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United Kingdom (Abbreviation: BPB)




Park News - (10/31/14) Good news regarding the man who broke his neck riding the Grand National earlier this week, as the local news reports that he has successfully come out of emergency surgery treatment that had only a 5% success rate to restore his breathing and circulation. He is now in stable condition and able to breathe unaided.
    (10/29/14) From the sound of things, this may be one of those freak one-in-a-million incidents, but the local news in the UK is reporting that a father riding the Grand National roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach snapped his neck and is currently paralyzed.


2015 - Red Arrows SkyForce - (5/22/15) A fun POV video of the Red Arrows Sky Force ride in action at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been added below. Check it out!

    (4/28/15) A great video of the new Red Arrows Skyforce ride testing at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was shot over the weekend. Check it out below!

    (10/24/14) The BBC have confirmed half of our 2015 rumor. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is indeed adding a Red Arrows themed ride in 2015 to be called Sky Force. It wont be a Zamperla Air Race however, instead it will be a Gerstlauer Sky Fly ride, allowing the riders to spin their own cars upside down as much as they like while soaring through the sky.


icon_STOP2016 - No New Attraction - Rumor - (8/14/15) According to the latest report sent in, BPB is not planning on adding any new attraction for the 2016 season at this point in time. Older plans for a 4D attraction of some kind have been put on hold. However, the park is also said to be planning to remove the Grand Prix and Go Karts in 2016, as well as the remaining monorail track over Nickelodeon Land and near Avalanche.
    (3/19/15) Screamscape sources tell us that BPB may be looking into adding some kind of 4D cinema or new simulator style ride into a couple of sites in the park... either possibly on the upper level of the old Space Invader building, or inside the old Black Hole dome.


icon_STOP2017 - Project 2017 - Rumor - (8/14/15) According to a new rumor, BPB is planning on adding a Mack Rides Launched Coaster for 2017... if all goes well. I'm told that the layout will go along the "Watson overpass" and replace the Grand Prix station, some nearby buildings and the old Monorail station. The layout isn't entirely known, but is expected to use much of the space around the Tom Sawyer bridge, Grand Prix and Go-karts site.
    (8/5/15) It seems a bit early for this, but a local guest tells me that a "jeep" has appeared somewhere inside Blackpool Pleasure Beach with the words, "Project 2017" written on it. I'm told that most of the jeep is currently covered up, except for the park with the text, but if the park is really trying to hype a project for 2017 at this point in time... it could be for something massive, like a new roller coaster at long last.  Anyone have a picture of the jeep to share?


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