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Park News - (3/20/16) As rumored, a section of the old unused monorail beam from Blackpool Pleasure Beach has now come down, before the start of the busy season. I'm told that this section in particular was removed to help make way for a new BBQ Grill restaurant site.




Don't look for all of the park's monorail track to come down however, especially not all at once, as I've been told that a good deal of the park's utility conduits are hitched to the beam system, so in some areas of these systems would have to be reconfigured to allow for the beam removal.
    Our sources tell us that the next section to be removed wont be until the fall, but it should be the beam sections all around the Nickelodeon Land area.


2016 - No New Attraction - Rumor - (8/14/15) According to the latest report sent in, BPB is not planning on adding any new attraction for the 2016 season at this point in time. Older plans for a 4D attraction of some kind have been put on hold. However, the park is also said to be planning to remove the Grand Prix and Go Karts in 2016, as well as the remaining monorail track over Nickelodeon Land and near Avalanche.
    (3/19/15) Screamscape sources tell us that BPB may be looking into adding some kind of 4D cinema or new simulator style ride into a couple of sites in the park... either possibly on the upper level of the old Space Invader building, or inside the old Black Hole dome.


icon_STOP2018 - Project 2018 - Rumor - (5/23/16) An anonymous Screamscape source sent in a great layout drawing showing off just what Blackpool Pleasure Beach has planned for 2018, in the form as a double-launched Mack coaster that will feature a number of great inversions, twists and turns. The image is a little blurry, so the text is hard to read, but some play by play information was provided to make it more clear.





    The coaster will launch from the left side of the image to the right, towards The Big One where it looks like it will shoot up over the Top Hat element, up and over the lift hill of The Big One. On the other side it will drop down into an inclined loop, a "Banked Double-Up" and a series of twisted turns before it comes back and returns over (or through) The Big One in a Zero-G-Roll maneuver. From here it will hit the second launch right up and into an Immelman, more twists, turns, a high speed helix and an "airtime hump", "off axis airtime hill" and ending with a "high dive" before hitting the brakes.
    All said and done, this looks like it should be one hell of a good ride and I can't wait to hear more about it as it moves forward.
    (4/27/16) The Blackpool Gazette has posted an interview with the boss of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Amanda Thompson, which covers several aspects of the park.
However, towards the end of the interview they do briefly mention the park's next big ride project is coming in 2018. From what I've heard, this is the first public confirmation from her about the 2018 project, as she has so far denied it thus far. This also seems to confirm the project has been pushed back a year to 2018.
    According to the latest rumors sent to Screamscape, the project is a Mack made launched coaster that could feature two launch sections along the route, one needed to shoot the train up and over a large "top hat" element. Other rumored elements include inclined loops, interlocking corkscrews and high speed helix spins. More as we find out.
    (3/20/16) I'm not sure how firm this is, but the latest rumors about the 2017 project suggest that some unexpected delays with signing off on the final plans may have caused the project to be pushed back to 2018.
    (2/19/16) A reader visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach sent in a great picture showing off the newly carved huge open space that has been made with the removal of the bridge and pathway that used to cross through this area. Plenty of room to add something large in the near future.
    (2/5/16) A local source sent in a new picture showing off a bit of the construction taking place at Blackpool Pleasure Beach this week. They also tell us that a new replacement bridge for the demolished Tom Sawyer bridge is now in place, but it goes a different route "going underneath Avalanche". This apparently opens up a lot of room between Avalanche, The Big One and Big Dipper for the future project.
    (12/13/15) A reader was kind enough to send in a picture from Blackpool Pleasure Beach to show that the Tom Sawyer bridge has already been removed to make way for the new 2017 coaster.
    (12/11/15) The latest rumor about adding a new coaster to Blackpool Pleasure Beach claims that the project may be looking to start vertical construction by October 2016, and open in time for May 2017. Meanwhile, I'm told that some early ground prep work for the ride may have already begin in the Tom Sawyer lake, and other site prep work may happen through to August 2016, including the removal of the Tom Sawyer bridge.
    From the sounds of things the new coaster, rumored to be from Mack Rides, will be a launched coaster with the station of the site of the Grand Prix station, with a rumored length of 1200 meters, and a 90 second ride time. The construction of it will see the closure of  two attractions in Sept. 2016 and a third to close temporarily just after Halloween.
    (8/14/15) According to a new rumor, BPB is planning on adding a Mack Rides Launched Coaster for 2017... if all goes well. I'm told that the layout will go along the "Watson overpass" and replace the Grand Prix station, some nearby buildings and the old Monorail station. The layout isn't entirely known, but is expected to use much of the space around the Tom Sawyer bridge, Grand Prix and Go-karts site.
    (8/5/15) It seems a bit early for this, but a local guest tells me that a "jeep" has appeared somewhere inside Blackpool Pleasure Beach with the words, "Project 2017" written on it. I'm told that most of the jeep is currently covered up, except for the park with the text, but if the park is really trying to hype a project for 2017 at this point in time... it could be for something massive, like a new roller coaster at long last.  Anyone have a picture of the jeep to share?


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