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icon_STOPPark News - (9/25/18) Dorney Park's plans to build a new modern on-site dorm for seasonal employees moves one step closer as it gets approval of South Whitehall planners. You can read all the official details here.
    (9/21/18) A couple of brief updates on the Dorney Park dorm story. Screamscape sources confirm that the existing "Dorney University" building will be removed and the site reused as a new Employee Recreation Center. The new dorm buildings said to be in development wont open until the 2020 season apparently, but are expected to be built in a backstage area near the top of the hill behind Steel Force's station.
    (6/13/18) Screamscape sources tell us that some new construction is happening around Dorney Park. Not for a new ride however, this is for a new "Employee Recreation Center" going up next to the employee cafe, which is taking up the site of the Dorney University training center building. Some test drilling on the soil began last week.
    Meanwhile, we're also hearing that the proposed new employee dorms could be built on or behind where Dinosaurs Alive is currently. The Dino attraction is expected to close at the end of this season.
    (6/2/18) While nothing has been said by the respective parks yet, I'd expect to see all of the Dinosaurs Alive attractions that opened in 2012 to be closed by the end of the 2018 season. In addition to Dorney Park, the list includes Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland and Kings Dominion. Kings Island opened the first one in 2011 and closed it at the end of their 2017 season. As an attraction where the dinosaurs were leased from the company that made them (Dinosaurs Unearthed I believe...) we assume that a 6-year lease deal was likely signed to operate all of other Dinosaurs Alive attractions as well that opened in 2012 and 2013.
    (5/19/18) Dorney Park seems to be taking a nod from their sister park in Ohio and has applied to the South Whitehall Township to build a 100-unit dormitory structure for seasonal workers. According to the article, typically seasonal workers brought into the area on temporary visas to work at the park have been housed at local colleges and some hotels. The building presented would be three-stories tall and be located in the northwest corner of their property in an area currently used for "material and trash storage".
    (4/2/18) As best shown in a photo tweeted by NewsPlusNotes over the weekend, the demolition of Stinger at Dorney Park is well under way. It is also worth noting that if  you look close at the photo, they are simply cutting Stinger apart into pieces for scrap, so there is no intention to save, restore or sell this coaster to anyone else. Follow the link to see even more pictures of the ride's sections where they appear to have been simply cut away by a blowtorch for easy removal. (Note: Stinger was listed as being for sale over the winter, but I’m guessing they had no takers.)

    (12/31/17) Apparently Cedar Fair has no intention of relocating the Stinger coaster (Vekoma Invertigo) from Dorney Park to another Cedar Fair park. The coaster is now listed as being up for sale at for anyone interested.
    Odd factoid... if you look up that style coaster on RCDB, you'll see that Vekoma only ever produced four of them. Of the four, only one of them has stayed in one location for it's entire lifespan... which would be Invertigo at Kings Island. The other three have all been relocated.
    (12/19/17) Interesting news came from Dorney Park over the weekend, confirming that the park would be removing Stinger, their Vekoma Invertigo coaster, before the park opened for the 2018 season. Dorney Park is actually the second home to this coaster, as it was originally built and ran at California’s Great America as Invertigo from 1998 to 2010 before reopening at Dorney in 2012.
    So now the question is will the coaster be scrapped, sent to Vekoma for refurbishment to be sold elsewhere, or could Cedar Fair be thinking of moving it to another park in the chain?  Given that Stinger’s uptime and maintenance record while at Dorney Park wasn’t that stellar, I’m thinking there is a good chance the ride may simply be sold out of the company if the steel is still in solid shape. The official reason for removing Stinger however is to “make room for future planning opportunities”.
    In other news, Dorney also confirmed that Thunderhawk would be replacing about 150 feet of track over the winter, from the exit of the”figure 8” to the final approach, and their blog report also goes over the construction status and some menu updates to the new Tidal Wave Cafe going into Wildwater Kingdom.


2018 - Tidal Wave Cafe - (10/6/17) According to a local news article the new Tidal Wave Cafe project was given unanimous approval on Monday from the South Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners. Ignore the date however, as the article also claims that Tidal Wave Cafe is for 2019, while the Dorney Park website has it listed for 2018.
    (8/26/17) Turns out Dorney Park is adding something new for 2018 after all, though it isn't a new ride. The park has announced Tidal Wave Cafe is coming in 2018, a new nautical themed restaurant inside Wildwater Kingdom that will feature hand-battered shrimp, rotisserie chicken, hand-breaded chicken tenderloins and house-smoked pulled pork. Even better, the new location will be park of the park's Dining Plan options as well.


icon_STOP2019 - New Attraction - Rumor - (8/17/18) Is Dorney Park trying to send us a message?  In the latest video posted to Dorney Park's YouTube channel called the "Dorney Park National Roller Coaster Day 5k" the early part of the video seems to include some interesting teasers in the background.
    In the opening shot the woman at the desk is reading a book open to a chapter called "The 10 Best Steel Coasters In The World". Meanwhile her computer monitor has google map pulled up and is looking at an aerial shot of the Dinosaurs Alive area.
    Next shot reverses the angle and we can see she has two computer monitors, with what looks like a screen from Roller Coaster Tycoon pulled up on the second monitor showing off a wooden coaster design. In the background on the right you can see some kind of folder or message board propped up on the desk with the text "{HI} #AMAZING  LOOKSLIKE 2019" on it. On the desk in the foreground is another white folder with a red "CONFIDENTIAL" on it and the text 'NEW FOR 2019".
    In a later shot you can also see some artwork in the background next to the message board that looks like a sign made up from surfboards as well, but that could be nothing. There is a photo of something I can't make out under the message board however, looks like a ride of some kind, but I'm not sure. From there the rest of the video just showcases the park's collection of coasters.
    So while we really don't know much about what's coming for 2019, at least they seem to be telling us that they are getting SOMETHING.




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