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icon_STOPPark News - (8/25/15) News Plus Notes has a great write up all about the complete lineup for Dorney Park's Halloween Haunt event, featuring Trick or Treat as the new haunt for the year. CornStalkers is also being moved and changed into CorkStalkers: Barn Bread & Blood Fed.
    (7/31/15) Good news, I missed the mention of it last week, but apparently Possessed at Dorney park reopened about a week ago. Meanwhile it's been mentioned that the Halloween Haunt to be themed around witches may go elsewhere in the park, leaving the theme of the new haunt structure as an unknown for the moment.
    (7/23/15) The latest rumor on Dorney Park's new Haunt building suggests that it may be a creepy mansion house inhabited by Witches.
    (7/21/15) Screamscape has been informed that the ground-work picture sent in last week from Dorney Park is actually not for a new thrill ride, but rather the markings to soon start construction on the new Halloween Haunt structure the park filed paperwork to build earlier this year. They are just waiting to get the final thumbs up and permits before they can begin the actual construction work.
    In other news, I’m told that Possessed is closed, and may be closed for an unknown amount of time. According to the story, the coaster (likely one of the spikes) was struck my lightning a couple of weeks ago.
    (5/4/15) Good news from Dorney Park... kinda... as shortly after I posted my special Saturday morning update, the park did indeed open Stinger once again. (Though I'm told it closed down again a short time later due to an error, but was able to reopen again before the end of the day. On the downside however, another park coaster, Possessed, ended up being closed all day long instead, and a worker was seen up in a bucket-truck lift working up on the tower near the holding brake.
    (5/2/15) Dorney Park opened for the season this morning, but according to one reader at the park right now, Stinger is still closed from last season. They were seen testing it however and working on it, so it could reopen soon.
    (4/17/15) Dorney Park has confirmed on Twitter just what I had predicted last week, that the new building (now approved) they want to build will be use for a new haunted house for Halloween Haunt this fall, and for the rest of the year it will be used as a storage facility. The park has not determined what the theme of the new haunt will be just yet, but will begin construction early this summer.
    In other news, Dorney Park has also confirmed that they will add Smokehouse Barbecue to the park, taking over the current Patio Pizza space. The new location will serve beef brisket, pulled pork and hush puppies.
    (2/24/15) The Hang Time (Top Spin) ride from Dorney Park has not only been removed already, but the flat ride apparently was simply scrapped entirely. Photos of the ride's pieces were posted to Facebook.


2015 - Cedar Creek Flyers - (4/23/15) One of our readers was inside Dorney Park the other day during an Autism fundraiser and took a picture of the new Cedar Creek Flyers ride, which has been placed in front of the Asylum haunt, near Stinger.
    (1/5/15) Parts and pieces for the new Cedar Creek Flyers ride at Dorney Park can now be seen in the parking lot. Make the jump over to CoasterTalkNoBSZone to see the pictures.
    (11/11/14) The pieces for the new Flying Scooters ride going to Dorney Park have already arrived on site, according to pictures posted to AllAmericanThrills.
    (10/31/14) Dorney Park has announced that the park will open the Cedar Creek Flyers in 2015, a new Larson Flying Scooters flat ride. The park will also replace Patio Pizza with a new restaurant called Smokehouse Barbecue that will feature smoked beef brisket, pulled pork and hush puppies.


2016 - New Attraction - Rumor - (7/20/15) So what does Dorney Park have planned for 2016?  We're not sure yet, but a new rumor sent in to us claims that it may be time for the park to install a new big coaster, or some kind of major attraction.


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