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icon_STOPPark News - (6/14/20) The Adventuredome indoor theme park at Circus Circus in Las Vegas is now open once again and currently seems to have their hours set from 10am to 9pm almost daily for the time being. I’m not sure exactly when it reopened, but it was likely earlier this month when the casino also opened again.
    (8/6/19) I received word over the weekend from one of our readers that El Loco had finally reopened at the Circus Circus Adventuredome. Since then the various local news outlets have also re-confirmed that El Loco is indeed reopen following a very extensive inspection, testing, and updated rules and training for all the operators to ensure that another accident like this never happens again.
    All that was ever confirmed is that a double amputee fell out of the ride, though they still decline to mention which combination of limbs they were missing. Most of the articles also stress that a lot of retraining was done with the ride staff, which to me kind of indicates that perhaps the rider who fell out never should have been allowed to ride in the first place. This is especially so if they were missing both legs, as the lap-bar only restraint system would likely be inadequate in this case.
    According to reports, new or revised rules added to the ride manual regarding rider limbs now state that riders must have “at least one hand and arm should be functional for bracing” and that “no leg amputations or wholly or partially missing leg” are to be allowed. What appears to be the whole new operations manual (revised 7/30/19) can also be found online here.
    (7/14/19) A reader dropped by Circus Circus Adventuredome this weekend and reported that while El Loco is still closed, Canyon Blaster was at least up and running once again (and running well.). However, they also reported that the Miner Mike kiddie coaster has been completely removed from the park entirely, despite that it is still listed as an attraction on the park’s website.


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