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Lichtaart, Belgium
Parques Reunidos





2018 - Dream Catcher Upgrade - (1/20/18) Bobbejaanland has dropped an interesting hint about what they are up to for 2018 on Facebook. As a bit of a throwback, they have posted a picture of the park's former Air Race coaster, now called Dream Catcher, back when it still had the enclosed airplane themed trains, which were replaced with modern open-air inverted style swinging trains when they changed the name in 2006. According to the post the park is "giving it a blast of new life this year."
    According to our sources, Dream Catcher will have a VR system enhancement added onto it for the 2018 season.


icon_STOP2019 - New Land and Triple Launch Coaster - (2/28/18) According to a Tweet from Bobbejaanland the park will be adding a new "Triple Launch Coaster" from Gerstlauer for the 2019 season that will also be part of a "new thematic zone" that will be about 2 hectares in size. The existing Big Eight Typhoon coaster and Sledge Hammer Frisbee rides will be part of this new themed zone as well.



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