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icon_STOPPark News - (1/31/19) Ride Entertainment’s Adam Sandy has published a grand article all about Blackpool Pleasure Beach, as seen from a historical point of view, of how it proudly represents a look at the past and present of classic seaside amusement park design, while offering an experience you really won't find anywhere else in the world.
    (7/11/18) A quick update on the stalled out train for The Big One discovered over the weekend. I'm told there was a power outage on Saturday that stopped the train in the mid-course brake-run, where the guests were evacuated from the train. Since the train looked empty when stalled on the tracks later, it looks like they tried to get it to complete the course without adding any extra weight to it once released from the mid-course and it simply stalled out.
    (7/9/18) Anyone know what happened to the The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach? Sometime over the weekend it looks like one of the trains came to a halt on the track on a slight-downhill portion of the track just before entering the tunnel leading to the brake run. Given the placement of the train, this doesn't look like a place a train would "valley", which makes me wonder if there was some kind of wheel issue at hand.

    (1/22/18) While out focus of late at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been on the sudden closure of the famous Wild Mouse, BlooLoop reports that plans were filed by the park to build a new 120-room, five-story hotel at the park. The new hotel will feature a conference center and the nearby Coasters Diner will be revamped to serve as a restaurant and bar for the new hotel.
    As for the Wild Mouse, sources tell us that the sudden removal of the coaster was not something planned long in advance, but rather a more sudden and pressing matter came up that  kind of forced their hand into making the hard choice to remove it. With demolition crews already on site taking down the Trauma Towers facade nearby, it only helped expedite the removal of the Mouse as well.


2018 - ICON / New Coaster - (6/21/18) Our friends at BlooLoop take a look into the creation of ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and how the park settled on the idea of their newest launch coaster creation from Mack Rides. Plus, did you know there are some interesting connections between BPB's Thompson family and the Mack family over the years?

    (4/21/18) It’s official… Blackpool Pleasure Beach will hold the grand opening of ICON on May 25, 2018.

    (3/23/18) Photos and video footage of ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in action can be found posted to this week.
    (3/14/18) What a day for Mack Rides... not only did Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City open for the media preview today, but the gigantic ICON coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach took its first successful test run today as well. Check out the video below.

    (2/18/18) Good news, ThemeParks-UK reports that the final track piece for Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was lifted into place the other day and have posted a few pictures of the event.
    (12/15/17) Icon, the new coaster being added to Blackpool Pleasure Beach is going  up quickly and will be the focus of some interesting photography in the season to come. For a nice example of where Icon crosses paths near to several other coasters in the p ark, check out a new photo posted to FB by the park.
    (9/30/17) Good news for Blackpool Pleasure Beach as the park apparently recieved a shipment of parts for the new Icon coaster from Mack Rides.







    (4/11/17) And there it is... Blackpool Pleasure Beach has finally named the 2018 coaster as ICON... with a pretty spiffy looking logo too I might add. The twisted new coaster will pass close by to other park attractions about 15 times over the course of the nearly 4,600 foot track length., hitting a maximum height of 88.5 feet and top speed of 55 mph (80 kph), but with a forcefull launch that will hit 4.3 G.
    A new preview video of the coaster showing off the look of it was also posted, which you can see below. According to the park the ride will feature polished SILVER track with dark metallic grey supports, which is going to give Icon a look like no other coaster I've seen before.

    (4/10/17) According to a post by Blackpool Pleasure Beach, it sounds like the park will make some kind of announcement about their new 2018 roller coaster on their official Facebook page on April 11th at 9am. Rumor has it, this may be the official announcement of the name for the new coaster. Looking back at how the park named some of their big rides in the past (Pepsi Max Big One, Playstation: The Ride, etc..) lets hope that this one gets an original inspired name and that they didn't sell off the naming rights to a product sponsor.
    (3/6/17) A reader visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach sent in a quick photo of the park's 2018 coaster construction site, looking down from the edge of the old Tom Sawyer bridge. Meanwhile a few more pictures of the site were also posted to Twitter by the park in late February that are also worth checking out.
    (12/7/16) Work has begun at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the park's giant new steel coaster that will open in 2018. More information, a video from the construction site and another look at the new coaster's animation footage can be found over at BlooLoop.
    (10/31/16) I'm not sure how legit this rumor is, but one rumor going around Blackpool Pleasure Beach claims that the name of the new 2018 coaster project might be "Ragnarok", and somehow tie into the Norse mythos. While this could just be an example of imagination running wild at this point in the game, especially with the name to be used in 2017 as the subtitle for the third Thor movie, this wouldn't be the first time the park has opted to use Norse themeing. The only problem is that the park's Valhalla flume ride essentially sits on the opposite side of the park from where the new coaster is going. At this point I don't think the park will release the final name until sometime next summer anyway, so we've got several months to wait and see what happens.
    (9/29/16) The video showing off the new Mack launched coaster coming to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2018 has been posted by the park. Over the 1.14km of track very twisted track, it will only hit a height of 88.5 feet, and a top speed of 80 kph, but hit 3.4Gs. Check it out below.

    (5/23/16) An anonymous Screamscape source sent in a great layout drawing showing off just what Blackpool Pleasure Beach has planned for 2018, in the form as a double-launched Mack coaster that will feature a number of great inversions, twists and turns. The image is a little blurry, so the text is hard to read, but some play by play information was provided to make it more clear.
    The coaster will launch from the left side of the image to the right, towards The Big One where it looks like it will shoot up over the Top Hat element, up and over the lift hill of The Big One. On the other side it will drop down into an inclined loop, a "Banked Double-Up" and a series of twisted turns before it comes back and returns over (or through) The Big One in a Zero-G-Roll maneuver. From here it will hit the second launch right up and into an Immelman, more twists, turns, a high speed helix and an "airtime hump", "off axis airtime hill" and ending with a "high dive" before hitting the brakes.
    All said and done, this looks like it should be one hell of a good ride and I can't wait to hear more about it as it moves forward.
    (4/27/16) The Blackpool Gazette has posted an interview with the boss of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Amanda Thompson, which covers several aspects of the park.
However, towards the end of the interview they do briefly mention the park's next big ride project is coming in 2018. From what I've heard, this is the first public confirmation from her about the 2018 project, as she has so far denied it thus far. This also seems to confirm the project has been pushed back a year to 2018.
    According to the latest rumors sent to Screamscape, the project is a Mack made launched coaster that could feature two launch sections along the route, one needed to shoot the train up and over a large "top hat" element. Other rumored elements include inclined loops, interlocking corkscrews and high speed helix spins. More as we find out.


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