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icon_STOPPark News - (8/6/19) I received word over the weekend from one of our readers that El Loco had finally reopened at the Circus Circus Adventuredome. Since then the various local news outlets have also re-confirmed that El Loco is indeed reopen following a very extensive inspection, testing, and updated rules and training for all the operators to ensure that another accident like this never happens again.
    All that was ever confirmed is that a double amputee fell out of the ride, though they still decline to mention which combination of limbs they were missing. Most of the articles also stress that a lot of retraining was done with the ride staff, which to me kind of indicates that perhaps the rider who fell out never should have been allowed to ride in the first place. This is especially so if they were missing both legs, as the lap-bar only restraint system would likely be inadequate in this case.
    According to reports, new or revised rules added to the ride manual regarding rider limbs now state that riders must have “at least one hand and arm should be functional for bracing” and that “no leg amputations or wholly or partially missing leg” are to be allowed. What appears to be the whole new operations manual (revised 7/30/19) can also be found online here.
    (7/14/19) A reader dropped by Circus Circus Adventuredome this weekend and reported that while El Loco is still closed, Canyon Blaster was at least up and running once again (and running well.). However, they also reported that the Miner Mike kiddie coaster has been completely removed from the park entirely, despite that it is still listed as an attraction on the park’s website.
    (7/6/19) I don’t know if anyone has been by the Adventuredome at Circus Circus in the last couple days, but as of mid to late June reader reports indicated that El Loco is still sitting closed. So far I have been unable to find any new reports or details released about the incident that took place back in March 2019. According to one guest even the Canyon Blaster coaster was closed along with some of the kiddie rides during their visit in late June visit, which made their visit to the Dome fairly pointless. Meanwhile the official park website does not bother to list the operational status of any of their rides making it difficult for potential guests to determine is a visit is warranted or not.
    (4/6/19) According to this updated article regarding the accident on the El Loco coaster at the Adventuredome, they confirm that the woman who fell from the coaster was a “double amputee”, though they were unable to identify which limbs she was missing, as well as to what extent. As I previously mentioned, there are strict requirements in place from the various ride manufacturers regarding amputee riders and if they are eligible to ride or not depending their physical condition. For example, in most cases if an amputee is missing both legs, they are not permitted to ride. That said, I do not have the current list of regulations from an S&S operations manual to know what their requirements are, but if anyone has this information for an El Loco ride design, I’d love to read it.
    It has also been over a week since the incident and still no one has been able to identify the rider, nor get an update on the extent of their injuries from the fall, or their current condition.
    (3/28/19) The El Loco coaster at the Circus Circus Adventuredome is now closed until further notice after a rider apparently fell from the coaster on Monday afternoon. The various local news reports all say the same general thing, without going into the real details about what happened. They all claim a woman fell from the coaster, and only state that she was injured, but not how serious, no do they say if the ride was in motion or not when the accident took place.
    Various extra rumors have been floating around on social media, but there is no way to know now much of these extra details contain even the slightest bit of truth to them. One of the various rumors claim that the rider may have been an “amputee” of some kind, which could have limited the effectiveness of the lap-bar restraint system. That said, I do have serious doubts about this rumor, as there are also extensive rules about physical and body-part requirements needed in order to ride thrill rides for amputees that should have come into play.
    Meanwhile there is another rumor claiming that the rider may have released her seat-belt and caused the incident, though generally the belts on coaster restraints are simply there as a ‘back-up’, as the primary restraint systems contain multiple redundancies, so that story doesn’t sound quite right either. So until we know the facts, best to not consider either of these rumors, or any others that pop up as the truth until reported otherwise.
    I also find it strange that there is a lack of any major witness reports across social media. This just seems odd for an accident which took place inside an open theme park, as there should have been dozens of witnesses. The complete silence about this whole incident is just a little odd, with the only details coming from the park and Clark County, so take that for what you will.


2019 - Nothing Is Known At This Time...


???? - Rumored Mine Train Coaster - (6/26/18) You may recall that workcrews were clearing out a section of the closed flume ride below the coaster for a rumored 2018 project that never came to be (see below). They just cleared it out and set up a few tables down there for the time being. I'm guessing they'll get back to this eventually, but I'm still wondering what the end-game is here.
    (4/20/17) A few new construction pictures shot inside the Adventuredome show off the current state of the construction taking place to prepare for something new where the remains of the old flume ride once were.
    (1/31/17) So what’s going into the Circus Circus Adventuredome?  Would you believe that they may be adding in the ‘Dome’s 4th roller coaster? A new video just posted to YouTube this month by Chance Rides is called “ChanceAdventuredome1075ft” and is described as, “Adventuredome Family Twister - Mine Train Family Coaster”. The layout shows a medium sized lift hill that immediately hits a 180 turn at the top and returns to finish the majority of the layout (a series of helix style turns) very close to where the station is located.

    (1/7/17) A couple of new photos were sent in from the Adventuredome construction site, again showing off the large flat area now cleared out that was once used for the lower portion of the closed Rim Runner flume ride. With a large new flat open space, the site now looks perfect for a new flat ride perhaps. Anyone know more?
    (1/4/17) I'm not quite sure what is planned, but a reader has sent in two photos from the Adventuredome showing off new construction activity. They tell us that the lower reservoir from the old Rim Runner water ride has been demolished and a new open space has been cleared out, likely for something new. Anyone know more?




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