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& Wildwater Kingdom
Allentown, PA (Abbreviation: DP)
Cedar Fair L.P.





icon_STOPPark News - (11/7/19) Congratulations to Dorney Park, as the park’s wooden coaster, Thunderhawk, has just been named as an international roller coaster landmark by the American Coaster Enthusiasts group. The 95 year old Thunderhawk is the oldest operating wooden coaster from designer, Herbert Schmeck and the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, and the 4th oldest operating wooden coaster in the US. ACE will hold a ceremony during the park’s 2020 season to present Thunderhawk with an official plaque.
    (7/20/19) New waterpark removal and replacement attraction confirmed for 2020 season.


2020 - Seaside Splashworks - (8/16/19) Dorney Park will add Seaside Splashworks to the Wildwater Kingdom in 2020, an all new multi-level splash fortress structure featuring over 75 play elements, six water slides, spray jets, water cannons, a 195 foot net bridge and a 317 gallon tipping bucket of water to soak everyone.

    (7/20/19) Early word from local sources is that at a local township meeting held on Wednesday, it was confirmed that Dorney Park would be replacing one of their waterpark attractions with a new one for 2020. This isn’t for a new mega waterslide however, the park will remove the Island Water Works attraction (mini Splash Fortress) and replace it with a much bigger and improved version for 2020.




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Dorney Park &
Wildwater Kingdom
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Cedar Fair L.P.

Abbreviation: DP

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2017 - Kaleidoscope and Dodgem
2015 - Cedar Creek Flyers

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