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icon_STOPPark News - (7/20/19) New waterpark removal and replacement attraction confirmed for 2020 season.
2019_Monster_Jam_Thunder_Alley    (4/14/19) Three different Cedar Fair parks will have a visit from a new traveling exhibit attraction this summer called Monster Jam: Thunder Alley. The exhibit will feature five different famous Monster Trucks (Grave Digger, Max-D, Megalodon, Zombie and El Toro Loco), where guests not only be able to get up close and get a photo, but also climb inside the trucks to see what they are like from the driver’s point of view. You’ll also be able to stroll around the Monster Jam Garade to learn more about the creation of these massive vehicles. They also say there will be a “Monster Jam Freestyle Ride” where guests can climb into a 10-passenger Grave Digger or Megalodon car and be taken through a freestyle course. No major details were given about that,  but apparently this is a real vehicle and not a simulator.
    Look for Mosnter Jam: Thunder Alley to appear at the follow parks:
Cedar Point - From May 18 through to June 30
Kings Dominion - From July  20 through September 2
Dorney Park - From September 14 through November 3.
    One more fantastic bit of news… unlike the old Dinosaur Alive exhibits, admission into Monster Jam: Thunder Alley will be included with park admission, though I believe you will be able to purchase a VIP Reservation for the Freestyle experience if you want to cut ahead of the line. As you might expect, availability for this unique attraction is expected to be limited.
2019_grandcanivale-logo    (3/27/19) Cedar Fair is experimenting with a new form of nighttime entertainment that will be visiting four of their parks for a limited run over Summer 2019. They are calling it “Grand Carnivale” and it plays out as an interesting evening parade with nine floats, tons of costumed performers and a street party atmosphere, mixed with special foods, drinks and musical entertainment. Look for Grand Carnivale to drop in to:
    Kings Dominion - June 15 through July 7
    Kings Island - June 15 through July 7
    Worlds of Fun - July 13 through August 4
    Dorney Park - July 20 through August 11
    (2/1/19) Ready to learn about the next crazy lawsuit filed against a theme park? A mother is suing Dorney Park for $150,000 because her daughter along with two friends entered the park during the Halloween Haunt event, got scared enough by a character that she tripped and fell and suffered “injuries that aren't specified in the complaint”.  Even better, the mother admits that the girl was a season passholder, so she was well aware that they were attending the special “Halloween Haunt” event at the park, and not visiting on a normal day at Dorney Park.
    Let’s hope this case gets thrown out of court quickly for being the ridiculous thing it really is, otherwise we’ll soon get lawsuits as guests complain about getting wet on water rides, a sun burn at the water parks, or maybe even people complaining about the cold the next time they go skiing.
    Now before you think I’m heartless… I am a parent, and my daughter who is 9 is a passholder to our own local Cedar Fair theme park (Carowinds) and is VERY aware of what goes on at our own Halloween Haunt event. To put it mildly, she is not fond of it and will typically opt out of going. That said, she usually ends up going at least once with a group of family and friends. If she got scared and fell… so sorry, but its not the fault of the park, as offering scares is the primary function of the park during a Halloween Haunt.


2019 - Nothing is known at this time...


icon_STOP2020 - Seaside Splashworks - (8/16/19) Dorney Park will add Seaside Splashworks to the Wildwater Kingdom in 2020, an all new multi-level splash fortress structure featuring over 75 play elements, six water slides, spray jets, water cannons, a 195 foot net bridge and a 317 gallon tipping bucket of water to soak everyone.

    (7/20/19) Early word from local sources is that at a local township meeting held on Wednesday, it was confirmed that Dorney Park would be replacing one of their waterpark attractions with a new one for 2020. This isn’t for a new mega waterslide however, the park will remove the Island Water Works attraction (mini Splash Fortress) and replace it with a much bigger and improved version for 2020.




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