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Sandusky, Ohio (Abbreviation: CP)
Cedar Fair Entertainment






icon_STOPPark News - (1/12/19) Cedar Point fans… want to buy one of the park’s old Dodgem cars or a car from the old Witches Wheel?  Looks like an Ohio based used car dealer picked up all of them and is now selling them online, asking $325 each for of the 20 Witches Wheel cars, or $695 each for a Dodgem bumper car.
    (1/11/19) We know Cedar Point has been buying up extra property along the mainland for the past year, mostly near their existing employee dorm facilities. The expectation was that they would be building new bigger and more modern dorm space for the future, and they were even granted the zoning to do so a few months back. While Cedar Point has still not officially said what they are planning, I’m guessing work on new dorms could begun sooner than later as the park has begun to demolish the smaller dorm buildings on the peninsula itself directly connected to the park. The red buildings in question was formerly known as The Cedars Hotel before being converted into dorm space when newer guest hotels were built to replace them.
    (11/24/18) The Sandusky Register reports that Cedar Point has obtained a little more property just outside the theme park complex along the corridor leading to the causeway. This time around the park actually acquired some actual roads that ran through the properties and connected to property they obtained last year.



    (10/24/18) A reader who was at Cedar Point the other day noticed that following a bad storm, it appears that a tree fell over onto the park’s Antique Cars ride. Hopefully nothing was damaged.
    (9/3/18) According to a reader who just came back from Cedar Point, it looks like the limited train operations on Steel Vengeance experienced over much of the summer are now over and The Point was seen running three train operation on Steel Vengeance at last.
    (8/3/18) While not the biggest stage, it is interesting to see how Cedar Point has managed to tie the Windseeker lighting system in with the rest of the theatrical lighting being used for the musical night show, Fire & Ice, giving the stage a much more impressive lighting package that it normally would have.

    (8/2/18) Cedar Point sent out word on their blog that the park's Witches' Wheel (Huss Enterprise) will soon go away for good "in the interest of future expansion."  No more details on what may replace it, but the last day to ride Witches' Wheel will be September 3rd.
    (7/26/18) I had to make sure this wasn't from The Onion or another satirical fake news site, but apparently some riders on Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point were injured in mid-ride by... Hot Sauce. You read that correctly... according to this report someone waiting in the queue threw hot sauce at a train of riders as it passed by. A group of four "young men" were caught by Police afterwards by reviewing security tape footage, as well as witness reports who saw it happen. So I guess you can add Hot Sauce to the list of things you are not allowed to bring into the queue with you from now on.
    (7/11/18) Back in December it was reported that Cedar Point had purchased some new property in town, primarily next to and nearby where some of their employee Dorms are located. Now the local news reports that requested zoning change are going forward that will help push forward a project to build two more Dorm buildings at some point in the future.


2018 - Steel Vengeance - (6/2/18) Good news from Cedar Point yesterday, as they reopened Steel Vengeance with two-train operations, just in time for the CoasterMania event that day. CP also says that they have added it back to the Fast Lane Plus program as well.
    (6/1/18) According to a few reader reports, Cedar Point closed Steel Vengeance late on Wednesday to begin testing the ride with two-train operations once again all evening. Then early on Thursday morning the park announced on Twitter that Steel Vengeance would be closed all day on Thursday as well. No word yet on if it will reopen on Friday or not, but I'm guessing they had to complete several hundred test cycles with multiple train operations successfully before being allowed to reopen the coaster to run that way with the public onboard. Hopefully they'll give the green light soon and reopen it.
    (5/12/18) Just a heads up for Cedar Point fans, unless something changes this weekend, you can expect long lines for Steel Vengeance... well longer than normal, as the park is said to only be running one train following the "bump" of two trains in the station that took place on opening day.  We'll let you know when they upgrade back to multi-train action. In the meantime, Steel Vengeance has also been removed from the park's Fast Lane Plus program.
    (5/9/18) While Steel Vengeance is now open at Cedar Point, the park had a bit of a rough opening day as one train proceeding to slide through the brakes and make a low-speed impact with the train parked in front. No major injuries were reported, though at least four riders reported sought out medical attention who later returned to the park. Steel Vengeance was able to reopen later that same night however, and was also open for the crowds first thing Sunday morning without any further issues.
    (4/26/18) The media preview of Steel Vengeance has taken place and the unanimous opinion on the new coaster is that it is truly the wildest and more intense hybrid-coaster creation in the entire world, providing riders with an out-of-control experience that is unrelenting from start to finish.  Check out the official POV video below and below that is some fun interview footage with park staff and the creator of Steel Vengeance, Alan Schilke.

    (4/20/18) Check out the new animated Cedar Point commercial for Steel Vengeance.

    (4/15/18) Want to see something amazing?  Then check out the video below to see Tony Clark and Jason McClure take on Steel Vengeance for the first time. Hold on to your hats, this is one hell of a wild and intense ride, as you would expect from Cedar Point.

    (11/11/17) Cedar Point has posted a new video "Scoop" video showing off the current progress on Steel Vengeance and reveals a bit more about what we can expect from the The Point's newest coaster experience.

    (10/4/17) A pair of new pictures posted to Twitter show off that the insane first drop is now in place on Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point.
    Wow... you're going to need new underwear after this one.

    (9/20/17) WildGravityTravels has posted a new update from Cedar Point showing off a little visit with the new Steel Vengeance coaster... both up close and after dark. Check it out.
    (8/28/17) Some fun new pictures of Steel Vengeance under construction taken during a hard hat tour have been posted to Wild Gravity Travels from this weekend.
    (8/17/17) Cedar Point unveiled the true form of their masterpiece creation yesterday afternoon under the name Steel Vengeance, and it is a site to behold, as the world's first Hyper Hybrid coaster. According to the story trailer posted on the website the three outlaws we've seen on the wanted posters were really outcasts that joined together to defeat the evil deads of Maverick by creating Steel Vengeance.
    This is one BIG coaster, standing 205 feet tall and with a 200 foot tall vertical first drop you'll blast at 74mph through 4 inversions along 5,740 feet of track... so yes... this version is even longer than it was when it was Mean Streak. Steel Vengeance will claim a number of records according to Cedar Point, though most of these would fall into the relatively new "hybrid" coaster record books:
1) World's tallest hybrid coaster at 205 ft
2) World's fastest hybrid coaster at 74mph
3) World's steepest drop on a hybrid coaster at 90
4) World's longest drop on a hybrid at 200 feet
5) World's longest hybrid at 5,740 feet
6) Most Inversions on a hybrid - 4
7) Fastest Airtime Hill on a hybrid - 73mph
8) Most Airtime on a hybrid - 27.2 seconds
9) Most airtime on ANY roller coaster - 27.2 seconds
10) World's first Hyper-Hybrid roller coaster
    Cedar Point is also claiming a few records for the park with this addition as well including most steel coaster track in a single park (57,865 ft), Most coaster track at one park (60,423 ft), Most Rides at one park (71), Most Coasters Over 200 feet at one park (6), Most Coasters with a first drop of 90 or more in one park (5).
    That's enough stats through, I know what you really want is to see this sucker in action and the videos (POV and Off-Ride) don't disapoint, so check them out below! Also take notice of the brand new RMC train design as well that will start in 2017.



2018 - Lighthouse Point Expansion - (2/14/18) Cedar Point has announced a bit about what will replace part of the former Sandcastle Suites Hotel that closed down for good in the fall. According to an email sent out to Cedar Point guests with reservations at Lighthouse Point,
    "In June 2018, we will open the new Ultimate RV Sites with Patios as part of an expansion to Lighthouse Point. We would like to offer you the first opportunity to purchase an upgrade.
    Each of the new full hook-up sites will feature a stylish, private patio area, dining table with chairs, built-in charcoal grill and fire pit with relaxing furniture. Four of the new sites will include a glider swing with views of Lake Erie. A new restroom facility and bathhouse will open adjacent to the expansion."
    They don't say how many of these new Ultimate RV Sites they will have, only that "availability for these new sites is extremely limited" and currently they are ONLY AVAILABLE as an upgrade option to guests who already have an existing RV site reservation. If the concept artwork is true to scale, it looks like the expansion will add about 24 spots and just take up the old Breakwater Cafe site and parking lot, leaving the rest of the old Sandcastle site available for future projects.


2018 - Hotel Breakers Expansion - (8/25/16) Cedar Point has announced plans to begin construction on an expansion to the Hotel Breakers, adding another 158 rooms to the resort. Construction will begin in September on a new six-story tower West of the main hotel, but the expansion wont be finished until 2018.
    (6/3/16) According to the local news Cedar Point submited plans to the local government for a 69-room expansion to their Breakers Express hotel which was approved. The plan is to turn the "U" shaped hotel into an "O" shaped hotel by filling in the opening at the far end. They say that was actually the original plan for the hotel in the first place years ago.


2019 - Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island - (10/31/18) According to the Sandusky Register the new Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island coming to Cedar Point in 2019, guests “will interact with characters as they unlock puzzles and enjoy active challenges” with activities designed to stimulate guests brawn and brains. While not much more has been revealed just yet, I’m guessing Cedar Point will be borrowing heavily from the Ghost Town Alive playbook from sister park, Knott’s Berry Farm, who has been running a similar guest-interactive role-play experience over the past three summers with evolving storylines.
    (8/23/18) Cedar Point is closing Dinosaurs Alive this fall and will replace it with something new called Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island for the 2019 season.
"Grab your map and prepare for a minute-by-minute real-life adventure, where you and others are challenged, questioned and pushed to the limits in both brain and brute power. Be immersed in interactive encounters with the island inhabitants, push yourself with physically active challenges that test your resourcefulness and fortitude! It's your job to discover and uncover all that you can; to solve the mystery surrounding the Forbidden Frontier, and return to tell the tale. Every ending is different and determined by you and the secrets you unlock!" So check in on the official webpage over the off-season as the unveil more about this new project to us over the off-season.


2020 - New Major Attraction - Speculation - (8/30/16) So when is Cedar Point planning to add their next coaster?  It’s a bit far out to know for sure, but 2020 seems to be a very likely date, as the park will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Cedar Point that year.



Track Record

Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment

Abbreviation: CP

Tickets: as of 3/7/18
Adults (48” or over): $72
Parking: $20.00
Open: Seasonal May - Oct.

Fun Facts
 - During 2012 season The Point removed two coasters: Wildcat was removed entirely in May before the park opened for the season and Disaster Transport closed on July 29th.
 - The Space Spiral was also closed after Labor Day 2012, and demolished with explosives, dropping the tower like a massive tree onto the nearby beach.

Newest Developments:
2017 - Cedar Point Shores

2016 - Valravn

2015 - Rougarou & Hotel Breakers Refurbishment

2014 - Pipe Scream / Lake Erie Eagles

2013 - Gatekeeper

2012 - Dinosaurs Alive & Dragster H20

2011 - Windseeker

2010 - Shoot the Rapids

2009 - Starlight Experience

2008 - Planet Snoopy and Skyscraper

2007 - Maverick

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