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Las Vegas, NV


Park News - (1/16/14) ThemeParkPOVs reports that the Circus Circus Adventuredome is closed all this week. According to the rumors, the park may have closed down to allow for the start of testing to begin on El Loco.
    (9/20/13) takes a sneak peek at Fright Dome 2013 (include the Circus Circus Adventuredome), including a look inside Hotel Argento, a haunt that you experience all by yourself.

    (8/14/13) The latest buzz oozing out of the Frightdome is that it will have a special 6th maze this year that will be a little different than the rest. It is called Hotel Argento and will not be included with general admission, but instead will be exclusive to guests who purchase the FastPass style ticket option letting them skip the lines at the other mazes.
    I’m told that thos who opt to experience Hotel Argento will have to do so... ALONE. No guide, no friends... just you, all by yourself... alone in the dark. I’m told that previously Frightdome has always been limited to having only 5 haunts each year due to space issues, but Hotel Argento will be built in an all new secret location. Click here to see this year’s operational calendar for FrightDome.
    (8/2/13) We get a peek inside the Adventuredome to get a look at the new El Loco coaster construction site this week, thanks to ThemeParkPovs. So far it looks like they are still setting up the footers, and no sign of steel on site yet.
    (7/26/13) On August 23rd the Circus Circus Adventuredome will have a 20th Anniversary celebration, kicking off a month-long event that will include special pricing into the park, special gifts and merchandise and a circus style birthday party. Click here to read more.
    In other news the Dome’s evil alter-ego, The FrightDome, has announced on Twitter that they have teamed up with Fortress Movies to movie themed haunts to the event this year. Look for houses themed to The Collector and The Collection, rounding up the haunt count to six this year.


icon_STOPEarly 2014 - EL LOCO - (2/20/14) ThemeParkOverload reports from the grand opening ceremony of El Loco at the Circus Circus Adventuredome this week. Check it out.
    (2/19/14) Another fun video of El Loco has been posted this week… this time a reverse POV.

    (2/14/14) Screamscape sources tell us that if you happen to be in Las Vegas right now, you might be able to get your first credit on El Loco, as the coaster is rumored to have quietly soft opened ahead of the scheduled grand opening on Feb. 18th. If you need an extra reason, check out the new official full POV video plus off-ride footage of El Loco in action below.

    (2/6/14) Another fun video of El Loco making test runs has been posted to YouTube and embedded below showing off the full ride circuit.

(2/1/14) The Adventuredome has released some preview POV footage of El Loco making the rounds. Check out the clip below.

    (1/22/14) A video of El Loco making test runs has been found on YouTube and embedded below. Currently the cars each have to make 2,000 cycles around the track before they can undergo final inspection and open to the public. Adventuredome is still hoping to get El Loco open by the end of the month if all goes well.

    (1/17/14) Local source report that the closing of the Adventuredome the week after CES is an almost annual tradition, as the week is very slow and the perfect time for the park to perform some bigger maintenance projects. That said… insiders tell us that testing on El Loco has indeed also begun this week, and according to one report there has been a minor snag so far. While El Loco has been testing great in normal operation, apparently the cars are having some difficulty making it back to the station if they are stopped in one of the block breaks along the route.
    (1/2/14) According to this article, the new El Loco coaster is hoping for a late January 2014 grand opening. They are hooking up the power to the ride and will soon begin test runs to get it ready for opening day.
    (12/27/13) A fun construction update for El Loco can be found on Facebook, taken by one of our readers. You can see pictures of the amazing tangled track as well as close up pictures of one of the cars, which I noticed has on-board audio speakers. I wonder what they will play…
    (12/4/13) A new construction update from the Circus Circus Adventuredome showing off the crazy new El Loco coaster has been posted to ThemeParkReview this week. It shouldn’t be much longer before the track is complete.
    (11/26/13) A construction update for the El Loco coaster being built inside the Adventuredome has been posted to TPR this week. Being indoor has an advantage as bad  weather does not slow down the install crew and they’ve put up most of the coaster from the look of the photos.
    (10/22/13) A great collection of new images showing off the new El Loco coaster going up quickly inside the Adventuredome were sent in by a reader this









week.  Looking good so far.
    (10/1/13) I’m told that the Adventuredome will be closed “for maintenance” from October 9 - 12 (Mon-Thur). Several of the pieces of the new El Loco coaster are already being moved into the dome at this time, and it is expected that they will begin vertical construction on the new coaster any day now, with lots of big heavy pieces expected to be moved into place during the days the dome is closed down to everyone.
    (9/19/13) A few new pictures showing off the track and supports that have arrived for the new El Loco coaster at the Adventuredome have been sent in over the past week.
    (6/7/13) ThemeParkOverload has posted a new construction update from the Circus Circus Adventuredome this week, checking in on the progress of the park’s new S&S El Loco coaster. So far they have a pretty good sized area cleared out for the new coaster so far where the old splashdown pool for Rim Runner used to be.
    (4/29/13) A few construction pictures from Circus Circus posted to Behind The Thrills shows that they have removed most of the old Rim Runner ride so they can prepare to add the new El Loco coaster to the dome.
    (2/18/13) A reader sends in another picture of the former Rim Runner site inside the Adventuredome, showing off the flume walls of the closed water ride being broke open and the rock fašade work removed as they remove the ride. They also tell me that the snack stand that stood between the Sand Pirates’ queue and the ticket booth has also been removed.
    (2/11/13) The Adventuredome posted a picture of Facebook showing off approximately how El Loco will look once added inside the dome. While this is a photoshop job adding one of the other El Loco coasters into the dome, I’m told that the final layout of the coaster will be somewhat customized, as to fit it all into the footprint.
    I’ve heard unofficially that while the coaster will have an onboard soundtrack like Green Lantern, it will use a new style car that will feature the same 2 rows of 2-seats across as the original El Loco coasters, but will have the onboard audio and more open cars with the newer lap-bar restraint system used on the Green Lantern coaster in Australia.
    Meanwhile inside the big pink dome, they are not wasting any time removing the Rim Runner to make room. A reader reports in that they have already removed all the boats from the dome and have already removed the chute portion of the big drop from the rock fašade, which you can see in photo they sent.
    (2/8/13) Circus Circus has officially announced their new roller coaster coming to the Adventuredome, and they will actually just call it “El Loco”. Made by S&S Worldwide, the new coaster is expected to be ready to open for guests by December 2013 and will be only the second El Loco style coaster in the US.
    This El Loco will have a few new surprises however, including a customized soundtrack and after rising 70 feet on the lift hill they will hit –1.5 G during the beyond-vertical first drop. Other unique elements include a 45║ outward banked turn and a 180║ turn that “races over the edge into a barrel roll”.  El Loco will feature four-seater cars, but they were not specific about if these were the standard El Loco cars that have 2 rows of 2, or the newer 4-across seating cars that were used for the Green Lantern version in Australia. We hope to have more details here soon.
    (2/4/13) Screamscape sources tell me that yesterday (Feb. 3rd) appeared to be the last day of operation for the Rim Runner water ride at the Adventuredome. The ride has now been removed from the list of rides on the official website as well and demolition is expected to begin soon, as the ride will make way for a new rumored S&S El Loco style roller coaster expected to be open by November.
    (1/2/13) An online article at ParkWorld magazine mentions S&S Worldwide’s new projects for 2013 and also confirms the rumored new El Loco roller coaster on the way to Circus Circus in November 2013. It isn’t clear if the November timeline was for the start of construction, or the expected opening date.
    (12/27/12) Screamscape sources tell us that Circus Circus may be adding a new coaster to the Adventuredome by late 2013. If all goes as planned, I've heard that they have hired S&S to design a custom El Loco style coaster design for the casino's enclosed theme park. Stay tuned for more!


???? - Water Play Area - Planning - (12/19/12) According to an update posted to Coaster-Net, the plans for a “waterpark” at Circus Circus sounds more like a fancy play pool area for the hotel than they do a true waterpark. Apparently the plans only call for a 21 foot tall play structure, two very short waterslides (65 and 90 ft) and a lazy river, along with a small collection of cabanas, snack stands and a retail store shop. Nothing was said about enclosing it either, so as I said, this sounds more like a fun play pool area for the hotel and not an actual waterpark project like what is being built at Wet ‘n’ Wild or Cowabunga Bay. They don’t mention an opening date, but mention a possible 18 month construction timeline which would see the new pool area ready by Summer 2014.
    (12/13/12) Circus Circus has filed paperwork with the county to request a zoning change on a large 22.3 acre section of their existing 49.5 RV park property to add a new water park. According to the agenda filed with the county it looks like the new “recreational facility” (aka: water park) will take up 5.5 acres. Based on the size, I can only hope we are looking at an indoor waterpark project, which only makes sense, as Circus Circus is known for their giant pink Adventuredome, so an enclosed waterpark that can run year-round is definitely the way to go here. (Otherwise, with two other waterpark to complete against opening in 2013, anything less would be a shortsighted investment…) If anyone is planning on attending the Jan. 9th meeting to find out more about the project, please do report the details to us.



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