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Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Williamsburg, Virginia
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment



General Park News - (10/21/15) Busch Gardens Williamsburg may find themselves in a little hot water after security guards refused to allow a guest into the park who was wearing a traditional Scottish kilt. According to the man, from Norfolk, he apparently frequently wears it to celebrate his heritage, and has often worn it while visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg in the past. It seems park security was convinced it was his attempt to wear a Halloween costume into the park for Howl-O-Scream and decided they were not going to allow it.
    So what do you guys think? Should the kilt be considered a costume or a form of cultural heritage no different than a guest entering the park wearing a turban or sari? The guest recorded a video of himself standing outside the park, in the outfit in question, just after the incident took place which you can see here.


2016 - New Show and More - (9/18/15) Busch Gardens Williamsburg has announced their 2016 plans… and while there wont be a new ride, the park is planning on adding a new restaurant, a craft beer facility in Das Festhaus and a new show. Look for the current Ristorante della Piazza restaurant to be transformed into an all new Italian restaurant experience themed to Marco Polo and his adventures. Next summer look for a new after-dark show experience to take place at the Royal Palace Theater. For more details visit our friends over at CoasterChitChat.


icon_STOP2017 - New Attraction - In Development - (2/6/16) Lots of activity going on regarding the BGW Project2017 over this past week and I've been trying to put my own keen eye to what's been released so far. For starters the park has released a second teaser video (on 2/3/16) on their blog which you should watch first, then that will lead you to download a few pages of the parks plans. While these are harmless and are mostly about land grading and water drainage they do show off the location of some new buildings, pathways and the overall project area which will be around the New France train station and to the south around the train tracks and log flume area. (Note: some of the pages are kept blurry on purpose...mostly to drive fans crazy I think, leading to zoomed in squinty-eyed inspection of those plans searching for clues and ending up with just a headahe instead. LOL...I'm with you there...)
    Finally lets go back to BGWFans who seems to have the inside track on all this, and has created some fine images of overlaping the park images with aerial images of the park to put it all into perspective for us. The end result is a look at what seems to be a new ADA ramp access to the train depot, since the front area will be taken over by a new entrance plaza and queue for this new 2017 attraction. There is also an interesting pathway that seems to go under a pair of new side-by-side building structures and into a windy queue area that will go under part of the log flume before going up into the building. To the south, there is also what is clearly a new underground tunnel being made to pass under a park maintenance road and what looks like some areas where they may have to clear some trees.
    The end result?  It's just a guess on the part of myself and some others, but I do think we could be looking at a Cobra's Curse (see BGT 2016) style compact spinning coaster that could start things off with an enclosed elevator lift to get the trains up and over the railroad tracks for the first drop. Given the location in New France's colonial frontiersmen settlement of Canada, I do have to wonder if the new attraction may also attempt to borrow the basic ancient temple theme idea from Tampa. This could result in Williamsburg using some kind of First Nations / North American Indian theme around some ancient legend that could be pretty cool looking.
    (2/1/16) The latest update over at BGWFans about the new 2017 project has them also coming to the same basic conclusion that I did, and predicting that 2017 will be a new coaster of some kind most likely. Still... 2017 is a ways off, but if they are announcing it now, chances are the project is big enough that construction will begin early enough in 2016 to be noticeable by park guests.
    (1/30/16) It seems Busch Gardens Williamsburg is already working on something big and "Top Secret" for 2017. While the video is obviously a set-up work, the kinds of words used seem to imply clearing a large area and how it would have a "drop".
    Before everyone gets too excited about this being a new coaster, lets pause for a moment to remember that all kinds of attractions have drops, and for all we know this could just be for a new waterslide at Water Country USA, though the use of the hashtag #BGProject2017 does seem to indicate it will be in the main park. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


???? - Water Country USA Expansion - Planning - (11/22/11) The expansion plan proposed by Water Country USA was given unanimous approval from the local Board of Supervisors. No timeline was given as to how the expansion will take place, other than it will be done over five phases.
    (10/14/11) BGWFans has posted a nice map showing off the new proposed master plan for Water Country USA over the next decade.
    (10/12/11) The local news reports that Water Country USA has filed paperwork seeking to expand the waterpark’s size by 43 acres, in addition to the park’s current 41 acres of attractions. Keep in mind, this is for a new overall master plan for the entire park site that will shape everything that is to come over the next decade or two and not a plan for one giant expansion that will happen over the next year or two.



Track Record

Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Williamsburg, VA
SeaWorld Parks & Ent.

Tickets: as of 8/25/14
Adults: $72
Child: $62
Parking: $15

Abbreviation: BGW

Formerly known as: Busch Gardens: The Old Country and Busch Gardens Europe

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