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icon_STOPPark News - (10/21/14) Theme Park University is back with another haunt based interview… this time with Jason Egan, the man behind the Fright Dome event that takes over the Circus Circus Adventuredome each fall after dark. One very interesting thing they confirm, that I’ve kind of suspected for some time now, is that Circus Circus has nothing to do with the Fright Dome haunt itself, essentially handing it all over to Egan to handle as a private party kind of concept.
    (9/26/14) As part of this year’s Fright Dome marketing, the event is now advertising El Loco rides “IN THE DARK” a an enhancement. Look for Fright Dome to take place from Oct. 3 to Nov. 1 at Circus Circus.  This year’s event features 4 scare zones and 6 haunts including the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hillbilly Hell Offspring, Killer Clowns 4-D, Zombie Quarantine 2.0, Dead End and the solo experience of Isolation (no guide, no group, which is only for those with Fast Pass tickets or a VIP Guided Tour).
    (9/20/13) takes a sneak peek at Fright Dome 2013 (include the Circus Circus Adventuredome), including a look inside Hotel Argento, a haunt that you experience all by yourself.



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