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icon_STOP2015 - The Forbidden Caves - (3/6/15) To clear things up a bit, Screamscape has been informed that The Forbidden Caves coming to Bobbejaanland is a new turnkey project from Holovis that will include not only the screen system, but also a new unique motion system for the vehicles that use all-electric actuator technology to provide a smooth and controllable organic range of motion. 
    This marks a more dramatic departure from any previous comparisons we may have made from the version that opened at Moviepark in Italy last year, which used a separate ride system from Simworx that used hydraulics instead.
    (12/11/14)  Good news for Bobbejaanland new 2015 attraction, The Forbidden Caves. Screamscape sources tell us that our previous update was incorrect, while the attraction will apparently use the same ride system hardware as The Lost Temple, that is where the similarities will end. The theme of The Forbidden Caves, along with the entire ride film, will be brand new and custom made for the Bobbejaanland attraction.
    (12/10/14) EDITED - Screamscape sources tell us that the new Bobbejaanland Immersive Tunnel ride coming in 2015 will actually use the exact same ride technology as The Lost Temple at Movie Park Germany. You can see a video of The Lost Temple in action below, which will give you an idea of what is in store for Bobbejaanland.

    (12/4/14) Looks I we were close on our rumor, as BlooLoop confirms that Bobbejaanland’s new 2015 attraction will be a Holovis Immersive Tunnel and will use the name, The Forbidden Caves. Still similar in concept to The Lost Temple attraction, the Holovis Immersive Tunnel will work with Super 78 for the attraction’s 3D media and feature a dual 30-seat motion platform with 5-DOF.
    (12/3/14) Screamscape sources indicate that the Forbidden Cellars attraction coming to Bobbejaanland may be another Simworx Immersive Tunnel style attraction, similar in nature to The Lost Temple that opened at Movie Park Germany a few months ago.
    (11/24/14) Bobbejaanland is said to be opening some kind of new dark ride in 2015 called either Mystery Mine or Forbidden Cellars. Anyone know more about this project?




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