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Sandusky, Ohio (Abbreviation: CP)
Cedar Fair Entertainment






icon_STOPPark News - (5/19/19) The local news went for a quick ride on the 10-passenger Grave Digger monster truck attraction course set up at Cedar Point. I’m not sure if they are being a bit conservative on this test run or not, but it looks to move a bit slow. Check it out below.

    (5/15/19) A reader sent in more photos from Cedar Point showing off the course they are setting up for the Mosnter Jam truck ride, a new Italian food restaurant called Hugo’s, and a new sign celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Cedar Creek Mine Ride.
    (5/13/19) A reader stopped by Cedar Point over the weekend and sent in some pictures from the  park. They report that the new Forbidden Frontier experience area is set to open on May 24th, with the entrance placed in the former Shoot the Rapids station area. The Monster Jam Thunder Alley area is being set up, with a few trucks on site already in the Luminosity area, with tarps thrown over them. That last bit is kind of amusing, as the giant wheels and other parts (zombie arms?) of the trucks are sticking out everywhere.
    (5/6/19) According to Screamscape readers, Cedar Point has installed a metal detector at Steel Vengeance and is asking guests to remove cell phones and keys from their pockets and put them in a zippered pouch mounted to the train by your legs. Other small objects can also be “secured in cargo pockets” if you are wearing the right clothing.

2019_Monster_Jam_Thunder_Alley    (4/14/19) Three different Cedar Fair parks will have a visit from a new traveling exhibit attraction this summer called Monster Jam: Thunder Alley. The exhibit will feature five different famous Monster Trucks (Grave Digger, Max-D, Megalodon, Zombie and El Toro Loco), where guests not only be able to get up close and get a photo, but also climb inside the trucks to see what they are like from the driver’s point of view. You’ll also be able to stroll around the Monster Jam Garade to learn more about the creation of these massive vehicles. They also say there will be a “Monster Jam Freestyle Ride” where guests can climb into a 10-passenger Grave Digger or Megalodon car and be taken through a freestyle course. No major details were given about that,  but apparently this is a real vehicle and not a simulator.
    Look for Mosnter Jam: Thunder Alley to appear at the follow parks:
Cedar Point - From May 18 through to June 30
Kings Dominion - From July  20 through September 2
Dorney Park - From September 14 through November 3.
    One more fantastic bit of news… unlike the old Dinosaur Alive exhibits, admission into Monster Jam: Thunder Alley will be included with park admission, though I believe you will be able to purchase a VIP Reservation for the Freestyle experience if you want to cut ahead of the line. As you might expect, availability for this unique attraction is expected to be limited.
    (3/3/19) I’m told a couple of new eateries will arrive at Cedar Point this season. The Midway Market Buffet near Raptor and Blue Streak will be replaced with Hugo’s Italian Kitchen, offering up all new flavorful dishes. Meanwhile the former site of The Witches Wheel is said to become home to a new MoTown musical themed outdoor dining space called BackBeatQue.
    (2/27/19) According to a local news report Cedar Point will change their policy about allowing riders on Steel Vengeance to keep their phones with them when they ride in 2019. They say that they have added zippered pouches to the bottom of the seats to hold phones and other loose items, because the ride quickly gained a reputation of pulling loose items out of riders pockets when it opened last year before the total ban on loose objects went into effect.
    (1/12/19) Cedar Point fans… want to buy one of the park’s old Dodgem cars or a car from the old Witches Wheel?  Looks like an Ohio based used car dealer picked up all of them and is now selling them online, asking $325 each for of the 20 Witches Wheel cars, or $695 each for a Dodgem bumper car.
    (1/11/19) We know Cedar Point has been buying up extra property along the mainland for the past year, mostly near their existing employee dorm facilities. The expectation was that they would be building new bigger and more modern dorm space for the future, and they were even granted the zoning to do so a few months back. While Cedar Point has still not officially said what they are planning, I’m guessing work on new dorms could begun sooner than later as the park has begun to demolish the smaller dorm buildings on the peninsula itself directly connected to the park. The red buildings in question was formerly known as The Cedars Hotel before being converted into dorm space when newer guest hotels were built to replace them.
    (11/24/18) The Sandusky Register reports that Cedar Point has obtained a little more property just outside the theme park complex along the corridor leading to the causeway. This time around the park actually acquired some actual roads that ran through the properties and connected to property they obtained last year.


icon_STOP2019 - Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island - (3/3/19) Cedar Point has revealed a map showing off just one section of Forbidden Frontier called Snake River Swamp. It sounds like this could be one of the first areas you encounter after arriving from the mainland, and you’ll be tasked with finding a way to cross through it in order to explore more of the island. The drawing shows off some interesting boats you might use to gain access to the other side, or risk traveling along a floating (and bouncing / splashing?) bridge pathway. Then there are areas to explore, like a boat at a dock, waterfalls, buildings and more… but that’s supposed to be the fun of Forbidden Frontier, taking the time to explore it all for yourself and discover what you can along the way.

    (2/22/19) Cedar Point released a little more information about Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island this past week. As explained before, they confirm that much like Knott’s Ghost Town Alive attraction, this can best be explained as being as “experiential attraction” as you take park in a grand storytelling adventure “that begins with YOU.” 
    “You’re invited to explore an island previously closed off to visitors, but in a way, it has its loose connections to Frontier Town.” “It’s a live-action, as-it’s-happening story. Only instead of just sitting back and watching (which you can), you can be IN the story. And it doesn’t matter what time of day you visit – something is always happening, and you’re always welcome to see it.”
    Visit the island and you’ll find yourself inside what appears to be a thriving community. “In fact, you may be asked to roll up your sleeves and help farm the land. Or perhaps go on a secret mission, deliver special messages or decipher a cryptic puzzle. You may run into goats, chickens and even an emu. Or better yet, dig for that rumored treasure.”
    In the end, this is the kind of attraction that is whatever you make of it, and the rabbit hole can be as deep or shallow as your level of participation and willingness to play along. The best thing however is that it is free for everyone to experience.
    (1/30/19) Coaster-Nation reports that Cedar Point’s new Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island attraction may very well feature a new ropes course attraction with some interactive elements, based on comments made during a Masterplan presentation about the California’s Great America park and attractions they were working on.
    (10/31/18) According to the Sandusky Register the new Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island coming to Cedar Point in 2019, guests “will interact with characters as they unlock puzzles and enjoy active challenges” with activities designed to stimulate guests brawn and brains. While not much more has been revealed just yet, I’m guessing Cedar Point will be borrowing heavily from the Ghost Town Alive playbook from sister park, Knott’s Berry Farm, who has been running a similar guest-interactive role-play experience over the past three summers with evolving storylines.
    (8/23/18) Cedar Point is closing Dinosaurs Alive this fall and will replace it with something new called Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island for the 2019 season.
"Grab your map and prepare for a minute-by-minute real-life adventure, where you and others are challenged, questioned and pushed to the limits in both brain and brute power. Be immersed in interactive encounters with the island inhabitants, push yourself with physically active challenges that test your resourcefulness and fortitude! It's your job to discover and uncover all that you can; to solve the mystery surrounding the Forbidden Frontier, and return to tell the tale. Every ending is different and determined by you and the secrets you unlock!" So check in on the official webpage over the off-season as the unveil more about this new project to us over the off-season.


2020 - New Major Attraction - Speculation - (8/30/16) So when is Cedar Point planning to add their next coaster?  It’s a bit far out to know for sure, but 2020 seems to be a very likely date, as the park will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Cedar Point that year.



Track Record

Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment

Abbreviation: CP

Tickets: as of 3/7/18
Adults (48” or over): $72
Parking: $20.00
Open: Seasonal May - Oct.

Fun Facts
 - During 2012 season The Point removed two coasters: Wildcat was removed entirely in May before the park opened for the season and Disaster Transport closed on July 29th.
 - The Space Spiral was also closed after Labor Day 2012, and demolished with explosives, dropping the tower like a massive tree onto the nearby beach.

Newest Developments:
2018 - Steel Vengeance

2017 - Cedar Point Shores

2016 - Valravn

2015 - Rougarou & Hotel Breakers Refurbishment

2014 - Pipe Scream / Lake Erie Eagles

2013 - Gatekeeper

2012 - Dinosaurs Alive & Dragster H20

2011 - Windseeker

2010 - Shoot the Rapids

2009 - Starlight Experience

2008 - Planet Snoopy and Skyscraper

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