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Djurs Sommerland






icon_STOPPark News - (10/24/18) Congratulations to Djurs Sommerland who reported setting an attendance record for the 2018 season, hosting just over 817,000 guests, up 9,000 from the previous year.


2018 - Two New Family Rides - (2/10/18) According to Themeparks-EU two new family rides are on the way to Djurs Sommerland for the 2018 season:  Safaribussen, a themed Zamperla Crazy Bus, and Jungle Rally, a new kiddie sized "Force Zero" coaster experience from Zierer with off-road vehicle themed cars.  Follow the link to see the concept artwork.


2019 - Tigeren - (6/28/18) Djurs Sommerland has announced that they will open Tigeren in 2019, a nearly 150 foot tall spinning pendulum ride (Intamin Gyro Swing) that will swing riders up to 120 in each direction.



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