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Park News - (8/11/14) Parkz confirms that Wipeout has just finished a substantial refurbishment and looks better than ever. It’s always fun to watch Wipeout in action, as a true rare and wild ride flat experience you wont find hardly anywhere else in the world.



icon_STOPLate 2014 - Tail Spin - (10/14/14) The new Tailspin attraction has opened at Dreamworld. Check out the video of it in action below, including some crazy look POV footage as the cars flip over and over.

    (9/12/14) Thrillz has posted a new construction update from Dreamworld showing off the progress on the park’s new Tailspin ride.
    (8/11/14) Parkz confirms that Dreamworld will open a new Gerstlauer Sky Fly ride in late 2014, to be named Tail Spin.



Newest Attractions:
2013 - Kung Fu Panda Land


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