reset for a Fall 2018 opening date.
    (8/26/13) According to this news report Triple Five closed the deal to officially purchase the American Dream Meadowlands property, formerly known as Xanadu. With the giant retail complex 80% complete before stalling out years ago, Triple Five is expected to break ground with crews once again to finish it up, dropping an additional $1.9 billion into the complex with the hopes of opening it within 18-24 months. It will be nice to see some new progress made here once they get things going.


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