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Sandusky, Ohio (Abbreviation: CP)
Cedar Fair Entertainment



icon_STOPPark News - (10/29/15) According to this article, Baynum Painting from Northern Kentucky has been awarded contracts to repaint Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point (wow, standing 420 feet in the air, that's not going to be easy...) as well as the famous Coney Island Cyclone in New York.
    (8/14/15) There was a death at Cedar Point around 5pm on Thursday, as a guest entered into the restricted area (likely jumped the fence) that contains the Raptor coaster and was struck by the coaster, killing them. It's so crazy... as guests have no reason to enter into a restricted area like this, and yet this keeps happening to B&M inverted coasters over and over. There is NO REASON to enter into these kind of dangerous zones... because the coaster ALWAYS wins. A reason hasn't been given yet, but typically guests do it to try and retrieve a lost item like a cell phone or a hat rather than notifying employees and waiting until they can safely retrieve any lost items. (Update: Confirmed, he was after his lost cell phone)


icon_STOP2016 - VALRAVN - (10/21/15) One of our readers spent the weekend at Cedar Point and sent in some pictures of the Valravn construction site, as well as the track in storage near the Breakers Express hotel. Check them out below!











    (10/8/15) A new construction video from In The Loop for The Point's Valravn coaster project can be found below.

    (9/10/15) Cedar Point announced their new







2016 coaster on Wednesday morning and as rumored, it is called Valravn. This will be a B&M Dive Machine coaster that will stand 223 feet tall. You'll rise up at a 47 angle on the lift hill and begin a slow turn before leaning over the 90 vertical first drop where the train comes to a stop on the edge of the drop for a moment to give you time to reflect.
    Then you'll plunge 214 feet straight down, rise up into a huge Immelmann at 75mph and approach a second vertical drop that will rise up into a dive loop, a 270 roll inversion, hit an airtime hill and head for the brakes. The train itself will be a little different from other Dive Machines. It will feature 3 rows, each holding 8 riders across, but the restraints that will be used here will be the same soft-vest restraints used on Gatekeeper and other B&M Wing Coasters.

    (9/1/15) An interesting little thumbnail image was discovered on the Coaster Appreciation Night page on the Cedar Point website. 2015_0831_CP2016At the bottom they seem to show off the images of all the Cedar Point coasters in order once again, ending with an interesting little icon image labeled CP2016.
    As for the name itself... assuming Cedar Point stick with the name, the Valravn is a legendary creature from Danish folklore, also referred to as the Raven of the Slain. There are a couple of different versions of the creature, one claims that a Valravn is a Ravin that has fed on the bodies of the dead on a battlefield and could gain human levels of knowledge and supernatural skills. Another legend takes this a step further than claims that these supernatural birds could then transform into a Knight if they consumed the blood within a child's heart. Of course, I have a feeling Cedar Point isn't going to use either of these versions and may instead opt to use another version of the legend that simply describes Valravn as creatures that are Half Wolf and Half Raven in much the same way that the Griffin is half eagle, half lion. You can see some fun artwork of these Valravn creatures here.
    (8/29/15) For anyone still wondering, Cedar Point's Tony Clark tweeted out the new announcement date for the park's 2016 ride the other day as being September 9th.
    (8/27/15) Several more photos of ValRavn track were sent in by an reader today. Enjoy!
    (8/26/15) While we are in a holding pattern about when Cedar Point will finally announce their new coaster (the announcement was put on hold following the death at the park when a guest climbed into Raptor's restricted area to retrieve a phone) you can see what the wall of coasters has been moved if you click here. Meanwhile a few pictures of track have also been sent out way.
    (8/20/15) While Cedar Point has delayed the official announcement for their new coaster in the wake of the death at the park last week, the first pieces of track for the huge new Dive Machine have arrived. A Twitter user posted a picture of a piece being unloaded into a fenced off area next to the Breakers Express.
    (8/10/15) Cedar Point's VALRAVN logo, some renderings and even the coaster's layout appear to have possibly leaked over the weekend. I was unable to see the source of it myself, but apparently for a brief time period a new official app for Cedar Point was released on the Google Play store that included the 2016 coaster's logo and layout images before it was quickly yanked from the store an hour later. A few individuals lucky enough to have grabbed the app and some screen captures have posted the images online for everyone to see.
    The renderings looks fairly legit, with the brownish track color matching that of the Dive Machine track spotted at the Ohio factory in mid-July. The layout itself starts off with something that looks similar to the first half of SheiKra or Griffon with the big vertical drop followed by an Immelman before swooping up to a high brake position to position for the a second vertical dive. From there you'll hit another another mini Immelman followed by a second roll-out style inversion that will put the train into a downward helix before shooting up over an airtime hill and then into the brake run.
    (8/4/15) According to the teaser image sent out by Cedar Point, the announcement date for The Point’s 2016 project will be August 18, 2015. Meanwhile a Screamscape source sent in some new pictures of the brown-ish track on site at the B&M track fabricator along with blue supports. They also managed to get a shot of label sticker from one of the support pieces, which also seems to confirm to me that not only is this for a Dive Machine, but likely for the XL sized 10-across seat version as opposed to the narrower and newer style 6-across version that we’ve been seeing put into European parks over the past couple of years.
   According to our source, they believe they spotted at least 7 lift hill track sections so far and using some rough size/scale calculations to compare the length of them with a nearby flatbed truck, they estimate that each piece could be somewhere between 45 to 50 feet in length. Not counting for any extra height of the crown or whatever height the lift is off the ground when it start, and taken at an aproximate 45 angle, we’re already looking at a possible height between 225 to 250 feet so far, and it could grow from there. To date, I believe the tallest B&M Dive Machine built would be the Diving Coaster at Happy Valley Shanghai (China) which stands 213.3 feet tall.
    (7/15/15) The construction wall of coasters at Cedar Point is now almost complete... plus one more listing I never thought of. They added Gatekeeper but kept right on going and put another listing on the end of Pipe Scream also... though technically I would consider than a flat ride and not a coaster.
    (7/8/15) According to the latest photo sent in showing off Cedar Point's growing wall of coasters attached to a construction wall, Top Thrill Dragster and Mavericvk have now been added.
    (7/3/15) If you look at the last picture at the bottom of Cedar Point's latest blog posting, you'll see that the sign on the construction wall of Cedar Point's coasters has grown considerable longer and faster than we had intended. The list of the park's coasters now represented, and in the order they were opened, goes from Blue Streak all the way up to 2002's Wicked Twister. Given the accelerated timeline for how fast these new additions have been added to the wall, I can only hope that the big announcement, or at least the start to the teaser campaign has been pushed forward as well.
    Four more to go. Look for Top Thrill Dragster to go up next (2003) followed by Maverick, Gatekeeper and ending with Rougarou.
    (6/8/15) A reader tweeted me an interesting photo from Cedar Point this weekend, showing a series of panels added to a construction wall showing off "A Legacy of World Class Roller Coasters" that so far is followed by panels for Blue Stream, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Corkscrew and Gemini. The shapes of the panels will allow for more to be added and the list to grow longer as the summer goes on.
    I'm told that the sign panels are being mounted to a wall blocking off the old Dodgem attraction site, which is part of the area where where next year's new coaster should go. The other interesting thing is that if the first panel was put up on opening weekend, then there have been four more weekends since then, and four new panels added for the park's four oldest coasters. If they continue to add one each weekend, in order of when the coaster's were opened, we would see Wilderness Run added next weekend, followed by Iron Dragon and Magnum XL-200 and so on. If they kept that schedule, the 16th and final coaster panel would be added on the weekend of August  29-30th, and making perfect timing for Cedar Point to make a big announement for the 2016 coaster the following weekend, which would mark the end of the daily operational schedule on Sept. 5-7 for Labor Day Weekend.
    Again, this is just a hunch, but damn if the timing doesn't work out perfectly.  Keep and eye out on this sign to grow all summer long.
    (5/2/15) An interesting new trademark was sent my way this way for VALRAVN, which was filed for my Cedar Point itself on April 17th. An interesting name, for what could end up being an interesting new coaster, if the rumors about a new B&M Dive Machine end up being true. It is worth pointing out that the trademark applicant was Cedar Point itself and not Cedar Fair, which is normally the case for rides going elsewhere in the company.
    (1/14/15) According to the local news, Cedar Point is in talks with B&M for a new Dive Machine coaster that would cost around $15 million. The Point’s Bryan Edwards confirmed that the B&M coaster is just one of several proposals the park is looking at for the 2016 season. Though likely a coincidence, the same day the Twitter of CP’s TonyClark posted a picture of the closed and soon to be demolished Good Times Theater structure from the air with the message, “That’s a lotta land down there…”
   The site would be a good one to use for the new coaster for sure, especially if combined with the nearby property used for the car ride at the backside of Raptor.
    (2/25/15) It seems there may have been a bit of conflicting information sent in regarding the fate of the cars at Cedar Point. According to this news report the park IS removing the Turnpike Cars. Meanwhile the Cadillac Cars are safe for now.
    (2/24/15) A few interesting notes from Cedar Point came out over the weekend. Going along with the removal of the Good Time Theater (which is now 80% complete) the park has already removed the Dodgem and will move it closer to MaXair. The Calypso will also be removed from next to Blue Streak and moved over near the Ferris Wheel where it will be rethemed and renamed as Tiki Twirl, a great throwback to the name of the ride's twin that was removed from the park long ago. To help make room, the kiddie bumper cars will also be moved from Kiddie Kingdom over to Planet Snoopy. Also the Sir Rub a Dub's Tubs and Gazebo will also be removed.
    While there has been some speculation about the possible removal of the Turnpike and Cadillac Cars previously, I'm hearing that it was mentioned that the Cadillac Turnpike Cars would be removed eventually, but I'm not sure if a timeline was set or not. We'll know more as we get closer to seeing just what The Point has in store for the ever growing site they are clearing around the former Good Time Theater.
    (11/26/14) The official CP Blog says goodbye to the Good Time Theater this week, confirming that the show arena is being removed to make room for a future expansion project. The building started out in 1975 as the Cedar Point Cinema, showing IMAX movies for a number of years before turning into a show theater for “Snoopy Rocks! On Ice” in 2002.




Track Record

Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment

Abbreviation: CP

Tickets: as of 10/17/12
Adults (48” or over): $58.99
Child (under 48”): $29.99
Parking: $15.00
Open: Seasonal May - Oct.

Fun Facts
 - During 2012 season The Point removed two coasters: Wildcat was removed entirely in May before the park opened for the season and Disaster Transport closed on July 29th.
 - The Space Spiral was also closed after Labor Day 2012, and demolished with explosives, dropping the tower like a massive tree onto the nearby beach.

Newest Developments:
2015 - Rougarou & Hotel Breakers Refurbishment

2014 - Pipe Scream / Lake Erie Eagles

2013 - Gatekeeper

2012 - Dinosaurs Alive & Dragster H20

2011 - Windseeker

2010 - Shoot the Rapids

2009 - Starlight Experience

2008 - Planet Snoopy and Skyscraper

2007 - Maverick

2006 - Skyhawk

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