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News Update: 10/1/14 -

Six Flags America Vows To Increase Security Following "Fight Fest"

Passholders Unhappy with Wet 'n' Wild Sydney Again

ScreamRide Video Talks About New Destruction Oriented Xbox Coaster Game

Hersheypark - Laff Trakk Update

California's Great America - New 2015 Rumor

Knott's Scary Farm - VooDoo and Tooth Fairy Details

Universal Hollywood - Eyegore Awards and HHN 2014 Fun

Drayton Manor May Expand Thomas Land In 2015

News Update: 9/30/14 -

Universal Orlando - Aliens, Predators and No more Human Sacrifice

Universal Studios Florida - New Restrictions For Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Universal Studios Hollywood - Construction Update

Six Flags New England - Wicked Cyclone Update

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Twisted Colossus Gets Extra Twisted

Six Flags America - Chaos Breaks Out Into The Parking Lot

Cedar Point - Rougarou Transformation Already In Progress

Disney World - Epcot - New Lumberjack Show Coming To Canada

Disney World - Hollywood Studios - Final Studio Backlot Tour Video

Knott's Berry Farm - Specia-Ops: Infected POV Video

Internet Fun - Coaster Crew and In The Loop Go Solo

Carowinds - First Fury 325 Track Now In Place

Oh Dear... oh DEAD DEER... at Lightwater Valley

Kings Dominion - Tower Tastings

News Update: 9/29/14 -

Knott's Scary Farm 2014 - Halloween Haunt Review!

Orlando - I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing Coming in December

Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi Park Update

Universal Orlando - NASCAR Sports Grille Closing

Universal Studios Hollywood - Fast & Furious Supercharged Pics

Hard Rock Park - Tearing It Down... the latest pics

Disneyland Paris - Mark Twain and Western Rivers Update

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom: Hub Construction Update

Merlin Wants To Add More Dungeon Attractions To the US Market

Adlabs Imagica opens new Aquamagica Waterpark

California's Great America - Halloween Haunt Photos

San Diego "Haunt" May Be The Most Intense In The World

Universal Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 4

Six Flags New England - Fright Fest Video Coverage

SeaWorld Orlando Says No New Polar Bears Anytime Soon

Hong Kong Disneyland - Paint The Night Parade Ad Is Cool

News Update: 9/26/14 -

Universal Orlando - Halloween Horror Nights 24 POV Haunt Videos

Parque de la Costa adding new waterpark

Tokyo DisneySea To Open King Triton's Concert in April 2015

Hersheypark - Laff Trakk Aerial Construction Pics

Fright Dome at Circus Circus Las Vegas

Orlando Eye - Construction Update

Kentucky Kingdom - New Ride Announcement

Universal Hollywood - New Halloween Horror Nights Pictures

Walt Disney World - Polynesian Village Update

Six Flags Mexico - Festival del Terror

Riders Rescued From Coaster at Castle Park

Internet Fun - Canada and North-West US Trip Report

News Update 9/25/14 -

China Adding World's First Polar Theme Park

Dollywood - DreamMore Resort and New Construction Updates

Ride Entertainment Group Teases New Attraction

Brazil - Several New Attraction Updates In The Works

South America - New Park Opens in Uruguay

Parque Nacional del Cafe to open KRATER EuroFighter

News Update: 9/24/14 -

Universal Studios Hollywood - Halloween Horror Nights Review / Soundstage 28 Demolition

Walt Disney World: Hollywood Studios Closing Down Studio Backlot Tour

Walt Disney World: Disney Springs Construction Update

Busch Gardens Williamsburg - 2015 Coaster Construction

Disneyland - Danny Elfman at the Haunted Mansion

Kings Dominion - Halloween Haunt Update

Carowinds - Fury 325 Construction Update

Shanghai Disneyland Signs Sponsorship Deal with Shanghai General Motors

Universal Studios Japan Getting In On The Halloween Horror Nights Fun

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas to get first Slideboard attraction

Old Hard Rock Park Giant Guitar Is Now Gone

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Twisted Colossus Track Install

Six Flags New England - Wicked Cyclone Construction Update

Disneyland Paris - A Disturbing Look at the Rivers of the Far West

Sochi Park - Ride Videos and New Attractions

News Update: 9/23/14 -

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 24 - Official Review

News Update: 9/19/14 -

Cedar Point - Rougarou is Real and Official

Schlitterbahn South Parde Island Resort - Cenote Underground Slide

Introducing Apex Parks Group

Knott's Berry Farm - Construction Update

Tempesto Confirmed to Busch Gardens Williamsburg Staff

Orlando Eye Construction Update

Cedar Fair vs Jack Falfas Update

Disney World: Magic Kingdom - Hub Construction Update and More

Disney World: Polynesian Village New Sign Installed

Busch Gardens Tampa - Christmas Town Update

Freestyle Music Park - Led Zepplin Coaster Almost Gone

Gardaland - Operation Orange Construction Update

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Twisted Colossus Site Video

Disneyland - HalloweenTime

Dreamland - Scenic Railway Restoration Begins

Adventureland To Remove Hurricane Roller Coaster

Universal Orlando - HHNCompound Replaces Legendary Truth

News Update: 9/18/14 -

Dubai Parks & Resorts - New Pictures and Construction Progress Reports

Six Flags New England To Remove Classic Sky Way Attraction

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Loses Their Heads

Remember the Naked & Scared Challenge Haunted House?

Kings Dominion - Construction Updates

Alterface Working on The Marvel Experience Traveling Attraction

Pennsylvania - ScareHouse Teams Up With Legendary Pictures

Disney World: Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Mania Expansion

Disney World: Animal Kingdom - Rivers of Light Construction and More

South Carolina - Locals Oppose The Track Go-Karts

Hersheypark - Laff Trakk Construction Update

Chessington - Halloween Update

News Update: 9/17/14 -

Cedar Point - Time to play Good News / Bad News at The Point

News Update: 9/16/14 -

Six Flags New England - New POV of Wicked Cyclone Looks Awesome

Freestyle Music Park - Led Zepplin Coaster Coming Down Down Down...

Kings Dominion - Halloween Haunt Update

Keansburg - Pinfari Coaster Likely To Open in 2015

Cedar Point LeBron Announcement Today

Disney World: Epcot - Frozen Ride Confirmed To Replace Maelstrom / Soarin' Expansion Update

Disney World: Magic Kingdom - Elsa To Freeze the Castle Nightly This Winter

Disneyland Paris - Star Tours 2 and Maybe More for 2017

Canada's Wonderland - SkyRider SOLD?!

Islands of Adventure - New Kongstruction Update

Universal Orlando Hosting One Direction Concert in November

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Twisted Colossus Update

Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Coaster Construction Update

News Update: 9/12/14 -

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Prices

More about Funtime's Skyfall Portable Tower

Las Vegas - Possible New Rainforest Cafe

Hong Kong Disneyland - Paint the Night Parade Video

Lotte World Waterpark Update

Six Flags New England - Wicked Top Off

Valleyfair - Soak City Expansion Confirmed

Grand Texas At A Stand-Still

Dreamworld - TailSpin Update

Universal Studios Hollywood - HHN Clowns Sneak Peek

News Update: 9/11/14 -

Universal Orlando - Halloween Horror Nights 24 Sneak Peek

SeaWorld San Diego Halloween Spooktacular

Six Flags Magic Mountain - New Haunts for Fright Fest

Funtime To Sell Skyfall, a Portable 262 Ft Drop Tower

Gatlinburg's New Alpine Coaster Is Now Open

Dollywood - Construction and the National Southern Gospel & Harvest Celebration

Six Flags New England - Wicked Cyclone Video Update

Hong Kong Disneyland - The Princess Forest?

News Update: 9/10/14 -

Universal Orlando - 5th Resort Confirmed - The Beautiful Sapphire Falls Resort

SeaWorld Parks To Offer Waves of Honor Ticket Salute To Veterans

Knoebels Talks About The Impulse Coaster

Universal Studios Singapore - Battlestar Galactica To Live Again

Kings Dominion - Waterpark Construction Update

Hersheypark - Laff Trakk Update

Dollywood - Mystery Construction Continues

Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Passholder Appreciation Weekend

Michigan's Adventure - New 2015 and 2016 Attraction Rumors

Kennywood - Wild Ride Removal Rumor... Could It Be True?!

News Update: 9/9/14 - Fire & Brimstone Edition

Colossus Fire at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Falcon's Fury - Struck By Lightning

News Update: 9/8/14 -

Islands of Adventure - Interesting New Marvel Lighting

Universal Studios Hollywood - Want To Attend the Eyegore Awards Before HHN?

Universal Studios Singapore - New Shows, Construction and HHN4 Goodness!

Six Flags New England - Wicked Cyclone Update

Disney World: Epcot - World Showcase Photo Trip Report

Dubai Parks & Resorts - Phase 1 Construction Report

Knott's Berry Farm - All Season Dining Plan

Orlando Eye / I-Drive 360 Update

Dollywood - New Mystery Construction Begins

Canada's Wonderland - More Zombies 4D Details

Six Flags White Water Closes Cliffhanger

Kentucky Kingdom - More on the 2015 Attractions

Las Vegas - Slotzilla Opens The ZOOMLINE

Busch Gardens Tampa - Is Falcon's Fury Fowled Up?

News Update: 9/5/14 -

Six Flags Great Adventure - Fright Fest Details and 2015 Rumor

Lagoon To Open Cannibal as New Coaster in 2015

Cedar Fair Reports This Year Going Well So Far

Conneaut Lake Park To File Chapter-11

Texas - Carnival Accident Update

Tokyo Disneyland - New Jungle Cruise Now Open

Tweetsie - Ghost Train Halloween Festival

News Update: 9/4/14 -

Hersheypark - Laff Trakk Construction Update

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Twisted Colossus Rails Now On Site

Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Howl-O-Scream and 2015 Coaster Update

Parkitect Seeking Kickstarter Help For New Theme Park Sim Game

News Update: 9/3/14 -

Teens Hurt Falling From Carnival Ride in Texas

Morey's Piers - Zombie Mud Run Includes Ride on Great White Coaster

Roller Coaster Tycoon World Update and Screen Shots

Orlando - Holy Land Experience Free Today

Knott's Scary Farm - Construction Update

Busch Gardens Tampa - Falcon's Fury Officially Open Now

Disneyland - Pirates and Frozen Updates

Legoland Florida - Opens Buddy’s Character Corner

Canada's Wonderland - Zombies 4D for Halloween Haunt

Universal Singapore Closes Monsters Rock Show

Universal Studios Hollywood - Final House of Horrors Walk-Through

Universal Orlando - HHN24 Construction And More

Disney World: Animal Kingdom - New Animal Exhibit Area

Six Flags St. Louis - John Wood Talks Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Six Flags over Texas - John Wood Talks Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

News Update: 9/2/14 -

Cedar Point Says Mantis To Be Squashed

Six Flags New England - Wicked Cyclone Construction Pictures

Walt Disney World - Downtown Disney Construction / Bus Transportation Update

Walt Disney World: New Starbucks Coming to Hollywood Studios Park

Carowinds - Fury 325 Aerial Construction Pics

Thorpe Park - Fright Nights

Alton Towers - ScareFest Details

Chessington - New Show for 2015

Adlabs Imagica To Open Aquamagica Waterpark In Near Future

Silverwood - Fire Burns Down Waterpark Bathroom

Wild Adventures - Terror In the Wild Haunt Details

Disneyland Offering Cheap Attraction Pics To Mobile

California - Madame Tussauds Opens Marvel Super Heroes in 4-D

Universal Studios Hollywood - Construction Update

News Update: 9/1/14 - Labor Day

Canada's Wonderland - SkyRider Might Find A New Home

Waterworld California - Oops! New 2014 Slides Finally Open!

Hansa Park - Karnan Hypercoster Update

New York - A Behind the Scenes Look Inside the Niagara's Fury Attraction

Disney World - EPCOT: Soaring Expansion Progress Report

Disney World - Magic Kingdom: Astro Orbiter Rising

Universal Studios Singapore - HHN4 Construction / Puss In Boots Update

Dollywood - DreamMore Resort Shows Off The Farmhouse

Six Flags over Texas - Justice League Construction Video
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