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Denver, Colorado (Abbreviation: EG)
Known at Six Flags Elitch Gardens (1999 - 2006)
Owned by KSE Elitch Gardens / Reversco / Second City, LLLP.
Managed by Premier Attractions Management




icon_STOP2017 - StarFlyer & Mega Wedgie - (6/28/17) I'm told that Elitch Gardens has finally opened the new Mega Wedgie slide. I've also heard that the new Star Flyer ride seems to run a longer than average ride cycle and takes awhile a reload, so the line moves along a bit slowly.
    (5/2/17) Elitch Gardens has confirmed that their new slide for 2017 will be called Mega Wedgie, featuring three new speed slides standing 6 stories tall that will drop riders through at 40mph. They promise that the new slides will live up to their name in grand fashion.










    (4/20/17) A small collection of photos from Elitch Gardens' media day event for their new StarFlyer were sent in today. Check them out!
    (3/13/17) According to a local sources the speed slides removed from Elitch Gardens have been taken down for good. Something new is planned to take over the same location, but they are not quite ready to announced it yet. More when we find out.
    (3/1/17) While we don’t know the details, a reader tells us that Elitch Gardens has removed all three of their speed slides in order to put in some kind of replacement, though the exact nature of the new slide(s) isn’t clear at the moment.
    (2/28/17) Photos sent in by a reader taken last week show that Elitch Garden’s new Star Flyer ride has been topped off. They also sent in some other pictures from around the park of interest as well. These include some off-season work on Mr. Twister as well as pictures showing that two of the parks waterslides have also been removed from the supports. Anyone know if these are being removed entirely, or just taken down for maintenance or replacement?
    (2/18/17) A local reader was able to snap a photo of the new Star Flyer ride pieces at Elitch Gardens, which looks to have had the top / cap piece repainted and in the process of having new lights put on.
    (1/2/17) According to Screamscape sources the new Star Flyer opening at Elitch Gardens appears to have been a traveling ride, one that may have formerly toured the European fair circuit. It is said to appear very similar to the original Star Flyer look of the "Alex Airport" ride before it was given new Airport themeing in 2012. I'm just not certain if Alex Airport is still active in Europe or if it may have been retired and sold off to America.
    (12/27/16) A reader has sent in some interesting pictures of the parts and pieces of Elitch Garden's new Star Flyer ride which are now on site. Looking at how the paint on the ride pieces looks a bit faded in the photos, I'm thinking that the ride may be used ride picked up on the market, and may have previously been a portable model. Anyone know more or where it may have come from?
    (10/24/16) Elitch Gardens has announced that the park will add a new 17-story tall Star Flyer ride for the 2017 season. Watch the video below.



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Elitch Gardens
Denver, Colorado

Abbreviation: EG

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