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Disneyland Paris: Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Big Thunder Mountain - NOW CLOSED through to Dec 16
Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing - NOW CLOSED through to Dec 16
Star Tours - NOW CLOSED through March 2017 (Star Tours 2 upgrade)
Disney's Hotel Cheyenne - NOW CLOSED through late 2017
Disneyland Railroad Discoveryland Station - NOW CLOSED through March 2017
Space Mountain: January 2017 through March 2017
Pirates of the Caribbean - January 2017 through Summer 2017
Pinocchio - NOW CLOSED through Oct 19
Indiana Jones - NOW CLOSED through Sept 30
Small World - Oct 3 through Oct 19
Buzz Lightyear - Nov 7 through Nov 27
Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains - Dec 5 through Dec 16


icon_STOPGeneral Resort News - (9/27/16) According to some information sent my way, Disneyland Paris is considering putting on a unique little show on the Oct. 31st Halloween Party near Big Thunder Mountain. The idea is to replace the dance party in Discoveryland with a new concept tenatively titled Dr. Facilier’s VooDoo Party. Dr. Facilier is the villain, also known as The Shadow Man, from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. The idea would be transform the waterside location to look like a New Orleans bayout, with lots of smoke and tarot card themeing, along with allowing various ‘creatures’ to roam the area.
   Sounds like a fun idea to me. Now to just wait and see if they do it.
    (9/12/16) Several new pictures from Disneyland Paris showing off the newly reopened Adventure Isle area with all new and improved night lighting, as well as a look at the refurbished La Cabane des Robinson tree house attraction, have been posted to Twitter by "DisneylandBerry". Check it out here.
    (8/11/16) Something of a scare took place outside Disneyland Paris at the Marne la Vallee train station when a suspicious package was found. With several terrorist attacks having taken place in the country over the past year, access to the station was cut off and evacuated while they investigated the package. It seems a similar incident also took place two weeks ago as well.
    (7/26/16) A new article and even a video going over the details of the Big Thunder Mountain renovation at Disneyland Paris has been posted to Disney & More this week.
    (6/27/16) Our friends at Disney & More describe what may be coming to the Disneyland Paris Resort in 2017 as part of the resort's 25th Anniversary celebration. You can make the jump to see the complete list but they talk about new decor, a new parade, new shows, and if you follow this link you will see that there is talk about turning the Paris' version of Space Mountain into another Star Wars themed version of Hyperspace Mountain, that would tie in very nicely with the launch of the new Star Tours: The Adventure Continues attraction next door in March 2017.
    (4/21/16) The latest photo update from Disneyland Paris showing off the state of the renovations and construction was posted to Disney & More this week. Check it out.
    (4/5/16) The Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris may have just got a little bit more haunted this past weekend after the dead body of an employee was sadly discovered within. (999 happy haunts, now plus 1?)
    In all seriousness now, the victim of this very sad tragedy was a 45-year old cast member who was a 14-year park technician. They believe that he was electrocuted while performing maintenance on the lighting effects inside the attraction. He was already dead when his body was discovered by the other cast members. While the official investigation for this sad event continues, the Phantom Manor will remain closed through to at least Wednesday.
    (3/30/16) According to a post on Twitter, it seems that Disneyland Paris may be looking into an option to build a Value level hotel across from the existing Hotel Santa Fe.
    (2/24/16) A huge photo update showing off the renovations taking place at Disneyland Paris, plus other goodies, can be found at Disney & More this week.
    (1/30/16) If you follow Screamscape on Twitter or our official Facebook page, you already know a bit about this, but for those that don't a 28-year old man was arrested while trying to check-in to the New York hotel at the Disneyland Paris Resort on Thursday afternoon. As part of the routine screening process, all guest bags are apparently run through an airport style X-Ray scanner before being allowed into the hotel and here is where Disney security shines. They spotted two hand-guns in the man's bag and upon further inspection they discovered a box of extra ammunition and a French language version of the Koran (Qur'an).
    He was immediately detained and a female traveling companion who was with him fled from the scene. She was later found and arrested at her home much later that night and is being held for questioning as well. So far the man has claimed he had the weapons for his own self-protection and did not intent to commit any kind of terrorist style attack.  While the investigation is ongoing, so far the experts have not uncovered any kind of militant links to ISIS.
    Of course, my take is that while bringing weapons to a theme park resort should be an obvious thing that would not be allowed to anyone in this day and age, even if he felt he needed weapons for self-protection, wouldn't one have been enough? Why bring two? Plus the fact that the woman he was with immediately fled the scene on foot seems highly suspicious as well.
    (1/23/16) Disneyland Paris has announced the following reopening dates for the park's Disneyland Railroad attraction. The Railroad will actually reopen the various stations in phases it seems, starting with the Fantasyland and Frontierland stations reopening first on Saturday, March 12. The Main Street Station will reopen on July 1, 2016. However the Discoveryland Station will not reopen until March 2017.
    (1/14/16) Who out there hasn't wanted to see what Star Tours looks like from outside the cabin when running?  A cool new video has been posted to YouTube showing off this very thing, as shot in Disneyland Paris with the French version of the original ride experience.

    (1/8/16) A new show is coming to the Chaparral Theater at Disneyland Paris in 2016 called "The Forest of Enchantment". It will be a musical based show featuring songs and characters from Pocahontas, The Jungle Book, Tarzan, Tangled and Brave. Look for it to open on Feb. 10.
    I'm not sure how long it will last however, as the park has also scheduled the return of the Frozen Sing-A-Long Show to return to the same theater from June 4 to Sept. 18.
    In other news, Disneyland Paris has confirmed that the last day to ride the original Star Tours attraction will be on March 16th, before they close it to give it the same upgrades done to the rest of the Star Tours rides around the world.
    (12/14/15) Remember that long LONG list of rehabs scheduled to take place all around Disneyland Paris we told you about months ago?  Well, it seems Disneyland Paris wants everyone to also know all about their plans that are underway now through to 2017 in the two parks and have created an animated video to go over all the details about what they have planned. Check it out below.

    (12/14/15) The latest photo report from Disney & More shows off a ton of rehab and restoration work taking place at Disneyland Paris right now. Follow the link to check it out.
    (11/16/15) In the wake of the horrible terrorist actions that took place in Paris on Friday night, Disneyland Paris is closed and will remain closed though Tuesday, November 17th, and is expected to open again on Wednesday. An interesting picture was posted by a local Cast Member over the weekend, showing off an eerie look down the park's empty Main Street looking towards the castle.

I never thought i will be confronted to that situation one day. It was at 2pm today. #DisneylandParis #PrayforParis

A photo posted by Anthony Houdinet (@anthonyhdn) on

    (10/26/15) Disney and More has posted the newly released schedule of major refurbishments planned to take place at Disneyland Paris, now through 2017. The highlights have been added to our rehab schedule posted above in yellow.
    (8/10/15) This seems a bit laughable as seen from the point of view of someone in the United States, but apparently the European Union is now looking into complaints that guests to the Disneyland Paris Resort from countries like the UK or Germany are paying more than guests visiting from France or nearby Belgium. Apparently they are serious too, because this is seen as some kind of breach of the European Union's "single market" rules. You can read a bit more about the investigation and complain side over at ThemeParkInvestigator, but as I said... this is laughable when seen from an American point of view.
    It's not that Disney is charging the some countries more than others, it's more of an issue with special discounts being offered to select markets. America is very familiar with this common Disney practice, as Southern California Resident discounts are offers to locals who live in the Greater Los Angeles and San Diego area, or on the East coast, anyone who can claim to be a Florida Resident can cash in on some heavily discounted tickets and annual pass prices. With that in mind, I wasn't surprised to hear that Disney may be offering similar special discount offers to their local French residents. It's just the way Disney operates... but apparently the European Union is going to take an issue with it. This should be interesting to watch.


icon_STOPSpring 2017 - Hyperspace Mountain - (9/16/16) Disneyland Paris has confirmed that Space Mountain will become Hyperspace Mountain, with added Star Wars themeing, sometime in March 2017.  This is only a temporary overlay, though if they treat it like they did with the first one at Disneyland, it could stay up through to the end of the year if it proves popular.


2016 - Peter Pan’s Flight Upgrade - Rumor - (11/24/14) I’m told that the same rumored refurbishment planned for the Disneyland version of the attraction may also be planned for the Paris version as well in the future. This is more of a long term plan, as the ride’s track itself is said to be in need of replacement in the next few years anyway, so they could opt to do it all at the same time during a single prolonged refurbishment project.


2017 - Big Thunder Mountain Restoration - (7/26/16) A new article and even a video going over the details of the Big Thunder Mountain renovation at Disneyland Paris has been posted to Disney & More this week.
    (11/2/15) Disneyland Paris has begun the long process of rehabbing the Rivers of the Far West, Big Thunder Mountain and more. You can see pictures at Disney & More of the interesting setup they have already installed in Paris that includes a bridge across to the Big Thunder island area, as well as a modular "life base camp" building for the workers who will be on site through to January 2017. The article also confirms that Big Thunder Mountain will also be getting a similar projection-mapping explosive finale effect on the last lift hill, much like the one installed onto the Disneyland version in California last year.
    (1/28/15) Disney & More reports that Big Thunder Mountain will go down for a complete overhaul that appears likely to begin around November 2015 and wont see it open again until Late 2016. Much like the long rehabs to the Disneyland and Disney World versions of Big Thunder, I'd expect to see some track replacement and in the case of DLP, new trains have long been rumored that may be a car longer to increase ride capacity. I'd also expect to see an enhanced version of the ride's queue added as well as new special effects to the lift hills and some tunnels.
    (11/24/14) Look for Big Thunder to close for 6 to 9 months for a complete restoration and likely some track replacement. The exact timeline is not known yet.
    (9/30/13) Disneyland Paris’ Joe Schott mentioned that after the rehab to the Indiana Jones coaster is finished, they are planning a rehab for Big Thunder Mountain as well… one that would increase ride capacity. The last time I heard about a plan to increase ride capacity on Big Thunder Mountain however, the plan was to remove the faux locomotive car from the front of the train and replace it with an extra passenger car. It would be kind of sad to see the locomotives removed, but this seems to be where Disney’s design end has been thinking as of late, as the new Big Grizzly Mountain coaster in Hong Kong was built without a locomotive lead car.


icon_STOP2017 - Star Tours 2 - (5/7/16) Concept artwork and plans for the new look of the Star Wars attraction building (complete with an X-Wing fighter parked on the roof) can be found in a new update posted to Disney & More this week.
    (1/28/15) Disney & More has set a timeline for the update of Star Tours to Star Tours 2 which would see the ride close in early 2016 and remain closed until early 2017. The project may also mark the timeline needed to add a first phase of other new Star Wars themed projects to the land, one of which could be a Star Wars themed restaurant concept. Meanwhile the new Jedi Academy show opening later in 2015 is expected to keep the Star Wars theme alive in the park during the upgrade of the attraction.
    (11/24/14) Going beyond just an upgrade of the attraction, I’m told that the Star Tours 2 experience would take over Star Tours, the Star Traders gift shop and the Captain EO building to allow for a bigger gift shop experience and some kind of new post-ride experience, that could include a star wars character meet & greet area.
    (9/16/14) Forbes reports that Disneyland Paris may be making plans to open a new Star Wars themed investment into the park in time to celebrate the park’s 25th anniversary in 2017. They talk about updating Star Tours to the new version of the attraction, as the Paris park is the only Disney park to still have the old original Star Tours ride still running, but will they also add something more along the way?
    (7/2/14) According to Disney & More, a plan to finally upgrade Star Tours to the new Star Tours 2 version of the attraction in Paris is essentially set to open in 2016 if all goes well. Don’t look for any mini-land to go along with it however... any plans for something like that will likely have to wait until a later date.
    (2/19/13) According to the latest update at Disney & More the President of the EuroDisney resort confirmed in a meeting with DLP Stockholders that there is a new Star Wars / Star Tours project in development right now, but they are still in the early design phases. This means that this is not just an upgrade to Star Tours 2, but essentially confirms those long rumored plans to bring a mini Star Wars land to the park. I’d expect to see this open by 2015, so they can launch it along with the new Star Wars Episode 7 film coming out that same year. 
    Disney & More says the envisioned plan right now will have two phases. Phase 1 will see Star Tours 2 added along with the Jedi Academy show inside the old Captain EO theater and a likely Cantina bar and restaurant taking over Pizza Planet. What will take place in Phase 2 is anyone’s guess, but it will likely be located to the left of Star Tours.
    (4/26/12) Disney and More reports that an entire Star Wars themed mini-land may be in development for Disneyland Paris as early as 2015. According to the report, the plan is not only to upgrade Star Tours to the current Star Tours 2 attraction, but will incorporate the existing Captain EO theater, Star Traders gift shop and Pizza Planet restaurant together into a new Star Wars themed mini-land. The thought is that a much larger gift shop, complete with character Meet & Greet areas will be added, and that an indoor version of the Jedi Academy show may take over the Captain EO theater. Even better may be an interesting plan proposed to transform Pizza Planet into a new restaurant experience themed after the famous Mos Eisley Cantina on Tattooine. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me, and one that could possibly find some traction within the rumored Tomorrowland refurbishments planned for Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland as well.
    (4/18/12) The subject of Star Tours came up in an interview with the CEO of Disneyland Paris, who mentioned that in 2013, DLP would be the only Disney park still running the original version of Star Tours. Technically, Disneyland Paris is ALREADY the only Disney park will running the old version of Star Tours as Tokyo has already closed their ride to begin conversion for the Star Tours 2 to open in early 2013. That said... with the mentioning of the 2013 date, I can only assume that they’re not planning on opening Star Tours 2 in Paris until at least 2014.
    (7/27/11) With the launch of Star Tours 2 in the US complete and determined to be a huge success, the question remains… when will Star Tours 2 begin boarding in Disneyland Paris? 2012? 2013? I would hope for the sooner date myself, but until we have an official closing date for the ride, everything is still up in the air. Anyone know more?
    (8/16/10) While Disney has yet to confirm that Star Tours 2 is on the way, Disney and More will show you why it and more are pretty much locked in and the only thing left to do is “announce” them.
    (6/8/10) According to the latest news posted to Disney and More, Star Tours 2 is pretty much a sure thing, though no one has confirmed it yet. Look for it to come most likely in 2012 or even 2013 as part of the Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary celebration.


Aprox. 2017 - MyMagic+ - Rumor - (11/24/14) I’m told that there is a loose plan to try and bring the MyMagic system to life at the Disneyland Paris Resort sometime around 2017 or so. This would see the whole rollout of MagicBands for ticket-free admission, FastPass+, wireless payment systems and more installed throughout both theme parks and the resort hotels.


???? - Phantom Manor Upgrade - Rumor - (1/5/15) For those wondering what the Phantom Manor with Vincent Price would sound like, there is a great YouTube video of attraction footage edited to the audio track of the attraction music with Vincent Price's voice work you can watch below.

    (12/22/14) Disney & More has a great report this week about how Imagineering is working on some plans to upgrade the Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris sometime in the not too distant future, possibly as part of a greater revamping of the entire Thunder Mesa storyline in Frontierland, to better communicate the connecting histories of the two attractions with the Ravenswood family.
    Perhaps most exciting of all is the news that WDI has been going over the old original audio recordings and mixes done for the Phantom Manor to enhance and restore them, including the original planned voice of the Ghost Host done by none other than Vincent Price. As the story goes, the Vincent Price version was dropped at the last second in an effort to great a better bi-lingual English/French version of the ride.
    If you are lucky enough to have obtained a copy of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary CD there was one track on it featuring a mix of Disneyland Paris’ audio with the Vincent Price pre-ride dialog included. It is said the only remaining bit of Vincent Price audio within the current attraction is the use of his famous sinister laugh at one point, but it would be wonderful to have his role expanded and restored.


???? – Pirates of the Caribbean Upgrade - Rumor - (11/24/14) The long rumored upgrade of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to feature some characters from the film series, like Capt. Jack Sparrow, is still said to be in the works. With the 5th film in the series (Dead Men Tell No Tales) slated for release in 2017, this project seems even more likely to be timed out to match up with that film’s release. However the Pirates makeover may extend beyond the ride itself and see additional Pirates themeing added to Adventureland itself, possibly brining the Legend of the Seven Seas interactive game elements added to Walt Disney World not long ago to the Paris park.


Other Disneyland Paris Resort Projects

2016 - Villages Nature - (5/23/15) The current timeline for this project now has the first phase opening in 2016. You can see more at the official website.
    (12/8/10) Disney and More has posted a few more pieces of art and explanation about what we should expect to see at the upcoming unveiling of the Village Nature project near Disneyland Paris.
    (12/2/10) DizFanatic has posted some new concept artwork for the Les Villages Nature project, and I don’t believe I’ve seen anywhere else.
    (11/29/10) According to NewsParcs, Euro Disney has announced a new project called Villages Nature, a mixed use resort themed to the harmony between man and nature. The entire resort is to be built around a huge geothermal lagoon, which will have a new waterpark placed next to it that is expected to be the biggest in Europe. The first phase of this project could open as early as 2015, located 6 km South of Disneyland Paris.
    (9/16/10) In a most interesting follow up to the reports about a 3rd park being planned for Disneyland Paris, this article claims that one of the ideas for the 3rd park is to base it entirely around the concept of the Marvel Superhero universe.
    (9/15/10) Disneyland Paris just announced their intention to build a THIRD theme park on the resort property as well as other projects as part of a deal extension with the French government good through to 2030. This will see an unknown 3rd park added, a new leisure village called “Village Nature of Val d’Europe”, a water park and the sale of 10,000 housing units on site. No timeline was given for the 3rd park, but it is thought to be at least 10 years until it opens, which is good because they have to finish “fixing” and filling out the Studios first I think.


2015 to 2020 - Convention Center Resort - Planning - (9/23/13) The latest report from Disney & More indicates that a new hotel with a convention center, as well as a new bus station will be built new the Disney Village and Vinci parking lot is planned to open sometime between 2015 - 2020.




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