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Lichtaart, Belgium
Parques Reunidos





icon_STOPPark News - (9/29/18) BlooLoop reports that Bobbejaanland has opted to scrap their entry fee system to the theme park and replace it with a pay-as-you-go app based system. From the sound of it, you aren’t paying per attraction however, but instead you are paying based on how much time you spend in the park, with the cost breaking down to about €7.2 per hour, but maxing out at €35.50 for the entire day.


2018 - Dream Catcher Upgrade - (1/20/18) Bobbejaanland has dropped an interesting hint about what they are up to for 2018 on Facebook. As a bit of a throwback, they have posted a picture of the park's former Air Race coaster, now called Dream Catcher, back when it still had the enclosed airplane themed trains, which were replaced with modern open-air inverted style swinging trains when they changed the name in 2006. According to the post the park is "giving it a blast of new life this year."
    According to our sources, Dream Catcher will have a VR system enhancement added onto it for the 2018 season.


2019 - New Land and Triple Launch Coaster - (8/14/18) Bobbejaanland is set to add one of the strangest looking coasters I've ever seen... at least based on the concept art posted here. The expansion to the park for 2019 is said to be a big one, adding a new themed area that will include the park's Typhoon coaster and Sledgehammer high thrill ride, but also this unique coaster creation from Gerstlauer said to be a triple-launch coaster, but will also feature track switches and the ability to run two trains at once when it opens in 2019.
    (2/28/18) According to a Tweet from Bobbejaanland the park will be adding a new "Triple Launch Coaster" from Gerstlauer for the 2019 season that will also be part of a "new thematic zone" that will be about 2 hectares in size. The existing Big Eight Typhoon coaster and Sledge Hammer Frisbee rides will be part of this new themed zone as well.



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