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Late 2019 - Zadra - (8/20/19) I’m told that Energylandia in Poland has announced the early opening of their new Zadra coaster from RMC. The coaster was originally slated to open in 2020, but it looks like they were able to finish it in record time. Zadra is park a new themed land at the park called Smoczy Grod, which roughly translates as “Dragon Castle”. You can see a POV vide of Zadra embedded below.

    (6/16/19) A new construction update for the Zadra coaster (RMC) under construction at Energylandia has been posted by the Coaster Kings. Check it out.
    (5/6/19) A new post on Twitter from the EuropeanCoasterClub shows off Zadra at Energylandia is back on track with construction, and looking good.

    (3/13/19) Bad news for Energylandia, as I’m told that a nasty storm hit the area and caused sections of the huge Zadra hybrid coaster that were under construction to collapse. It goes without saying that this is going to significantly delay the RMC coaster project by quite a bit. While the ride was originally slated to open in Spring 2020 the rapid progress of construction had many feeling that it might have been able to open in late 2019 prior of the collapse.
    The video below isn’t in english, but give it a quick watch as it contains some photos of the site, showing before and after photos of the sections of the ride’s structure that collapsed.



icon_STOP2020 - Aqualantis - Under Construction - (1/24/20) A fantastic new photo of the new Vekoma coaster going up at Energylandia can be found below.

    (11/6/19) A few more details and some new concept art for the Aqualantis expansion coming to Energylandia in 2020 can be found over at ThemeParks-EU this week.
    (10/29/19) A fun post to Facebook shows off a bunch of new additions slated to come to Energylandia in 2020 as part of the greater Aqualantis project. This includes a name for the new Vekoma double-launched coaster, which will now be called Abyssus. In addition to the new coaster the images show some kind of new “Slow Boat Ride”, a pirate themed “Whirlpool Water Fight” ride, a Disk’O Coaster, a high-dive show, plus new restaurants and shops.

    (9/21/19) According to a post by the ECC, the name of the new Shockwave model coaster from Vekoma opening at Energylandia in 2020 will be Aqualantis. The five inversion coaster is shooting for an April 6th opening date at this time.
    (9/2/19) A great piece of concept art showing off the new Vekoma ‘Shockwave’ coaster design coming to Energylandia in 2020 was posted on Twitter by the ECC. Check it out! With the early opening of Zadra just this past week, the addition of Shockwave as well is going to give this park an incredible 2020 season as they are quickly on their way to becoming the coaster capital of Europe.

    (12/29/18) The latest rumors from Energylandia claim that Zadra was pushed ahead to open in Fall 2019. The rest of the themed land and other attractions around it (like the Preston & Barbieri kiddie coaster) will stay with the proposed Spring 2020 opening, and this includes the rumors of a Vekoma Launched Coaster.
    It may be a new custom creation that may include some of the features of the Shockwave layout, but enhanced to include a launch out of the station into a new first half of the ride experience and into a second launch section to push the train even faster through the second half of the ride which would include the taller ride elements and sections more like the Shockwave layout.

    (11/4/18) The latest word is that the 2020 plans are to add the RMC coaster as shown off this past week as part of a Dragon/Village themed land that will also include a new dark ride, a kiddie coaster, some kiddie rides and possibly a monorail style ride, along with a decorative Castle structure.
    (10/24/18) Screamscape is being told that the launched Vekoma coaster going to Energylandia in 2020 may be one of their “Shockwave” designs. Currently there is one already in the works coming to Dragon Valley in China in 2019, and two more planned for possible projects yet to be built in Istanbul and Mexico. RCDB has a good picture of the layout on their website and an animated version of it in a generic setting can be found on YouTube from an old Vekoma promotional presentation.


2022/2023 - Unknown Vekoma Coaster - Planning - (12/29/18) An unknown Vekoma coaster project is expected in 2022, but could possibly slip to 2023 depending on what happens between now and then. What could it be?  I’ve heard rumors of Vekoma working on a next-gen Tilt-Coaster concept that could be a contender for this particular slot along with a second rumor claiming some kind of water coaster concept could also be in development.



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