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icon_STOPPark News - (5/16/18) Dreamworld has announced they will soon open a new Trolls Village attraction area to the park. This will be a temporary attraction, open for just 12 months, allowing guests to venture into the world of the Trolls from DreamWorks Animation that is "extravagant world of adventure with hair-raising, glitter-filled fun for the whole family."
    (3/2/18) According to this news report Dreamworld has begun the process of demolishing their Thunder River Rapids ride, nearly 18 months after an accident took place that killed four riders. Since then the ride has remained closed and been under investigation.
    (1/24/18) just... umm... well, I'll just say it. Dreamworld has reopened their Rocky Hollow Log Ride with what I think has to be the ugliest tacked-on knee-jerk modification that I've ever seen.
    I think I missed this bit of news last year as the park was still recovering from the deadly accident on Thunder River Rapids that took place in October 2016, but in April 2016 a 19-year old boy somehow "fell out" of the 35-year old classic log ride attraction. Laying unconscious in the water, he was then "run over" by two other passing logs before being rescued. He suffered severe injuries but survived... but from the sound of things he fell out because he stood up on the ride.
    This brings us to today's new modification... where the park has now attached a big ugly metal framework cage around the sides and top of the logs, complete with a solid acrylic ceiling piece to prevent anyone from being able to stand-up ever again. Based on some other images, that top roof section can slide to one side of the cage to allow for easier loading and unloading, but man... it is UGLY. Follow the link to check it out for  yourself.
    (7/15/17) According to the local news, Ardent Leisure, owner of Dreamworld, got a nice little financial shot in the arm this week when Sun Hung Kai & Co., the financial-investment arm of Malaysian billionaire (Seng Huang Lee), acquired a 5.3% ownership stake in Ardent for $44.6 million. The article goes on to mention that Lee is also the Chairman of his family's flagship group, Mulpha, which focuses on investments into "infrastructure, hospitality and real estate", where they are also Malaysia's largest real-estate investor and developer in Australia. It is also interesting to note that Mulpha's head of operations in Australia is one Greg Shaw, who was a former head of Ardent.


icon_STOP2018 - Flying Theater & Waterpark Expansion - Confirmed - (8/27/18) According to an article at BlooLoop the owners of Dreamworld are planning on investing in some new attractions along with continued focus on upgrading the park's safety methods. Of the $30 million reported to be coming as park upgrades, $15 million will be spend on a new iRide Flying Theater Attraction for the main theme park. Other projects include an expansion to the White Water World waterpark and $4 million in upgrades to safety management systems and other planned improvements to upgrade the guest experience.
    (12/27/17) Dreamworld has announced that for the 2018 season the park will open Australia's first flying theater attraction. The ride hardware will be an Australian themed i-Ride Flying Theater experience from Brogent. The i-Ride flying theatre will be a 40-seat ride simulator, suspending riders in 10-seat gondolas over a hemispherical screen while they heave, sway, surge and roll as they are taken on an immersive journey of the Australian landscape and experience in-theater special effects like wind, light, mist and even scents.
    Flying Theaters have been proven to be big draws for parks as of late, and are especially appealing to family groups as they can be enjoyed by almost anyone and lack the restrictions of a major thrill ride. This should go a long way to getting the park's attendance numbers back on track. The new Flying Theater will be located inside the park's former IMAX Theater building near the entrance to the park and will open in late 2018.



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